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01:05 – And That’s a Wrap!

Big Game VI has come to an end, with the last hour a very quiet one. The players agreed to each put in €1,000 — except for Laak who inexplicably sat out — for a flip on the last hand, with the board being dealt out with no further betting.

Cibicek was the winner of the last hand, taking down his biggest pot that he won during the entire Big Game!

A big congrats to Phil Laak who not only made it through the entire 48 hours plus of the Big Game but he was also the big winner, collecting over €160,000 in total profits over the last two days.

00:28 – Numbers Game

00:14 – Time Running Out

Several players — Laak included — seem to want to make something happen here at the end but the cards aren’t cooperating and no one is getting too out of line to try to press the action. We haven’t even seen the antes and straddles that were flying around earlier in an attempt to spin up some juicy pots.

00:06 – Torelli Ready for More

Alec Torelli is polling the table as far as interest in continuing the game once the official Big Game ends, with the players possibly continuing to butt heads even after the official filming and production ends in a little less than an hour.

00:02 – Kabbaj Takes a Seat

John Kabbaj is the latest player to join the Big Game, getting in at the last minute to get a taste of the action in the waning minutes.

23:59 – Cibicek Takes One

Jozeh Cibicek has been awfully quiet so far and played just a few hands — not a great recipe to getting paid off with big hands which we just saw.

Liviu started the action by raising with and Cicicek woke up with kings, three-betting to 900. Torelli got a little out of line by four-betting to 2,400 with just with it folding to Cibicek, who quickly moved all-in and saw Torelli fold to take down his first real pot of the night.

23:52 – Easy Game

Alec Torelli would like to have the last hand back, with he and Trickett getting several bets in preflop with Trickett holding pocket jacks and Torelli on .

The board of suddenly got interesting on the river after they checked down both the flop and turn, with Trickett throwing out a €10,000 bet on the river into a €11,000 pot.

Torelli only thought a bit before making it €26,000, with Trickett nearly beating him into the pot with an insta-call and Torelli lighting €26,000 on fire by leveling himself on the river.

23:40 – Liviu Lives to Fight Another Day

Ignat Liviu might be a well-known name in the live poker world but he’s definitely impressed with his play, and he just made a very big laydown versus JP Kelly.

Laak started the action by raising with pocket deuces, with JP Kelly calling with and Liviu cold four-betting with . Laak folded and got out of the way but Kelly called to see the flop and try to hit his set.


Both checked the flop, to see a turn of . Kelly bet 6400 into a 8000 pot and Liviu called, seemingly destined to call another big bet on the river if it was a safe card for him.


Kelly pushed out another big bet of €18,500 into a €21,000 pot, with Liviu thinking his way through it and making the correct fold and avoid paying off Kelly’s quads.

23:32 – Deja Dominykas

Dominykas Karmazinas is taking a seat again at the table, bringing his €63,000 stack back into the game here with just a hour plus remaining to play.

23:14 – Torelli Flops the World



They stuck in a few bets preflop, with Torelli firing a big bet of 8900 on the flop with his monster draw to take it down.

23:10 – Rewind

We’re turning back the clock a bit here but if you wondered what Jungleman was thinking earlier when he folded a big hand to Tony G, wonder no more:

23:05 – New Player

We’ve got a new player taking Neilson’s vacated seat, with local player Jozef Cibicek sitting down with €12,000 to try his luck in the Big Game.

22:59 – No Luck for Neilson

Daniel Neilson couldn’t get much going here, with the rest of his last buy-in making its way to Sam Trickett’s stack.



Neilson leads out small on the flop, Trickett 3-bets, and Neilson calls.


Trickett overbets to 14,000 and Neilson makes a frustrated call, with the sending Neilson to the rail and a nice pot Trickett’s way.

22:50 – Behind the Scenes at the Big Game and the Premier League

22:44 – Run It Twice, Chop it Up

Daniel Neilson and JP Kelly just tangled in a 26,000 pot but in the end it was chopped up after they agreed to run it twice.


The bulk of the money gets in the middle on the flop of , with Neilson leading for 2,200, Kelly raising to 4,600, then Neilson getting his last 8,000 in with Kelly quickly calling for a 26,000 pot that they ran twice.

#1: – goes to JP Kelly with the flush
#2: – goes to Neilson with top pair

22:37 – Sly Folds Again

Chris Sly keeps tangling with JP Kelly and once again got the worst of it.

JP Kelly:


Sly bets the flop and Kelly just calls with his set.


Sly picks up a flush draw to go with his pair and bets 1,300, with Kelly raising to 7,000.

Calling would basically be for all of Sly’s stack which he seemed to be committed to doing with his big draw but he manages to find a fold.

22:22 – Battle of Pairs

JP Kelly and Sam Trickett both picked up pocket pairs but couldn’t lure Laak in, who three-bet with ace rag but mucked it when Trickett four-bet him and Kelly came along.

Trickett: [Jx] [Jx]
JP Kelly: [9x] [9x]


Tricket bets 2,000 on the flop, Kelly calls.


Check, check.


Check, check — pot to Trickett.

22:14 – Leveling Thyself

JP Kelly has been spot on with his reads so far but just went into the hero call toolbox at the wrong time, paying off a big river bet from Trickett.

JP Kelly:

The action got interesting on the river, with Trickett pushing out a big bet of €5,400 into €7,000 which sent Kelly deep into the tank despite holding just a pair of twos.

He seemed to think himself out of his first impulse to fold, going deep into the tank before making the call and seeing that Trickett did indeed have the goods and not just a draw that missed.

22:03 – Laak Bomb

Laak opened with and Sam Trickett bumped it up with a three-bet holding , with Laak having none of it and pulling one of his trademark bomb bets that he’s used so effectively here, making it a huge four-bet to €15,000.

Trickett seemed tempted to move in, not quite buying what Laak was selling, but finally folded his pocket fours.

21:59 – Rude Welcome for Sly

Chris Sly (who is good friends with JP Kelly) just sat down and bought in for €10,000 and was immediately put to the test by his buddy Kelly in the very first hand.

Sly held on a and called a 3-bet from JP Kelly (who held ) for about a quarter of his fresh, shining stack he’d just received.

The on the turn gave Kelly a few more outs and he put Sly all in — amid plenty of giggling from Kelly at the absurdity of the situation with his friend just sitting down — with Sly giving up top pair and mucking to the pressure.

