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CachiruloMan from Spain is our latest WPT Vienna package winner. Remember you can still qualify on PartyPoker tables – qualifiers run until March 13th. This is CachiruloMan’s story:

What route did you take to the final WPT Vienna satellite?

I played the final satellite after playing previous qualifiers. Normally, I play qualifiers for different tournaments within the 4$ to 50$ buy-in range in order to get tickets for higher buy-in tournaments.

Tell me how the final WPT Vienna satellite went.

The final satellite went really well for me. From the beginning I was chipleader with a big difference to the second place through the middle of the tournament. When we were approaching the final table I had lost the chiplead but my stack was still above the average.

At this moment the key hand happened as I had about 50K chips and my opponent had about 23K and we went all-in on [6x][9x][Jx][7x] board with me holding [Ax][Jx] against his [Jx][Qx]. I won this big pot and at the final table I just folded every hand except a couple of premium hands and got my package for the WPT Vienna.

Tell me about your Party Poker story.

I started playing at Party Poker about a year and half ago. At first I was just trying to get the welcome bonus but I did like the software, the VIP deal was good with interesting promotions and the small buy-in guaranteed tournaments had a great structure, so Party Poker became my preferred poker site.

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Tell me how you feel about your Vienna trip.

Travelling and playing poker is a good combination and if the travel takes you to one the most beautiful European cities it is even better. I have never been to Vienna before so I am really looking forward to visiting its palaces and bringing home a big amount of money and a WPT bracelet.

What do you think about WPT?

The WPT Vienna will be my third participation on a WPT event after Barcelona and Marrakech. I have not been lucky in the previous events, I was eliminated in Marrakech after losing my [Ax][Ax] to my opponent`s [Ax][Kx]. The structure of the WPT events is great and there is a lot of room to play, I just hope I am a bit luckier this time.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WPT Vienna?

I would love to meet and play against Phil Ivey because he is the best player in the world for me and would be exciting to have a seat at his table and feel how intimidating he can be. I would also like to meet Mike Sexton, I think he will have a lot of interesting stories to tell and really good advice to give.


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