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Dan Shak has picked up maximum points in the second heat of Group B’s matches and now has 27points overall, tying him with Tobias Reinkemeier.

Shak will be the first person to admit he ran well during the latter part of this heat, anyone who flops a set of kings twice in 30 or so hands cannot deny that, bt he also played well, kept his nerve and was a worthy winner.

Shak went into heads-up with a chip lead, but Reinkemeier ran him over for the first 20 or so hands, before Shak started to make a stand and mount a fightback. By the time the final hand took place Shak lead by 5-to-1.

The final hand saw Reinkemeier open shove for 403,000 with and Shak called with . The board ran out to bust Reinkemeier and leave Shak to pick up maximum points.

In his interview with Kara Scott, Shak said, “I feel really good. I got heads-up with a chip advantage and then he seemed to win like the first 20 hands in a row. I was almost embarrassed, he was so outplaying me. So I decided I wasn’t going to be pushed around anymore. I’m really happy, I stayed composed and didn’t tilt.” Premier League VI Group B Standings

  • Dan Shak – 27 ($34,000)
  • Tobias Reinkemeier – 27 ($34,000)
  • Jennifer Tilly – 14 ($28,000)
  • Talal Shakerchi – 10 ($20,000)
  • Phil Laak – 7 ($14,000)
  • Jason Mercier – 6 ($12,000)
  • Igor Kurganov – 5 ($10,000)
  • Tony G – 4 ($8,000)
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