21:52 – JP Kelly Loses the Minimum

JP Kelly just lost a pot but he managed to lose the absolute minimum.

JP Kelly:


Torelli checks the flop, JP Kelly bets, and Torelli calls.


Torelli checks and calls a €2,400 bet on turn.


Torelli checks and JP Kelly somehow correctly checks it back, sensing a trap and losing the minimum with his flush.

21:52 – Trickett Returns

Sam Trickett has just taken his seat again, looking to try to make a late push to get unstuck

21:50- Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Phil Laak definitely isn’t sitting on his profits, as he just 4-bet JP Kelly holding just and got Kelly to quickly lay down h

21:45 – Unabomber Bombing

Phil Laak definitely isn’t sitting on his profits, as he just 4-bet JP Kelly holding just and got Kelly to quickly lay down his .

21:42 – Lineup

A few players are expected to trickle in shortly (including Sam Trickett) but here’s the current lineup:

Phil Laak
JP Kelly
Ignat Liviu
Daniel Neilson
Alec Torelli

21:39 – And We’re Back

The last break of the Big Game is done so we’re now rolling once again and ready to see the final hours of action here at the Montesino Casino.

Phil Laak is the big story as not only has he been up for over 48 hours and plugging away at the table but he has a shot at the biggest profit ever in the Big Game, with the previous record of €183,000 in profit well within Laak’s reach, who’s right at that at the moment.

21:34 – Break

We’re still on break but we have a special offer to tide you over while you wait, with a chance to win a free book from poker author Jared Tendler.

Check out the PartyPoker Twitter feed for full details but the quick version is this: publish your own Tweet using hashtag #mgop along with the best line you know of to put people on tilt and the best one will win a free copy of Tendler’s book.

20:34 – Break

And here’s the losers.

20:32 – Break

We’re off for another break and back in like 40 minutes.

Lets see who’s winning.
Two of the biggest losers and two big winners are at the table.
This is how much the lucky guys were able to gain so far:

20:24 – Ignat stops Laak

Ignat opens with and gets 2 calls
Trickett: Nines

Nice flop for ignat who bets €750. Laak plans something and calls.

Not a nice card for Ignat and both players check.

Another bad card for Ignat.
Phil Laak has lately put out a lot of bets in situations like this with absolute air.
So far it worked all the time.

This time it makes it €2,500. Can’t work all the time, Ignat calls and take the pot.

20:14 – Sometimes the overpair wins

Kelly kings and 3-bet get called by Torelli’s .

€2,500 from Kelly and Torelli reckons he’s seen enough of this hand.

20:10 – Trickett’s back

Somewhere around 3-4 hours left of play in the Big Game VI. Sam Trickett is back to make up for earlier losses. It’s his 3rd session. Sitting right to Phil “awake-for-54-hours” Laak he looks like the most rested and fresh person in the world.

20:06 – Look at who’s winning

Laak is still the big winner in this Big Game VI.
Ignat Liviu had a great day here. While he was down yesterday, he’s showing some impressive poker today and up a nice figure.

20:01 – More money for Ignat

Kelly: tens

Kelly check-calls with his overpair.

Ignat must like the on the turn and gets in a potsize bet of €2,500

Ignat’s hand gets even better, he hits his gutshot. This time its €6,400 into a €8,000 pot.
Now way for JP Kelly to see a seven in Ignat’s hand. He check-raises to €15,500.

Ignat tries to get in more by raising it again. Kelly is done and lets it go.

19:51 – Laak still on top

Phil Laak missed his draw but smells an opportunity with the worst hand at the river.
on the board and a lot of checks along the way and a €9,600 does the trick, Kelly folds his overpair queens and the Jungleman [Ax][7x].

19:43 – Karmazinas

That’s it for Dominykas Karmazinas. He leaves the table with a €13,000 profit. He was up a lot more earlier on but lost some bigger pots recently.

19:38 – Karmazinas

Karzaminas: opens.
Laak: re-raise big to €6,300

Karmazinas already announced that he will the table very soon. Will he gamble it all after doubling up Jungleman in the hand before? Laak is probably counting on it.

Karmazinas makes the save decision and folds his eights.

19:32 – Jungleman doubles

Aces for Jungleman. He was struggling all day but got it allin good against Karzaminas.

On a [] flop Laak folds after Jungleman’s €12,000 allin. Karmazinas – already had money in there – called for another €9,000 with .

Run it twice


19:24 – Unlucky Torelli

Ignat Liviu raises it up with
Alec Torelli just calls with

King high flop, ideal for Torelli.
Liviu checks his top pair. Torelli bets €500. Does Ignat smell a rat or is he setting up a trap? He just calls and on the turn the board shows .

Ignat checks to Torelli who bets out pot-size. Ignat makes the right laydown and throws his king.

19:16 – Rebuy

Kelly gets Nielson’s stack. He opens with kings and gets it all in against Daniel Nielson nines who 4-bet pushes.
Quick call from Kelly and here’s the board action.

run it twice …

1. [7s
2. [4]

And Nielson invests another €10,000 for new chips.

19:04 – Leaderboard

We’re going towards the end of this Big Game VI.
Here’s how the players at the were doing so far?

18:59 – Laak survives

Karmazinas opens another one, and Jungleman reraise to €2,500 with kings.

Torelli in the SB holding . With Karmazinas raising every other hand and Jungleman’s ability to 3-bet there, he decides to pop it up to €7,000.

Jungleman goes all in for €20,400. It’s €13,700 more to call for Torelli. He has priced himself in and we have an allin.
Bad news for Torelli: JP Kelly folded [Ax][Tx] himself

Run it twice.

1. – Trips for Jungleman

2. – Kings win

and it’s a chop.

18:52 – Laak survives

This could have been it for Phil Laak.
He managed to same himself on a board.

His opponent is Karmazinas, who bets out €2,400 holding aces. Now Laak has a set himself with pocket deuces. He decides to what he thinks is letting Karmazinas hang himself slowly and just calls.


This card might very well save Phil Laak. Both players check.


Laak bets big: €16.000 into an €8,000 pot.. Karzaminas calls him instantly and Laak realizes he could have lost a lot more.

18:43 – And it was light

With the stream back on after some technical issues lets get right back into the action.

