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The $109 Sunday Party saw 1,353 PartyPoker players buy in and create a $135,300 prize pool, which was much larger than the advertised $125,000 guarantee. The main beneficiary of the chunky prize pool was “cow breeder” courtesy of them coming out on top and raking in a $13,801 score, including bounties.

The Sunday Party is a popular progressive knockout event that you can win your way into from as little as $0.01. It is still great value even if you pay the full $109 buy-in. All but one of the nine finalists netted four-figure prizes, while the top two finishers banked scores in excess $10,000. Not bad for a few hours’ work.

The Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 cow breeder $6,027 $7,774 $13,801
2 Alfa13kapa12 $2,282 $7,760 $10,042
3 lazrinnnn777 $1,599 $5,127 $6,726
4 MargheritaPizza $315 $3,317 $3,632
5 KKgustavoKK $1,298 $2,257 $3,555
6 MudKipz $1,876 $1,735 $3,611
7 Dodder $2,160 $1,272 $3,432
8 GoPl4ySolitaire $331 $1,007 $1,337
9 GhostFish $171 $794 $965

“GhostFish” was the first of the finalists to find empty space where their chips once stood. They returned home with $965 in tow.

“GoPl4ySolitaire” got to do exactly what their alias suggests when they fell in eighth for $1,337. “Dodder ($3,432) and “MudKipz” ($3,611) joined the list of eliminated players, the latter’s exit leaving five players in the hunt for the title of Sunday Party champion.

Those five became four when “KKgustavoKK” fell by the wayside, and then three when “MargheritaPizza” has their goose cooked. The penultimate exit was that of “lazrinnnn777.” The third-place finisher collected $6,726.

“cow breeder” locked horns with “Alfa13kapa12″ heads-up, with both players guaranteed more than $7,700 from the main prize pool. However, everything was still to play for because the final bounty payments were substantial.

Eventually, Alfa13kapa12” fell at the final hurdle and reeled in a $10,042 score, leaving cow breeder to collect a $13,801 pay out, and the title of champion.

KarlsonsPoker Celebrates Sunday Carnival Victory

It is not only the $109 Sunday Party that represents superb value at PartyPoker because the $22 buy-in Sunday Carnival is pretty special, too. It may only be $22 to enter, but there is a $40,000 guarantee on the prize pool! This week, 1,938 PartyPoker players fought tooth and nail to take down this event.

“KarlsonsPoker,” the latest player to triumph in the Sunday Carnival, took home an impressive $3,904 for their initial $22 investment. We can tell you that is more than 177 times more than the buy-in! We will be seeing more of KarlsonsPoker now they have boosted their bankroll, of that there I no doubt.

The champion defeated “lourimar” heads-up, with the second-place finisher hauling in a still very respectable $2,868.

Indeed, three other finalists saw their PartyPoker account balances swell by more than $1,000.

Sixth-place finisher “JK1192” won $1,070, “JeanNick” scooped $1,358 after falling in fourth, while the “CesarAAnd” collected $1,468 when their tournament run ended abruptly in third.

The Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 KarlsonsPoker $1,622 $2,282 $3,904
2 lourimar $591 $2,277 $2,868
3 CesarAAnd $516 $1,468 $1,984
4 JeanNick $391 $967 $1,358
5 Hamlet $327 $656 $983
6 JK1192 $571 $499 $1,070
7 Wisdom77 $344 $362 $706
8 Drah di Deppata $110 $288 $398
9 Argon96 $189 $226 $415

Both the Sunday Party and Sunday Carnival have satellites starting from only $0.01, opening the door to glory for all PartyPoker players. Both tournaments’ blind structures are designed in such a way that the average stack allows for playing poker instead of pushing and folding, and the fact their Day 1 ends with 16 players remaining means you get to have a good night’s sleep before returning and playing for big money.

Here’s to seeing you at the final table this week.


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