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“Bluffelito” may have left it late in the McLaren Turbo Series to become a PartyPoker champion, but boy was the wait worth it. “Bluffelito” took down the last McLaren Turbo Series edition of the Sunday Party, outlasting 1,078 opponents on their way to reeling in $15,289 of the $107,900 prize pool.

The top 188 finishers won a slice of the main prize pool, plus they had the chance to bag some serious cash by eliminating opponents from this high-octane progressive knockout event.

Team PartyPoker’s Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples didn’t collect any bounties but he did manage to make it into the money places, busting in 168th place for a shade over $111.

By the time the seven-handed final table was set, nobody walked away with less than $1,409 with bounties included. That sum is now in the PartyPoker account of “SixBetShove,” who busted in seventh place.

“felipef97” crashed out in sixth for $1,925 while “Noot_Nooooot” saw their tournament end in a fifth-place finish worth $1,918.

Fourth place and $3,704 went to “IGotHigh420” before “SerjaoCorragi” dusted off their chips and finished in third, a finish good for $5,688.

The heads-up duo of “Bluffelito” and “Brelarssssss” guaranteed themselves more than $6,370 from the main prize pool, leaving the final bounties up for grabs. Those final bounties weighed in at almost $9,000, so everything was still to play for.

After an exciting one-on-one battle, “Bluffelito” came out on top, and added $8,900 from the bounty prize pool onto their $6,389 first-place prize for a total haul worth $15,289. “Brelarssssss” headed home in second place with a consolation prize of $7,247 in tow.

McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Bluffelito $8,900 $6,389 $15,289
2 Brelarssssss $869 $6,378 $7,247
3 SerjaoCorragi $1,566 $4,122 $5,688
4 IGotHigh420 $912 $2,792 $3,704
5 Noot_Nooooot $1,202 $1,918 $3,120
6 felipef97 $546 $1,379 $1,925
7 SixBetShove $437 $972 $1,409

“Deadlypantsboom” Dances Way to Sunday Carnival Title

The last Sunday Carnival of the McLaren Turbo Series attracted 1,697 players, each paying $22 to enter, and who created a guarantee-busting $33,940 prize pool. At the end of day only one player had all of the 169,700,000 chips in front of them, and “Deadlypantsboom” was that player.

Victory in this event came with a prize weighing in at $3,947, a very healthy return on a $22 investment. $1,914 of that princely sum stemmed from the main prize pool, with $2,033 coming via the 14 bounties the champion collected along the way.

One of those bounties used to belong to “GorillaPoker77,” the tournament’s second-place finisher. The runner-up, although disappointed not to become a PartyPoker McLaren Turbo Series champion, captured a $2,071 payout, which should go some way to numbing the pain of defeat.

McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Deadlypantsboom $2,033 $1,914 $3,947
2 GorillaPoker77 $162 $1,909 $2,071
3 CesarAAnd $293 $1,209 $1,502
4 Kaceydave8 $263 $812 $1,075
5 Stylwow $596 $558 $1,154
6 ptr247 $231 $400 $631
7 BulgarianPro $449 $281 $730

McLaren Turbo Series Main Events Conclude on August 28

The wait is almost over to discover who gets to call themselves the McLaren Turbo Series Main Event champion. August 28 sees the curtain come down on this exciting festival, with Day 2 of the $33 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed Main Event starting at 21:05 BST.

Before that happens, there are three more flights to get involved in. They take place at 14:05 BST, 17:05 BST, and 19:05 BST, the latter played to a hyper-turbo blind structure.

At the time of writing, “tonton-sosso” is the player to catch in the Main Event, having turned their 100,000 starting stack into a tournament-leading 2,678,240 chips. The chip leader has already collected $91.86 worth of bounties, too.

Speaking of bounties, look out for “toughest” and “Patroklos68” who are both currently in the top ten chip counts. The former has $121.86 worth of bounties locked in already, while the latter has already eliminated 13 opponents and has $163.11 already in the bank!


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