Laak raises it up to €300 with .
We can see JP Kelly in action after his return to the table.

Kelly finds and raises to €1,200

Flop: and Laak calls a €1,500 bet from Kelly.


This should slow players down. After Kelly’s check Phil Laak puts out €6,600 and Kelly folds.

18:30 – No panic.

We’re working on getting the stream back on. Stay with us.

It’s not over! The Big Game is 48 hours. Time at the table that is. Making up for several hours of break there’s some time left for action.

18:08 – Last hand for Tony G

Tony G raise €250
Jungleman: [3x][3x]


Tony bet €1,000
Liviu call


Great card for Ignat. He bets out €2,500.
That’s it for Tony G. He sighs, throws his top pair and leaves the table.

He has been pushing the action for a great part of this Big Game VI. What’s enough is enough. Before Ignat can put the newly won chips into his stack Tony G opens his seat.

17:59 – We have a new player

on the board and Laak shoots at Karmazinas.
Karmazinas has , a lot of chips and likes to shoot at everything that everyone.

It’s Phil Laak who shoots faster. His allin with the nutflushdraw takes down down the €6,000 pot.

17:51 – We have a new player

There’s been a new player at the table. JP Kelly is back and ready for more action.

17:44 – Straight on the flop

Players at the table are getting tired. Just as the action seemed to get slower and slower, we got an action flop.

Jungleman had raised it preflop with and four players joined the action.
It was Ignat Liviu who joined him with on the flop.
He check-calls as Jungleman puts out €1,200 into the €1,550 pot.

Ignat checks again. Jungleman thinks it through and checks behind.

Ignat puts out €2,500 and gets a call from Jungleman.

17:24 – New Player

Welcome to the table to our new player Daniel Neilson, who has several big EPT scores to his credit including a third place finish in San Remo in 2011 for $392,935.

17:20 – Tony G Gets Away With One

Tony G just got one by Jungleman, with Tony G check-raising and getting Jungleman to lay down the best hand.

Tony G:


Tony G called the raise preflop and check-raised Jungleman’s €1,100 bet on the flop by bumping it up to €4,200.

With Tony G showing strength with just €10,000 behind, Jungelman thought for quite awhile before wrongly giving Tony credit and mucking his hand.

17:04 – How Stuck Are You?

Poker can be a cruel game some time but recreational players can take heart that no matter how bad or unlucky they are in their entire poker career they likely will never come close to losing as much as some of the players have over the last two days in Big Game VI:

17:01 – Laak Loses a Big One

Phil Laak couldn’t run like god for forever but he just took a very rough beat versus Karamazinas when Laak got the money in with way the best of it.


All the money went in on the turn, with €55,000 in the middle on a board of and the players agreeing to run it twice, with Laak’s two pair far ahead.

#1: – the board pairs on the river to give Karamazinas a bigger two pair + kicker
#2: – Karamazinas spikes a jack for a bigger two pair

It’s hard to feel too bad for Laak as he’s still a big winner but the hyper aggressive Karamazinas now has a dangerous stack to work with.

16:59 – Torelli Gets One

Torelli had been struggling since he re-joined the game but he just got a little healthier at the expense of Tony G.

Tony G:

The trio made it to the turn with the board showing , with an action card falling in the form of the on the river.

Tony G bet 3,500 into a 10K pot on the river, with Jungelman folding but Torelli raising it up to €13,300.

Tony G didn’t look happy at all but decided to call about €10,000 more, getting the bad news when Torelli rolled over his bigger flush.

16:55 – Karamazinas Has Enough

Karamazinas seems to be tired of Liviu’s antics, just sticking in a four-bet with only after yet another 3-bet from Liviu; good read for Karamazinas as Liviu had just and folded quickly.

16:42 – Tony G Implosion May Be Imminent

Tony G is looking like he may blow off some steam (and chips) soon, as Liviu just snapped off his bluff with two black nines on a x board and Phil Laak once again dragged a nice pot from him with a bigger ace, with Laak’s ahead of Tony G’s the whole way on an ace high flop.

16:36 – Liviu Tweaking Some Noses

Ignat Liviu has been three-betting very liberally here preflop, getting Jungleman to lay down a hand and doing it twice recently versus Tony G, who gave him a long stare the last time as if to hint that they may play a big pot soon if Liviu keeps three-betting him.

16:30 – Laak Runs Good, Plays Good

It’s still the Phil Laak show here in the Big Game, as he’s making all the right moves, even in smaller pots.

Laak played his slow versus Alec Torelli’s on a board of , letting Torelli make a few small stabs to rake in a decent pot.

A few hands later he was at it again with Tony G, this time with Laak’s way ahead of Tony G’s on a board, with Tony G firing on the turn and river with the worst of it and Laak letting him barrel away to collect another pot.

16:07 – Bet It, Take It

The table is filling up again but the card gods aren’t conspiring to give us much action to work with here lately, with two players seeing most flops and a continuation bet taking it down.

16:02 – Welcome Back, Dominikas Karmazinas

Dominikas Karmazinas has just re-joined the table, buying in for €25,000 and likely serving as a spark for more action, as he was very aggressive and more than willing to get in chips in his previous stint at the table.

15:55 – Winding Up the Jungleman

Jungleman took a stroll and a bit of a break and Tony G insisted that blinds and straddles still be taken from his stack, very likely just to tweak him a bit more when he came back to the table.

Phil Laak is now closing on on the €200,000 mark as far as total profit for Big Game VI — a pretty amazing total and likely not the player most would have picked to be the big winner at this stage of things.

The sick thing is the total profit should be much more, as early this morning a sleep-deprived Laak managed to fold the winning hand with [ax][6x] versus Andy Moseley’s [ax][kx]when he spiked a six on the board but somehow convinced himself he had the worst of it and mucked instead of raking in a €60,000+ pot:

15:35 – Jungleman is Back

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has joined the game and his run-bad here continues, as he’s down another €25,000 or so over the last half hour since he rejoined the action.

15:05 – Laak Back at It

Phil Laak’s seat was barely warm before he took down a nice pot from Torelli, floating along and calling Torelli bets until he hit his flush on the river, but couldn’t get Torelli to bite when he made a big overbet on the river.

14:49 – Amp It Up

With Laak sitting down it hasn’t take Tony G long to start talking about upping the action, lobbying to add in antes again as well as a mandatory straddle.

