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Long-time player ThunderXpress recently won a $14,000 WSOP Main Event prize package! We caught up with the Swedish player to bring you his story – remember you can win your own Las Vegas prize package now.

What route did you take to the final WSOP Satellite?

My main goal this spring was to qualify to the WSOP, so as soon as the satellites started running I played all of the $80 sub qualifiers. I think I played in two or three big Sunday finals before I got lucky and took down a package!

Tell us how the final WSOP Satellite went. What were the key moments?

I don’t really remember much of the satellite until the last 15 players or so, when I first doubled up after hitting a miracle flush by the river and then got one player’s entire stack when he shoved [7x][7x] into my [Tx][Tx] on a Txx board.

After that, I had a real big stack and with three packages awarded I played it pretty safe and didn’t get involved with the other big stacks. I won two flips at the final table against two shorties and the last knockout meant there were only three men standing!

Tell me about your story.

I first started playing online at Multipoker, and after a year or so it got merged/assimilated/became so I just continued playing where my tiny bankroll was at the moment… so really is home for me and I always play mainly on the site (and why shouldn’t I, everyone knows I am the biggest luckbox here!)

Tell us how you feel about your Vegas trip.

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I’m obviously very excited to finally go to Vegas! I’ve never been there and as a poker player it feels like something you have to do at least once!

I just base my whole preconception of the city on the movie ‘The Hangover’ and assume it’s an awesome place to spend some summer weeks, guess it will be hot as hell there though. Some friends were there last year and after having listened to their stories I cant wait to go there and see for myself!

What do you think about WSOP?

To be honest the trip itself rather than the actual tournament is the thing I’m mostly looking forward to, I’m such a fish in those live events anyway!

I’ve qualified and played a couple of big tournies before but didn’t really go very far… However I’m clearly a bit thrilled to compete in the most amazing tournament there is and hopefully be able to add a live cash to the record!

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WSOP?

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is meeting the other online players I play against day in and day out at It’s always interesting to put a ‘face’ to that nickname you see all the time!

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