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By Ian Frazer

Today is a very good day for me I am off to Vegas and partypoker announces that they have entered into a contract with me as their sponsored player and UK envoy. Wallop!

Well I am back in Vegas and can’t wait to start playing again!

A quick funny story flying out here, I am last getting on the plane as my phone is ringing like mad because of the poker news and I am making some last calls before take off.

I take my window seat in Virgin’s Premium class (luvvly jubbly) and as this guy stands up to let me in, he looks and says “Oh! Hiya mate how you doing?” (I don’t know him from Adam.) But I say “Yeah, I am good mate, thanks”, figuring he is obviously a poker player. He harps on about how we played together at the Sportsman and the Vic and this hand and that hand, (well I have probably been three times max to both casinos in the past year, so I defo wouldn‘t remember) but I go along with it as he seems a nice fella.

After about 2 hours we start talking about online poker, different tourneys etc and he tells me of his wins and that he generally only plays tourneys, so we swap tournament victory stories when he asks “what was your alias then? we must have played together” so I tell him and he says: “I thought that was Ian Frazer’s alias.” Then he goes bright red and says OMG! What a plonker!

Ha-ha we have a good laugh, he says “No wonder you didn’t remember me!” I dare not ask who he thought I was just in case I threw him off the plane. So, Jonathan Reynolds, you better practice on your memory skills, he was actually very good company and we had a good laugh I hope he has a touch here.

I am staying at the Mandalay Bay this time, so a bit apprehensive but it seems cool so far. After check in I figure I would chance my arm at the Bellagio tourney again. (It was good to me 2 weeks ago). The coup here on the first day is that you must stay awake as long as possible without boozing but drinking excessive amounts of water, this will ensure you get the time difference sorted in your system after one day. Proven many times by moi.

So I play the tourney. There are 87 runners and I go out 14th but it is now midnight and I am off for some Chinese room service, un-pack, e-mails and bed.

Night night.



  1. Hi ya mate, glad you and Chris made it out ok. Go get the all the best and keep up the blogs