14:25 – And the Machine is Back

Phil Laak just took a quick break for a shower and some scrambled eggs and now he and his €200,000 or so stack is back at the table!

14:09 – Tony G Steaming

Tony G has spent a lot of Big Game VI steaming and that’s exactly where he is at the moment, down about €17,000 overall for the game and just getting unlucky when Torelli hit one of his few safe outs for a split pot.

14:01 – Tony Juicing the Action

Tony G has dusted off about €10,000 so far since they resumed play after the break, calling down in a few spots a bit light and in general seeming like he’s trying to spark a little action early by playing fairly loose and trying to encourage the players to gamble a little.

13:55 – The Lineup

Here are the current players and their stacks:

13:48 – Liviu Takes One

Liviu draws early blood from Tony G, taking down a midsized pot with [kx][9x] versus Tony G’s [ax][jx]on a [kx][9x] x [ax]x board.

13:40 – And We’re Back!

Players are now back at the Big Game VI table, with three-handed action and Tony G, Alec Torelli, and Ignat Liviu getting us underway to start things off.

10:05 – Smoke ‘Em if you Got ‘Em

Players are now on a break, with the action resuming at 13:30 CET.

9:50 – Back and Forth They Go

Baumstein and Laak have been trading small pots for the last twenty minutes, with neither gaining or losing much ground.

We won’t go so far as to say it’s boring to watch the two of them at it but they’re definitely carefully circling on another, tending to play pot control and keep it small without inflating pots with any 4-bet or 5-bet antics creating bloated pots.

Word on the street is that Trickett is taking a quick power nap and should be back in an hour or two, and hopefully we’ll have some more players taking a seat here shortly.

9:33 – Not a Lotta Action

Baumstein and Laak are still battling away heads-up but we’ve seen very few flops and even fewer turns or rivers, with both playing it pretty tight to the vest.

Baumstein has run up his €5,000 buy-in to about €13,000 but he’s got a ways to go before he makes a serious dent in Phil’s huge stack — and nearly all of it profit from his play here over the last day and a half as Laak went on a heater right when the Big Game started and has never looked back.

9:17 – Laak Loses the Minimum

Laak looked down to pocket queens and got a call from Baumstein who held [8x] [7x] and hit the flop of hard but the on the turn and on the river killed any further action and saw them check it down on the turn and river with Laak losing the minimum with his overpair.

9:10 – Who’s Up So Far?

Here are the biggest winners so far in Big Game VI, with a lot of the winnings still on the table due to marathon man Phil Laak who’s still going strong after 36 hours+ of action.

9:05 – Contrasting Styles

Baumstein so far has min-raised every button in this heads-up match, with Laak being a little more choosy and folding a few buttons so far.

9:01 – Another for Baumstein


Baumstein calls Laak’s 3-bet preflop and they see a flop of , with Laak check-calling a small bet but giving up on the turn when Baumstein fires again.

8:55 – Baumstein Chipping Away

Baumstein has won several small pots here, with Laak treading a little lightly here at the beginning and keeping pots small as he tries to get a feel for how Baumstein is playing.

Laak is at a bit of a disadvantage here as Baumstein is an unknown to him as far as playing style while Baumstein has watched and analyzed hours and hours of Laak’s play here

8:48 – Double for Baumstein

That didn’t take long, with Baumstein promptly doubling up versus Laak.


They got it all-in on a flop of and agreed to run it twice, with Laak holding a slight lead on the flop.

#1: goes to Baumstein with the flush on the river.
#2: goes to Baumstein as well with trips on the river.

The long hours might be wearing on Laak a little, as he was calling for a deuce on the second running which actually came but wasn’t the safe card he thought it was, as it gave Baumstein trips.

8:40 – Scott Baumstein Takes a Seat

With no players available to take on Phil Laak heads-up, Scott Baumstein (who has been in the commentating booth for Big Game VI) decided to try his hand at the tables, buying in for €5,000 to take a crack at Laak’s stack.

We’ll see if Baumstein has better luck than other commentators who’ve taken a seat, as Mike Sexton has been one of our bigger losers so far and Sorel Mizzi spent time commentating earlier before taking a seat and promptly dusting off his stack to Ignat Liviu.

8:14 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do

After losing the big pot to Moseley with the second nut flush Sam Trickett immediately said he was quitting the game, and while he seemed tempted a few times to soldier on he held true to his word, bowing out to leave just Laak and Moseley at the table.

They at first agreed to play heads-up but Laak reminded Moseley that he had a flight to catch, with the game finally taking a break as Laak vowed to be back in a few hours when more players were rounded up.

Laak is sitting on a profit of about €170,000 and Moseley won a little over €100,000 so both will leave the table with a little bounce in their steps.

No word yet on when they’ll resume play so hang tight for now, as we’ll be back live as soon as cards are in the air once again in Big Game VI.

8:00 – Moseley Wins the Big One

Trickett and Moseley have been tangling here recently and while Trickett won more of the smaller skirmishes it’s Moseley who won the big battle.


Moseley went for a check-raise on a flop of , with Trickett making the call.

The on the turn saw Moseley check, Trickett bet €4,200, and Moseley call.

The on the river was guaranteed to generate action and the players didn’t disappoint, with Moseley very casually checking his nut flush, and Trickett making it €12,100 with the second nut flush.

Moseley bumped it up to €23,300 and Trickett immediately jumped out of his seat, saying that he knew he should have checked it back with the queen high flush.

He once again worked through the hand out loud, correctly latching onto the fact that the only hand that Moseley would check-raise on both the flop and river with was a king high flush draw type of hand.

Despite his read being dead on Trickett couldn’t find a fold, calling off the €23,300 to see Moseley take down a €63,000 pot — by far the biggest since action became three handed.

7:40 – Moseley Gets One By Trickett

Trickett has been on a nice heater here but Moseley managed to get one by him this time, bluffing with king high on a [ax][qx]x x [qx]board and getting Trickett to fold top pair.

Trickett talked his way through this hand as well, trying to find a way to call Moseley’s €5,000 river bet into a €5,000 pot but finally putting him on a queen and folding.

It’s interesting to watch Trickett work his way through hands, spending quite awhile on a call for “just” €5,000 — not that much money for Trickett in the grand scheme of things but more important to him being whether he plays well and makes the right call or not.

