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This afternoon more of the players have been arriving to check in and pick up their goodie bags. We had one couple from South Africa who were combining their trip with their wedding on the 9th of July. We certainly wish them the best of luck for the main event and also for their married life together.

We also met Norwegian player, Petter and his three friends, Kim Andre, Martin and Ove Andre who have been in Las Vegas for 4 days already. However their luggage is stuck somewhere on route and they arrived with nothing but the clothes they travelled in.

One of the guys was wearing a British Airways T-shirt which he was given by the airline in question as some kind of compensation for the fact they have lost all four cases. The guys seemed in remarkably good spirits despite their misfortune and happily posed for the following picture showing off the now famous (and slightly lived-in) British Airways T-shirt. I hope they have something clean for the pool party tonight at Wet Republic.



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  1. Taakeluren from Hopland will send over some clothes for you soon guys! Sadly enough they smell like fjoes, but still better than nothing!