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partypoker to host next showdown in high-stakes cash game series

Can anyone stop Phil Galfond in The Galfond Challenge? Bill Perkins is the latest player to throw his hat into the ring, and the high-stakes PLO cash game begins today on partypoker.

The Galfond Challenge sees the three-time WSOP bracelet winner play seven high-stakes online PLO cash games, and he comes into this contest on the back of his comeback against “Venividi1993” in his opening match. Galfond managed to fight back from being behind by more than €900,000 to secure a €1,472.08 profit, while he also won a €100,000 side bet.

For the next match against Perkins on partypoker, the first player to notch up $400,000 wins the challenge. If neither player has reached that target after 50,000 hands, then the leader at that stage will be confirmed as the winner. The buy-in is $20,000 and the blinds are $100/$200.

There will also be a side bet of $1,000,000 posted by Galfond and $250,000 posted by Perkins. This means if Galfond wins, he takes an extra $250,000, and if Perkins wins, he is paid out an extra $1,000,000.

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1969, Perkins had a successful career as a hedge fund manager, before embarking on a new venture as a poker player. Perkins banked the biggest cash of his career last year at the Triton Million for Charity event in London, placing sixth and winning £2,200,000.

Galfond said: “This challenge is different to my others because of the $400,000 finish line. A lot of people are expecting me to win this one, but they shouldn’t underestimate Bill or the swings of PLO. Anything can happen.”

Perkins said: “All my life I’ve been attacking challenging situations and this one seems to be the most formidable in quite some time. Not only does Phil have strategic knowledge, he has heart and mental fortitude. I look forward to playing the role of underdog.”

Fans can follow the action as it happens by railing the challenge in the partypoker client.

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