Moseley manages to get one by Trickett this time.

7:35 – Moseley Sniffs a Monster

Trickett picks up aces and gets a few bets out of Moseley and his pocket nines on a board of [jx][6x] [8x] [6x] [7x], but Moseley doesn’t bite a final time and folds to Trickett’s river bet.

7:31 – Laak Gets There

Phil Laak just missed a chance for one of his patented “river bombs” that have worked perfectly here so far in the Big Game, where Laak throws in an overly big, chunky bet on the river with complete air as well as with his monsters.

Laak backed into a straight with [5x] [8x] on a [Kx] [9x] [9x] [7x] [6x] board but bet it small on the river, with Trickett insta-calling with [kx][qx](and likely would have called a much bigger bet as well).

7:22 – Trickett Calls Moseley’s Hand (and Calls)

With the straddle on we had two players see a flop of [3x] [5x] [6x], with Trickett holding [ax][3x] and Moseley on [7x] [8x].

Moseley bet small on that flop and Trickett tried to take it down with a raise to 2500 but Moseley wasn’t going anywhere with his open-ended straight draw and called.

Turn: [qx]

Both players checked to see the [6x] on the river. Moseley pushed out a big 5,000 bet that sent Trickett into the tank, who dwelled and claimed that Moseley must have [ax][4x] or [7x] [8x].

Trickett finally made the call, raking in another pot and getting confirmation of his read when Moseley flashed him the [7x] [8x].

7:15 – Trickett Thinks He’s Stuck

Interesting moment as the players discuss Torelli’s exit, with Laak checking the stats to find that Torelli left as a slight €2,100 winner.

Laak mentioned that the big pot Trickett took off Torelli got Trickett about square, with Trickett claiming instead that he thought he was still stuck €10,000 or so.

He’s actually now a small winner but we’ll forgive him that slight miscalculation, as after Laak Trickett has been at the table the longest since the Big Game kicked off.

7:12 – Trickett Semi-Bluffs with the Best Hand

Trickett just took down a small pot off Moseley when he successfully semi-bluffed on the turn with his gutshot + flush draw (which was actually the best hand as Moseley was getting frisky with air), giving Trickett a slim €4,000 profit overall for his efforts here.

That still works out to an hourly rate of about €140/hour for Trickett; not too shabby a win rate but far less than Trickett is used to given the big games in Macau that he’s regularly been sitting in of late.

7:04 – Early Morning Blues

We’re still three-handed at the moment in the Big Game, with things really slowing down when Alec Torelli left us to make it three-handed.

Laak has continued his assault on the local egg supply (ordering scrambled eggs for what seems like the 20th time since we began) but that’s about as exciting it’s been over the last half hour.

7:00 – Checking in on WPT Vienna

Later on today will see the kickoff of Day 3 of WPT Vienna here at the Montesino Casino, where 67 players remain from the 396 that entered the event.

Morten Christensen is the chip leader after Day 2, but Chris Moorman is right on his heels trying to run down his first victory in a major live event after dominating the online world for several years.

6:34 – Boring Threesomes

Kudos to our three warriors who are keeping the game going, but so far Moseley, Trickett, and Laak have been taking turns swapping small pots here for the last 15 minutes or so.

With all three so deep-stacked and equally wary and familiar with one another’s game, we may need some fresh blood in the game before things really perk up.

6:31 – The Other Side of Winning

And here are the biggest losers so far in Big Game VI:

6:27 – Winner Winner

Here are the biggest winners overall so far in Big Game VI, headlines by the marathon man Phil Laak who is the only player to stay at the table for the 36 hours the game has been running so far.

Laak’s sitting on a profit of €178,950 at the moment, which works out to an hourly rate of about €5,000/hour since he took his seat when the Big Game VI began.

6:20 – And Then There Were Three

Alec Torelli has waved the white flag, losing the big pot to Trickett and then a few other smaller pots, choosing to quit the game while still a slight winner before doing any more damage to his stack.

6:15- Score One for Trickett

Sam Trickett has just dug out of the hole he was in with one big hand, courtesy of a great read versus Torelli.

We started off the action with three players seeing a flop after Trickett raised to €1,000 preflop:


The flop of missed everyone but Torelli took a stab when checked to, with Trickett calling and Laak getting out of the way.

The on the turn saw another check from Trickett, with Torelli firing out €6,000 this time, with Trickett having a think before making the call again.

The on the river left Trickett ahead, with another check and Torelli loading up another big barrel, this time shooting out €25,000.

Trickett called almost instantly though, making a great read with his second pair (and saying he’d decided to call pretty much any bet on the river when he called no the turn) to take down a big pot to get him nearly unstuck for the game.

6:08 – Deep Stack Poker

The action in the game may be dragging a bit four-handed but we’ve got the potential for some real fireworks, as three of the players are sitting on very deep stacks with Trickett the “shortest” with over 700 big blinds.

Phil Laak: 3869 big blinds
Alec Torelli: 2111 big blinds
Andy Moseley: 1916 big blinds
Sam Trickett: 736 big blinds

6:04 – Chop it Up


The two stick in several bets preflop and a board of saw it go bet-call on the flop, bet-call on the turn, and check-check on the river, with the two chopping it up.

6:00 – Aces Good for Moseley

Alec Torelli picked a bad time to call a 3-bet preflop with when Moseley held pocket aces. Moseley checked the flop of [9x] [9x] [Jx] and induced a small bet of 2500 from Torelli which he just called, but that was all the money he’d get out of Torelli, who would fold to a river bet from Moseley.

5:50 – By the Numbers

Laak is our big winner overall (despite mucking the winning hand in a big all-in pot versus Moseley five hours ago), with Sam Trickett the only one of our four current players who are stuck, to the tune of 40,000+ at the moment.

5:45 – Sasa Sails Away

Sasa tried a squeeze with his dwindling stack of about 3,500 and in his hand, but Sam Trickett looked him up with .

A [tx]on the flop proved enough to send Sasa on his way, leaving us four handed here in the early morning hours.

5:37 – Moseley approaching the 100k

Many thought that Sasa would completely shut down after doubling up his starting stack.

He raises it with and gets called by Moseleys black sixes.

