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Christmas is coming to the G household – may I wish all the best and remember it is a feast! At this time of year it is only right that you think about others in need and have a deep and meaningful with yourself about life, love and the cosmos. It is with this in mind that I channeled all my positive energy into this spiritual video message to Phil Hellmuth. The change from 2011 to 2012 is very significant for you I know Phil – things are different, it is time for a new Korea. I read on the web rumors that Kim Jong Il was ‘in a fit of rage’ prior to his sudden collapse shortly after sustaining a ‘bad beat’ playing poker. Were you playing Chinese with him Phil and how much did you play per point? 2012 will not be the year of Team America Phil – don’t try and be a superhero – just face facts. I even heard you might be backing out of the Premier League because the stakes will be too high. If you do you owe me $50k anyway.

Merry Christmas everybody – I hope my record gets to number one. Just remember that you should feast a lot but not too much. The January sales are coming and so is plenty of seafood – leave some room for feasting on rake free MTTs at Last time this happened I was so happy that I rolled around in a golf bunker – I was delirious.


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