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Any player who manages to go all the way and win the $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament is a worthy champion. After all, they have outlasted more than 1,000 players on their way to victory. This week’s champion, coriolis314’s win was made all the more sweeter by him coming back from being one of the shortest stacks at the final table to taking down our largest weekly tournament.

By the time registration closed, 1,120 players had bought into this weeks $200K Guaranteed Sunday, creating a guarantee-bursting prize pool of $224,000. This gargantuan sum of money found its way into the partypoker accounts of the top 160 finishers, so with that in mind spare a thought for the bassysaffari who was the unfortunate soul to burst the money bubble. His exit secured a minimum payout of at least $425.60.

This prize money steadily increased, becoming more and more substantial and by the time the 10-handed final table was set – at 04:09am GMT – each of the remaining players had locked up no less than $2,016 for their efforts.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (November 24, 2013)

Seat Player Chips
1 WhatsInYourBin 564,982
2 ilike2raise 541,477
3 jolt157 1,274,166
4 shahidLV 369,037
5 B14cKc4T 303,630
6 TheSpider 808,589
7 coriolis314 369,727
8 PolloCrispy 106,744
10 st18salmon 486,954

The final table began at a furious pace, with B14cKc4T and ilike2raise benefitting from the early action as both doubled up. There were almost a dozen all-in and calls, but it took 45 hands for the first player to lose their entire stack and bust out.

In the hand in question, the action folded around to partypoker regular TheSpider on the button and he raised to 44,444 at the 10,000/20,000/2,000a level. Coriolis314 folded his small blind but PolloCrispy three-bet all-in for 297,976 from the big blind. TheSpider called, turned over and found he was flipping against the of PolloCrispy. The kept the pocket fours as the best hand, but TheSpider was actually a 58% favourite in the hand because he picked up outs to a flush in addition to his two overcards. The turn was one of TheSpider’s outs and when the river was the , PolloCrispy’s tournament ended and the final table was down to nine players.

Twelve hands later and WhatsInYourBin found himself on the sidelines after a clash with ilike2raise did not exactly go to plan. The blinds were now 12,500/25,000/2,500a and ilike2raise made it 55,555 from under the gun. Each of the active players folded in turn until the action was on WhatsInYourBin who three-bet all in for 414,868 from the big blind. Ilike2raise called and showed , while WhatsInYourBin flipped over . ilike2raise paired his ace on the to take the lead, and although WhatsInYourBin picked up some outs to a straight when the fell on the turn, the river failed to alter the hand and WhatsInYourBin busted.

Another Double for coriolis314

Shortly after WhatsInYourBin’s exit was confirmed, coriolis314’s doubled through ilike2raise when his held against to take his stack to 1,029,920, which was up among the chip leaders.

The next hand dealt claimed the tournament life of shahidLV. Down to less than eight big blinds, looking down at and seeing everyone fold to him, shahidLV quickly moved in from the button and B14cKc4T called in the small blind with the dominated . The first three community cards ran out , with the turn gifting the lead to B14cKc4T. The river needed to be a jack for shahidLV to win – an ace would split the pot – but it was the , which sent shahidLV to the rail.

Two more hands played out before yet another elimination. jolt157 started the final table as the chip leader but was unlucky in more than a few spots that saw his stack dwindle. His final hand saw him open-shove for 200,244 from the hijack seat with what turned out to be and CANELO_ALVAREZ look him up in the big blind with the . jolt157’s nine remained best right up until the river of the board, but the ace on the river improved CANELO_ALVAREZ to the best hand and left only six players seated at the final table.

Six became five after ilike2raise was eliminated from the tournament despite getting his chips in as a substantial favourite. CANELO_ALVAREZ min-raised to 60,000 from under the gun and after st18salmon folded, ilike2raise moved all-in for 329,831 in total. The action passed back to CANELO_ALVAREZ and he called. CANELO_ALVAREZ’s were way behind the of ilike2raise that was until the five community cards ran out to gift CANELO_ALVAREZ an unlikely straight and resign ilike2raise to sixth place money.

Five-handed play last several orbits of the table, during which time coriolis314 doubled with pocket kings versus the queens of B14cKc4T before the latter crashed out after losing a crucial coinflip against the hot-running CANELO_ALVAREZ. B14cKc4T was first to act and decided the best way to play his with a near 21 big bind stack was to move all in. The button and small blind folded, but CANELO_ALVAREZ called in the big blind and revealed . CANELO_ALVAREZ took the lead on the turn of the board and improved to an unnecessary straight when the completed the board.

TheSpider Gets Squashed

The very next hand saw TheSpider bust in another coinflip scenario. TheSpider shoved for 654,160 from the button with and CANELO_ALVAREZ called in the small blind with . A queen on the flop put CANELO_ALVAREZ in front and left TheSpider drawing thin. No help arrived n the turn and the river improved CANELO_ALVAREZ further, sending TheSpider back to his web with fourth place money.

The last remaining trio of players locked horns with each other for almost 40 hands before something gave and CANELO_ALVEREZ was eliminated. Coriolis314 min-raised to 100,000 on the button, then called when CANELO_ALVAREZ moved all in for 759,435 in total. He’d made the all-in bet with and was trailing slightly to the of coriolis314. The flop left CANELO_ALVAREZ practically drawing dead, the turn ending any remote hopes of not being eliminated. The inconsequential completed the board and heads-up was set.

Coriolis314 started the heads-up battle with a substantial 3,728,508 to 1,871,492 chip lead over st18salmon but st18salmon ran well and played well to turn that lead around 180 degrees. However, he couldn’t keep up that momentum and although he was super aggressive, coriolis314 made some solid calls to retake the lead and then pull away.

The swingy nature of the heads-up battle resulted in both player opt to reduce the pay jump between first and second while still leaving some cash aside for the eventual winner. That winner turned out to be coriolis314 who saw st18salmon open to 120,000 and decided to three-bet to 305,125. St18salmon then moved all-in for 1,458,672 and coriolis314 called with his o discover he was behind to the of his sole opponent. That’s the way it stayed on the flop, the turn, but the river gave coriolis314 a pair of kings, the best hand and the victory.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (November 24, 2013)

Finishing Position Player Prize
1st coriolis314 $40,019.24
2nd st18salmon $26,844.76
3rd CANELO_ALVAREZ $14,672.00
4th TheSpider $12,432.00
5th B14cKc4T $10,192.00
6th ilike2raise $7,952.00
7th jolt157 $5,712.00
8th shahidLV $3,696.00
9th WhatsInYourBin $2,576.00
10th PolloCrispy $2,016.00

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