Sasa bets out, Moseley raises him to €600. The turn brings Moseley for a set and he overbets the pot. Sasa doesn’t want to get pushed around and calls

on the river and Moseley asks for a count. Surprisingly, he only puts out a smallish bet.

Sasa calls him off and the €12,000 pot goes into Moseley’s stack.

5:21 – The Laak is playing strong

Laak keeps messing with his opponents. In the last hour he has raised, re-raised and/or check-raised on various occasions, usually with success.

We even saw him pull off a double check-raise on Torelli with air.

The best: whenever he has a real hand, he gets payed off.

Having played for 36 hours by now, he sure shows that there’s a lot game left in him.

Still going strong

5:13 – And make that two

Laak opens for €500 with everyone’s favourite hand
Next is Torelli, who re-raises with jacks.
Again it’s Sasa who puts in the ultimate pressure with an allin and .


Sasa doubles up to €11,500. As Phil Laak points out: “Good that he’s doubled up. Now we don’t have to worry about an allin”.

Let’s rumble.

5:07 – Sasa is allin

Laak is needling Sasa and his €5,000 ‘short’stack. Well, here’s Sasa’s response. A bold preflop allin with .

He’s actually dominated by Torelli’s , but he lays it down.

5:03 – New player

Finally, there’s a new player at the table.
His name is Sasa Dobrijevic and he sits down with the miminum buy in of €5,000.

A good time to join this table if you’re not willing to gamble for a huge amount.
€5,000 equals hundred big blinds and at this point it’s actually a playable stack. Ten hours ago there wasn’t any room for play with that amount.

4:54 – We want some action

4-handed, smaller blinds, no Tony G.
The game sure has slowed down a bit. We’ve seen a lot of multiway pots lately, but there isn’t much money going in. At least not compared to what we saw earlier on.

Phil Laak has been the big winner since the beginning of Big Game VI and put some distance to Alec Torelli

4:45 – Openender is good enough

[Kx][Tx] Moseley

Moseley bets his openender and continues to fire after the turn. Torelli gives it up.

4:35 – Limp-fold

We’re seeing more and more limps.

Moseley does so with . Trickett finds black eights and ups it to €600. Laak calls with , as does Torelli with . Moseley doesn’t like his hand and opts out.

Torelli leads out for €1,300 but doesn’t get rid of Trickett.
Not necessary, Torelli hits the on the turn, at the same time Trickett gets a flushdraw.

Torelli bets again, Trickett isn’t willing to put in another €3,000.

4:27 – Waaaalk

It happened!
Maybe I missed one before, but from what I can tell we just saw the first walk in this Big Game.

Everyone folds and Sam Trickett wins an uncontested €175 (including his own €50 big blind and €25 ante).

4:17 – That’s it?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen premium hands.

Here they are.

Torelli opens the action with on the button. Moseley is next and re-raises to €2,200 with jacks.
It gets better. Laak finds kings and flat calls.

It’s back to Torelli who puts in €6,700, both Moseley and Laak just call.

on the flop and a €14,000 bet from Laak ends the hand. We kinda expected more from this.

4:06 – Two pair times two

Trickett opens for €200 with Moseley raising it to €1,000 with pocket sevens.
Everyone comes along and we see on the flop. A round of checks and the on the turn makes it interesting.


Trickett checks the best hand and just calls the €3,000 bet from Torelli.

A nine on the river kills the action and Trickett takes down the pot.

Sam Trickett is eager to get his money back

4:03 – Deepstack poker

Moseley, Laak and Torelli each have more than €100,000 in their stack. That’s 2,000 big blinds at this point so there’s more than enough room for best poker.

4:00 – We’re back

Four players at the table, making it through this nightshift.

Sam Trickett should have the most energy after his good night sleep.

With just four players they still play €25/€50 with a €25 ante, but we won’t see any optional/mandatory straddles.

3:47 – Who’s at the table

Scott Seivers expresses how tired he is and leaves the table.
He sure was a lot of fun to have at the table it felt like he enjoyed the game. Who knows, he might be back for another session later on.

We’ll take a short brake.

3:40 – Who’s at the table

We actually forgot to mention that Tony G left the table to get some sleep.
With Sam Trickett being back they’re still playing 5-handed.

3:35 – Getting hungry

Everyone is eating. Except for Phil Laak, who finished his scrambled eggs in record time.

3:29 – Send it to the Unabomber


On a flop they all check and Laak manages to get another two on the turn.

Seiver bets and Moseley raises it to €3,500 with the worst hand. Both Laak and Seiver stay in and we see a on the river. Laak bets €12,000, but the river might have killed the action.

3:22 – Fast hands

Players are wakening up and playing faster.

Sevens for Torelli and he opens for €700. Tony G finds and isolates him by raising to €1,100.

A king on the flop and that’s the end of it.

3:14 – Limp or call?

Is it considered a limp when you call the straddle?

Seiver does so by putting in €200 with .
Tony G raises €700 ( ) and is joined by Moseley’s and Seiver.

Tony bets €1,500, Moseley calls.
The on the turn makes it interesting, but Moseley folds his pair+draw to a €4,000 bet.

3:05 – Here he is

Sam Trickett has lost €35,000 so far in the Big Game VI.
He just took his seat at the table, bringing a fresh stack of €44,000. Exactly the stack he left with the evening before.

3:00 – Sam Trickett is back

He’s back. Sam Trickett left the table last night to get some sleep, soon he’ll be back for his second session.

2:53 – Check, check, check

Andy Moseley raises it to €300 with pocket fours. Once again it’s Laak who pushes the action, raising to €1,350 with nines. Torelli joins them holding

Check, check, check.

Check, check, check

Torelli thinks about betting.
It goes check, check, check and Laak adds some to his stack.

2:37 – More money for Moseley

Moseley raises to €600 with .
Laak calls

Action flop:
Laak check-raises to €3,075.

on the turn and we expect a lot of action.
Laak bets almost pot, Moseley raises it up to €17,500. Laak calls and we have a €42,825 pot before the is dealt on the river.

Laak checks and Moseley puts out another €31,000. Tough spot for Laak, who manages to lay it down.

Good times for Moseley

2:30 – Back in action

It’s confirmed, Laak had the winning hand when mucking his cards against Andy Moseley.
So let’s find out how that knowledge effects the table.

