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We’re proud of the fact that our players come from around the world and from all walks of life. Not all our winners are 20-something mathematics wizards, many have normal jobs and just love to play poker in the evenings.

One such recent winner is Hungarian “vorosbarnavarga” who started playing poker back in 2008 after taking advantage of a free bankroll offer. He played everything at first but finally settled on the crazy game of Pot-Limit Omaha.

“I graduated from university as an agronomist and also studied some IT. I’m 44-years-old now and maybe a little old for grinding micro-stakes, but I have plenty of free time nowadays.”

To save you a little time from having to Google it, an agronomist is an expert in the science of soil management and crop production. He’s certainly been planting a few seeds for success lately and is loving his time at partypoker and the Cash Game Leaderboards in particular.

“I played for many years at PokerStars but I decided to find another poker site when they started limiting players to playing only four tables. I really wish I’d come to partypoker sooner. This is the best promotion I have ever participated in. Micro stakes players can reach 100% cashback thanks to receiving the default cashback.”

Grinding Out the PLO Cash Games

vorosbarnavarga got his grind on at the $0.01/$0.02 PLO tables and finished on top of the leaderboard, which banked him $200. He also profited from our cashback loyalty scheme and finished with plenty of profit from his play, something he advises you try to do when chasing down the leaderboard prizes.

“I disliked having to play up to 12-hours per day but I had to because I wanted to win. With the extra hours I can also win more from the game itself. I didn’t follow properly but I think I won between 50 and 60 buy-ins and managed to win even more from the Cash Game Leaderboard prize.”

“I usually played from the afternoon until I was tied. I quit if I couldn’t stay focussed. Also, I never checked my bankroll during session because it can confuse and make you play scared if you have lost too much money.”

Sound advice indeed from vorosbarnavarga who says he probably won’t be chasing the leaderboard immediately. Instead, he took a couple of days away from the action and now has a goal of reaching $100 in rake and seeing where that places him on the leaderboard.

Great Tips For Leaderboard Chasers

Before leaving us, vorosbarnavarga had these excellent words of advice for potential leaderboard chasers.

“My tip for the leaderboard is there is no point chasing the big score if you lose a lot from playing. Don’t go all-in with crappy hands just to generate more rake. I saw many players go broke with little or no equity. In the end, you may just break even with the leaderboard prize.”

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