We recently unveiled the new Daily Legends tournaments that have affordable buy-ins from $2.20 to $77, reduced late registration, and limited re-entries. Now it’s time to show you eight new high stakes tournaments that are waiting for you in the partypoker tournament lobby right now.

New partypoker Tournaments

Day Time (CEST) Name Buy-in Guarantee
Friday 20:05 The Weekender Day 1A $162 $200,000
Saturday 20:05 The Weekender Day 1B $162 $200,000
Sunday 17:05 The Weekender Day 1 Turbo $162 $200,000
Sunday 20:05 The Weekender Final Day $162 $200,000
Sunday 18:05 The One Shot $215 $100,000
Sunday 19:00 The 300 $320 $250,000
Sunday 20:05 The High Roller Big Game $5,200 $500,000
Sunday 20:05 The Big Game $530 $250,000
Sunday 20:05 The Mini Big Game $55 $75,000
Tuesday 20:05 The Tuesday 500 $530 $100,000
Thursday 20:05 The Thursday 500 $530 $100,000

The Weekender was one of the most-popular tournaments during the recent WPT World Online Poker Championships so it made perfect sense to make it the first new addition to our tournament schedule.

It features three flights, including a turbo last chance Day 1, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and boasts of a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. Late registration is only open for eight levels, which are 15-minutes long (10-minutes for the turbo), and there’s only one re-entry permitted.

The Tuesday 500 takes place at 20:05 CEST every Tuesday, as the name suggests, and costs $530 to enter unless you win your way in from one of the tournament-specific satellites or use the tournament dollars you’ve won during the week. $100,000 is guaranteed in this amazing event, which has a 500,000 starting stack, 12-minute blinds and a single re-entry.

Two days later, you can enter The Thursday 500. This is similar to the Tuesday 500 with the main difference being it is played to a Progressive Knockout format.

Sunday’s Just Got a Whole Lot More Fun

The rest of the new additions take place on Sunday, giving you the chance to sign the weekend off in style.

Get ready for The One Shot at 18:05 CEST, a $215 buy-in freezeout tournament with $100,000 guaranteed. You have one shot at glory then you’re done and dusted. The 100,000 starting stack and 12-minute clock starting at 250/500/65a means that your one and only bullet could go a long way.

Starting an hour later each Sunday at 19:05 CEST is The 300. Buy in for $320 and receive 300,000 chips and play for the opportunity to win a slice of the $200,000 guaranteed prize pool. This is a PKO event so you can win bags of cash without reaching the payout places. Again, late reg. is limited to only eight levels and you can only fire two bullets at the most.

There are a trio of Big Games to suit all bankrolls and skill levels. The $55 Mini Big Game is mini only in name because it has $75,000 guaranteed. The September 27 edition had $50,000 guaranteed but hit $77,860. It ended in a three-way chop with first and second place each netting $10,000 and the third-place finisher walking away with $8,155. Get involved at 20:05 CEST each Sunday.

$250,000 is guaranteed in The Big Game, a $530 buy-in affair. This also shuffles up and deals at 20:05 CEST each Sunday.

Then there’s The High Roller Big Game which isn’t for the faint of heart. It commands a $5,200 buy-in but does feature at least $500,000 in the prize pool.

It’s possible to buy into any of the three Big Game tournaments directly on Sunday or you can try your luck in the various Phases and satellites throughout the week. Those phases cost one-tenth of the target tournament’s buy-in and you take your stack through with you to Sunday’s event if you progress from them.

Love Poker? Join party

You asked for some more exciting additions to the tournament schedule and we’ve listened and delivered. The reduced late registration and limited re-entries mean you have more chance than ever before to take home a big prize at partypoker. We hope to see you at a final table.

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