2:20 – Let’s have a break

We all need a break here. Players, commentators and bloggers alike. We’ll be back soon.

2:14 – 3-bet into kings again

Karmazinas sure isn’t lucky with his 3-bets. This time he runs into the kings of Seiver, who puts out a raise.
No fold this time. Karmazinas goes allin for €27,000 holding .

They’re running it twice, with Seiver taking down the whole pot.

That’s it for Karmazinas who’s leaving the table with a smile.

With that, Seiver is up almost €50,000.

Karmazinas calls it a night

2:08 – Stuck in the loop

To get more information on Laak’s hand, players are taking out their phones and reading out loud what we were writing on the blog.

Feels nice to be quoted on tv.

At the moment, noone seems to care about what is actually going on at the table.

2:03 – Kings for Torelli

At the moment everyone is talking about the Laak-Moseley-incident. But there is some poker going on as well.

Torelli opens it for €600 with kings. He finds a customer in Karmazinas, who pops it up to €3,000 with .

Torelli just calls. Flop:

Karmazinas puts out €2,300. Torelli decides to raise it up to €8,000 and scares Karmazinas off the hand.

2:00 – This just in

1:56 – Huge pot for Seiver

Players at the table are once more Phil Laak’s hand when he doubled up Moseley. Laak admits that he is very tired and might have misread his cards.

As there’s a sidebet about the hand going on, everone is eager to find out. For now, they’re not getting a definite answer. One thing is sure: the graphics on the stream showed .

1:44 – Huge pot for Seiver

Tony G puts out a €800 straddle on the button. So there’s four straddles on the table and two blinds.

Torelli has and calls the €800. To his left Seiver finds pocket kings and raises to €4,000.
Torelli calls and we see a flop.

A bad flop for Torelli. He check-raises a €3,300 cbet from Scott Seiver to €10,800.
Seiver re-raises to €22,200 with €40k behind and Torelli puts him allin.

Seiver is taking a while before folding his kings. As Torelli seemed so confident, it probably felt like the wrong spot for Seiver.

First wrong fold in a big pot for Scott Seiver

1:27 – Ace six again

Ace six again for Phil Laak. Again there’s the six on the turn, this time he takes down a smallish pot.

As the commentators on the live stream point out: maybe there was something wrong with the graphics in the hand below.
Could the six actually have been a nine? Or was it something completely different?

Phil Laak still the biggest winner so far

1:22 – That’s one way to double up

Phil Laak commits himself in a preflop re-raise against Moseley. There’s €60,000 in the pot.


Phil decides not to show his hand and this is how the board runs out:


Now here is where it gets interesting. Players at the table started betting on Laak’s hand before the river was dealt.

A: they were all wrong
B: they didn’t find out what Laak held

Laak mucks the winning hand and the pot goes to Moseley.

Is Laak really that tired? Any chance he did it on purpose?! If so, what could be his motive?

We’re still puzzled here and hope to find out what happened when Laak goes for a break.

1:11 – One more for Torelli

Moseley opens for €700 with sevens, Torelli comes along with eights. Seiver joins them holding and Tony G can’t fold his .

Moseley puts out an almost pot-sized cbet of €2,600. It’s Torelli to act next with his set.
Too many draws out there, Torelli ups it to €7,300 and takes it down.

Moseley was up something like €20,000. He’s still on the winning side … by €1,000.

1:05 – Moseley struggling

After being spot on in every decision when he joined the table, Andy Moseley lost a bit of his Mojo.

It seems that he can’t win against Scott Seiver, who now has won something like twothousand hands against Andy.

0:59 – 5-handed

Only five players at the table and we have some weird dynamics.
With the straddles out there it’s actually the button who acts first.

0:50 – Laak and Torelli again


With hands like these, of course there’s action. Torelli 3-bets after Laak’s open-raise but Laak doesn’t give it up. He puts out a 4-bet.

Torelli seems to think about going a step further but finally decides to let this one go.

0:40 – Chartier is out

That’s it for Chartier.
Looking for the double up, he got it allin with on a [7x][Kx][4x][9x] board.

Unfortunately for him, Seiver hit two pair with . They run it twice again, this time the better hand holds up both times.

Chartier has €700 left. He puts them into his pocket and calls it a night.

0:31 – Standings

0:29 – Another chop

Chartier tries to squeeze with
Torelli gets red kings and raises.

Chartier gets out of line and goes allin for €16,650. Torelli has an easy call, but as usual it’s a chop when they’re running it twice.

0:25 – Torelli and Laak

Torelli and Laak have played great during this Big Game VI. They’ve both shown the right instincts and are the two big stacks at the table.

If and when the two are involved in the same hand, it’s usually Torelli who gets the pot.

Laak is up €150,000, Torelli is working hard on closing the gap.

0:20 – Moseley’s back

Moseley is being dealt back in and four players call the Karmazinas opening bet of €600.

Seiver [5x][5x]

Moseley takes a stab at it and puts out €1,000. Only Laak calls.

Moseley fires again and the €3,500 bet takes it down.

0:12 – Back to 6-handed

Moseley stretched his legs and is back.

Meanwhile, the initial raises have become slightly smaller. With only one straddle there’s no need to pop it up too much.

0:08 – Short break

Moseley is on a break, but will be back sooner or later. For the moment they’re playing 5-handed.

0:05 – Leaderboard

This is the standings from half an hour ago.

11:59 – No double up for Bodo

Bodo is allin again, his is getting called by Laak’s . This time they play for an €11,000 pot.

Flop: … Bodo hits but Laak has more than enough outs.

Another diamond on the turn and Bodo gets felted. He decides to call it a night, as tomorrow he’s playing day 3 of the WPT Vienna Main Event.

11:54 – Allin for Bodo

Bodo Sbrzesny goes allin with [Ax][Tx] and €3,825 in the small blind after Wesley opened on the button. Weseley is almost committed, but saves his chips with [5x][6x].

11:52 – Give it to the Karmazinas

Scott Seiver is getting a lot more active, open-raising more frequently. Usually, Tony G on his left calls.

With Karmazinas goes for a squeeze but Tony G looks him up with .

Flop: and Tony G calls a €2,500 cbet into a €6,000 pot.

Turn: . Karmazinas fires again, this time for €6,700. Tony G is giving it some serious thought before folding his hand.

