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What did you do at the weekend? Chilled out? DIY? Whatever it was, we bet it wasn’t as exciting as vovanitsch’s Sunday.

This player ended his weekend by winning an incredible $62,280 from our most recent $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament. In fact, Sunday’s eye-popping prize pool was a staggering $311,400.

vovanitsch was just one of1,557 players who were tempted by the opportunity to seriously boost their bankroll. Just take a look at what the final 10 players received for their efforts:

1 vovanitsch, $62,280
2 ottobronx, $34,254
3 GiGa_, $21,486.60
4 Rocqoel, $16,971.30
5 Localmullah, $14,324.40
6 bkscot, $10,743.30
7 Kung_Moffe, $8,252.10
8 RiverKing2K, $5,449.50
9 sushi_bar, $4,203.90
10 Kongsgaard, $2,958.30

Turn off the TV, put the paintbrush down and make sure you’ve got a seat for the next $300K Guaranteed Sunday. Qualifiers start from as little as $3 or you can buy in directly for $215.

Check out all the details at our $300K Guaranteed Sunday page.

Good luck and we’ll see you at the tables.



  1. Did anyone else watch this table? When it got heads up it was like Ottobronx gave up! After 9 hours of play! he quickly folded every hand untell he lost over 1,000,000 in turny chips! and 20 grand in real money! that man must have alot of cash to just give it away. Does anyone know what happened?