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$27,400. That is the princely sum of money that is now nestled in the partypoker account of a certain Jonas “clowndick” Mackoff thanks to the Vancouver-based pro winning the latest edition of the partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday. How did Mackoff go about taking down the biggest weekly partypoker tournament? Keep reading to find out.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw(23/02/2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 gortatleva 548,992
2 Ivep4ncak3s 411,640
3 MasterJ_Fyeah 932,015
4 MehIFold 325,844
5 Reraiser1985 207,920
6 danking11 427,441
7 clowndick 788,854
8 Grey Area 1,363,050
9 koczwi 355,744

Only four hands into the final table and a player lost their stack. Actually, it was the third hand that did most of the damage, danking11 running his pocket queens into the kings of koczwi. The next hand, danking11 moved all-in from middle position for 85,197 at the 7,500/15,000/1,500a level with and clowndick called with . The board ran out and danking11’s final table appearance was extremely short lived.

Exactly 20 more hands played out before the final table lost another player. By this time the blinds had increased to 10,000/20,000 with a running ante of 2,000 and Reraiser1985 found himself down to slightly less than 100,000 chips. It was therefore no surprise to see him open-shove his stack into the middle with from late position, nor was it surprising to see gortatleva look him up from the big blind with the . By the river the board read and Reraier1985 was gone.

Reraiser1985’s seat hadn’t yet gone cold when clowndick min-raised to 40,000 from early position and gortatleva three-bet from the button to 88,950. MasterJ_Fyeah then cold four-bet all-in for 803,515 in total from the big blind, only to see clowndick re-shove for over 1.32 million chips! Gortatleva folded and saw the of MasterJ_Fyeah go up against clowndick’s . Neither player improved their hand on the queen-high board, meaning MasterJ_Fyeah was eliminated and the 2.24 million pot slid to the runaway chip leader, clowndick.

Next to go was MehIFold in sixth place. After raising to 50,000 from middle position, MehIfold saw clowndick three-bet to 108,600 from the next seat along and responded with an all-in four-bet to 477,844 in total – as you would if you held . Clowndick made the call and showed and looked set to double MehIFold up. That was until the five community cards fell to gift clowndick an unlikely straight and to send MehIFold on his way with sixth place money and a bad beat story to tell all and sundry.

Five became three with a rare double elimination just before 05:30am GMT. From the button, Ivep4ncak3s opened to 50,000 and clowndick, in the small blind, moved all in for his entire 2.42 million stack! Grey Area called off his 431,948 chips from the big blind and the original raiser also called!

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Grey Area:

Clowndick had been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, but his gamble paid off when he paired his king on the turn of the and sent both of his opponents to the sidelines.

Three-handed play lasted 50 hands, but it was a minor miracle that the entire tournament wasn’t finished by then as there were all-ins aplenty, yet somehow nobody busted! Someone, read that as koczwi, busted when clowndick opened to 86,000 from the small blind and then called when koczwi three-bet all-in for 610,959 in total. The all-in bet was made with and it needed to some help to come from behind against the in clowndick’s hand. That help failed to arrive – although it did flirt with helping koczwi out – as the five community cards fell to send the tournament into the heads up stage.

The one-on-one battle between clowndick and gortatleva spanned 20 hands and ended in a relative cooler of a spot. Gortatleva made it 80,000 to play from the button with and clowndick called with , a hand with plenty of potential. That potential was realised on the flop, a flop that clowndick initially checked and then check-raised to 233,567 when his opponent continued with a 80,000 bet. After seeing the aggressive clowndick check-raise his initial bet, gortatleva came in with a raise of his own, setting the price to play at 387,134 and then called when clowndick moved all-in. gortatleva needed a ten or a king to stay in the tournament, but the turn was followed by the river to bust gortatleva and leave clowndick to claim the $27,400 first place prize.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (23/02/2014)

Place Player Prize
1 clowndick $27,400
2 gortatleva $16,500
3 koczwi $9,800
4 Ivep4ncak3s $7,400
5 Grey Area $5,300
6 MehIFold $3,900
7 MasterJ_Fyeah $2,900
8 Reraiser1985 $2,400
9 danking11 $1,920

After winning such a huge amount of money, we would be extremely surprised not to see the ever-so-slightly inappropriate screen name of clowndick gracing monitors around the world during the latest instalment of the Pokerfest. Running from March 2 through to March 16 and featuring 67 events with combined prize pools in excess of $1 million, there is no better place for tournament poker than partypoker during the next few weeks!


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