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James “HullJimi” Greenwood enjoys some entertaining chat – and a steady climb in the PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge

Another good week!

Not played as much as I’d have liked this week but I’ve managed a $50 rise to the bankroll. I’m not sure if I’ve been playing well or on the end of some good variance but for most of the week, when I’ve entered a pot, I’ve won it. I’ve waited for the cards and 9 times out 10 I have been paid off.

Another curious thing has happened this week – I’ve started to get a few players talking about this blog in the chatbox.

Now some of the players have been asking questions about the challenge, some of the players have been congratulating me and some have been….well, like this:

(UsernameRemoved): Hull, your on the PP blog?
HullJimi: yup
(UsernameRemoved): why?
HullJimi: part of a challenge, read it
(UsernameRemoved): ok

Bit of a wait….

(UsernameRemoved): your ****
HullJimi: thanks, I’ll take that on board
(UsernameRemoved): i’m better than you are, I should do the challenge
HullJimi: well, apply, I’m sure you could be next
(UsernameRemoved): i’m going to ruin it and take all your $$$
HullJimi: gl

Bit of a wait….(UsernameRemoved) and I end up in a pot. I have top set on a rainbow flop.

(UsernameRemoved): fold Hull
I put him all in. He calls. The turn and flop cause no futher damage and I show top set against an overpair.
(UsernameRemoved): i had you beat on the flop. Your ****
HullJimi: have another look at the hand history!
Bit of a wait, he’s still sitting out…
(UsernameRemoved): tell the blog you lucked out against me
HullJimi: i’ll use this chat if you like
(UsernameRemoved): ok
HullJimi: are you sure you want me too? You look a bit of a muppet….
(UsernameRemoved): your ****

And he leaves the table!

Current Bankroll: $157.53
Last Week: $106.39

James started his Bankroll Challenge with $25 in his account. He intends to make a small fortune at your expense, folks!



  1. Hi Paul

    The PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge involves starting with just $25 in your account and being tasked with turning it into a fortune but only while using solid bankroll management – ie putting no more than 5% of your roll on the table in any one game.

    So HullJimi is doing well to be up to $150. He does not know this yet, but when he gets to $1 million, he has to give me half of it ;-)

    Simon Young

  2. Correct if Im wrong.

    But isnt this the fifth month.

    $25 to $150 (better than the Stock exchange but)

    Dont give up the day job.

  3. Hi Paulswild
    Sorry – we don’t give you the $25. For those who want to try it, it should be seen as a personal challenge that you may find helps your game. If you or anyone else wants to drop us a line (email address on right bar) with your progress, we’ll try and include it under HullJimi’s next post.

    Hi galtyuk
    It’s been about three months, I think. But the point of this was never to become a millionaire/professional overnight, but to adopt strict bankroll management skills to try and grow a bankroll steadily. Many hobbyist players would be very happy to increase their roll 6 times over in this time frame while never putting their roll at risk and having to re-deposit.
    I don’t think HullJimi ever had any intention of giving up the day job ;-)

    As an employee, I am not allowed to play on PartyPoker. But I started a similar bankroll challenge on another site with $3 and now have circa $1,100. It’s taken me nearly six months – not quite enough to retire with but I consider it to be an achievement of discipline, which will be of huge benefit to my game in the long term.

    Kind Regards

    Simon Young

  4. Simon

    Well done for turning £3 into £1,100 in six months.

    You should turn in your day job and turn pro.

  5. Hi HullJimi

    I was just wondering how many big blinds you try to make (or other method) before you move up to the next table level? In short, what’s your stategy for moving up the blinds – 0.02/0.04 to 0.05/0.10 to 0.10/0.25, etc?

    Cheers and good luck


  6. y had bankrol 20$ and 2 hours y won 2200 whit this soft party poker this years and hulljimi have 25$ and won 150$ and what?