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The latest update of our software has been deployed and its brought with it a raft of new features.

A previous update saw the release of the super-exciting SPINS Ultra that thousands of you have already been putting through their paces.

SPINS Ultra have shallower starting stacks and the blinds increase faster than standard SPINS, but the potential massive prizes remain the same. We hope you love playing them as much as we loved creating them.

You’ve also been able to express yourself with emojis, throw objects at opponents and use the Rabbit Hunt feature since the last upgrade. How are you finding those?

Now onto today’s updated features; are you ready?

Take On Your Friends in Private Club Games

You can now set up your own private Club Games within the partypoker client, making it possible to take on your friends. Everyone can set up their own club and invite their friends, and perhaps foes!

It’s possible to have up to five games per club and you can customise the game type and stakes very easily. These games are played with real names displayed so you know which of your friends you’ve just stacked!

Run It Twice Comes to All Cash Games

fastforward players have been able to use the Run It Twice feature and this is now available in all our cash games. Run it Twice is a feature where multiple boards are run when two or more players go all-in.

The pot is split into two halves and the remaining cards are dealt twice, giving each player two chances to win some of the pot.

This feature is optional and needs all the all-in players to have the Run It Twice option checked otherwise the hand plays out as normal.

Note Taking in the Replayer Is Coming Soon!

One of the features you’ve been asking us for on our social channels, via our ambassadors and Team Pros, and on the partypoker LIVE app is the ability to take notes on players via the replayer. Our tech boffins have almost perfected this and it will be coming to you very soon so stay tuned!

Ready to join the party?

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