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The World Poker Tour (WPT) in Venice has been a crash bang wallop of a ride; and when it comes to poker rides they don’t get much bigger than the High Roller. The entry fee for this prestigious event is €10,000 and nineteen poker players arrived in the Casinò Municipale de Venezia hoping to plant that money in the green baize and watch it grow!

Today we saw the final table and it was an all-European affair with two Germans, four Italians, one Swede and a Russian all-vying for €182,400 in prize money.

The four Italians still left in the competition were Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Safina, Max Rosa, Marcello Marigliano and Dario Minieri. All of them were hoping they could emulate their compatriot, Alessio Isaia, who took down last nights WPT Main Event after a gruelling 8hr.20min battle against the Hungarian Szabolcs Mayer.

Max Rosa was the first of the quartet to be eliminated when he went out in 8th place. Bjorn Lindberg had raised and Rosa moved all-in from the big blind with . Lindberg called with and after a board devoid of any aces or queens Rosa left the table.

When the day started, the shortest stack belonged to Kirill Rabtsov, and it was Rabtsov who was eliminated next. The Russian moved all-in from the button holding and Dominik Nitsche called in the big blind holding and Nitsche’s hand held up.

Dario Minieri was eliminated in 6th place when he moved all-in holding and was called by Neumann who was also holding . The unfortunate Italian losing out when the board ran off with four spades to give Neumann a spade-flush.

Next to go was Marcello Marigliano and again it was a case of tough luck for the Italians. Marigliano got it in good with against Lindberg’s but an ace on the flop and then another one on the river ended Marigliano’s hopes.

At the end of level 10 Marko Neumann was the chip leader with Bjorn Lindberg not far behind in second place. But it was Dominik Nitsche who put himself back into contention after he eliminated Party Poker Team Pro Giovanni Safina. Nitsche moved all-in over a Safina raise and Safina called. Nitsche had and Safina had and the ace held up.

Then Nitsche went on a little bit of a heater and for a while it looked as if he was going to be a real contender until Lindberg crushed his hopes when he called a Nitsche pre flop shove holding . Nitsche had and the board didn’t help him out and his stack was decimated. Then a few short hands later Nitsche moved his remaining chips into the middle and was called by Neumann. Neumann had and Nitsche has and a on the river stopped Nitsche in his tracks.

Then onto heads up and we were all hoping for a slightly shorter heads up battle, than the one we endured during the main event last night, and we got our wish.

It was Bjorn Lindberg v Marko Neumann. Lindberg won the majority of the pots and took a slight chip lead. Then all of the chips were up for grabs on a board. Lindberg had for the flush draw and Neumann had for the set. The turn didn’t change anything but the on the river certainly did and we had our High Roller Champion – Swedish Pro Bjorn Lindberg who took home €70,700.

The live final table updates can be read here.

WPT High Roller Top Four

1. Bjorn Lindberg €70,700

2. Marko Neumann €53,100

3. Dominik Nitsche €35,400

4. Giovanni Safina €12,728

WPT Venice High Roller image gallery

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