11:44 – And here’s Bodo

Has Bodo Sbrzesny played a hand yet? Well now he has. He sees a flop for free with some random cards but has to give it up against Scott Seiver.

11:32 – New chips for Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver loses his starting stack of €10k.

With he gets an ace on the flop and another one on the river.
Torelli is holding and with his flush on the turn he gets most of Seiver’s chips into the pot. The rest follows on the river and Seiver calls for chips and water.

After his $500.000 win in the Premier League he can afford the extra €10,000.

11:19 – Kings again

Big pairs like Tony G and he probably likes them.
From the €200 straddle he raises it up to €1,025 with queens and Karamazinas looks him up with .

on the flop and Karmazinas calls the €1,000 cbet.
Karmazinas bets only €400 on the turn and a weird €200 on a [9x] on the river (being in position).

At least Tony G doesn’t have to chop this pot.

11:12 – Kings again

Cartier 3-bets Laaks opening bet to €2,000 and Tony G just flat calls with black kings.

Chartier holds and gets a flushdraw on a flop. Check by Tony, €1,400 Chartier, raise to €5,300, raise to €16,300, allin and call.

Tony G doesn’t want to run it twice and we see on the turn.

But it’s Tony G. He changes his mind and two river cards are dealt.

Another chop for Tony G.

11:08 – Scott Seiver is in da house

Scott Seiver is taking the open seat at the table. Winning the PartyPoker Premier League two days ago he should be confident.

Surprisingly he only buys in for €10,000, but we might very well see him adding more cash soon

11:00 – Kings for Tony G

Torelli opens for €600 with . Moseley with , Karmazinas with fives and Laak with all call.

Top pair for Laak and Torelli.
Laak doesn’t lose time betting and puts in €1,350. Torelli is evaluate his options and decides to raise it up to €4,850. A round of folds an one more for Torelli.

It could be that Phil Laak doesn’t want to get involved against the other big stack at the table.

10:55 – Kings for Tony G

Every now and then even Tony G finds a hand that’s considered premium by anyone else than himself.

He re-raises to €1,600 after Laak opened to €600 with .

An ace on the flop and Tony G takes it with a small c-bet.

10:50 – Left wing, right wing

At the moment seat 1-4 aren’t playing a hand, while the other four are getting involved in almost every pot.

Andy Moseley hasn’t played a hand in a while, after getting money in on almost every hand earlier on.

With pocket tens he opens for €700 and gets called by Laak , while Chartier raises to €2,750 with . Moseley just calls.

Chartier cbets for €3,000 and Moseley calls.

Both players check.

Chartier checks again as does Moseley who tables the winning hand. So far we haven’t seen Moseley losing an important pot.

10:38 – The big stacks in a pot

Pocket eights for Laak and he opens to €600. Standard opening bet on this table. Even though the blinds are only €25/€50, with all the antes and straddles there’s lots of money in every pot.

Torelli pops it up to €2,000 with and hits second pair on a Jack high flop. Both check.

A king on the turn and Torelli’s bet takes down the pot with a €3,500 bet.

10:28 – Karmazinas misses a double up

Karmazinas puts all his stack in with a huge overbet holding top pair with no kicker on a flop.
Tony G hit the flop hard and likes to get it in with .

Karmazinas is holding and of course they run it twice:

1. – one for Karmazinas
2. – one for Tony G


10:18 – Laak’s betsizes

We’ve seen some big raises from Laak today. He likes to overbet pots and pop it up big preflop.

This time he makes it €3,000 with . Moseley calls with pocket jacks but doesn’t lose any more money after a king on the flop.

10:16 – Dominated split pot

Raise, re-raise, one more. Karmazinas gets it in bad with against Chartier’s [Ax][Kx].

They run it twice. Chartier flops the nut straight the first time, while Karmazinas hits a queen on the turn on number two.

10:11- Bodo Sbrzesny

Seat two has a new player. It’s Bodo Sbrzesny. If you followed any of the past Big Games, you’ll know him well. He’s been on the winning side every time he played, so we’re excited to see him here.

He will start as one of the shortstacks at the table.

10:05- Shortstack squeezing

Since the last break Chartier has been a lot more active. Or got better cards.

He opens for €600 with jacks, Tony G calls with , but Karmazinas squeezes with a €2,100 raise.
Having only €10,000 in his stack, this seems like a very strong reraise.

Chartier doesn’t care and pops it up again (Tony G finally finds a fold). It’s allin or fold for Karmazinas who lays down his suited connectors.

9:55 – Actionflop

Duhamel re-raises Torelli preflop and they both have around €2,000 invested.


The flop brings and Torelli calls the cbet. €8,000 in the pot.

on the turn. Torelli is setting the trap by just check-calling Duhamel’s bet once more.
It works. on the river and Duhamel bets once more. Torelli moves allin, Duhamel is committed and calls of the rest of his stack.

I’m not sure if it was the biggest pot so far, but it might be. €108,000 in the middle.
Duhamel is leaving the table and we have another seat open.

That’s it for Duhamel

9:44 – Moseley again

It seems like Moseley and Tony G have clashed in every single hand since the break. So far with the better end for Moseley. Tony G is playing him out of position and seems to be desperate some of Moseley’s chips.

Latest action: Moseley gets chips out of Tony. With top pair on the flop (against Tony’s bottom pair), with top two on the turn (against Tony’s bottom pair).

Moseley is up to €55,000 after starting with €30,000.

Strong start for Andy Moseley

9:38 – Moseley’s image at the table

Andy Moseley is known as an aggressive action player. Having three pocket pairs in the first four hands, he was very active right from the start.

It sure adds to his image.

9:35 – New player

More fresh blood. One of the two available seats is taken by Dominikas Karmazinas, who starts with €15,000.

9:31 – Money money money

Here’s who is on the winning side of this Big Game so far:

9:30 – First hand

Back from the break and we get right into action. After Chartier opening with and Tony G calling with threes, Moseley finds kings and pops it up to €2,500.
Both opponents call.


Moseley bets €4,300 and Tony G calls. on the turn, luckily for Chartier he’s out of the hand. Moseley puts in another €13,000 and Tony lets it go.

Nice first appearance for Andy Moseley at this table. He sat down with €30,000 and put his stack right up to €40,000.

9:23 – Back in action

We’re back, so is Alec Torelli.
He was playing the first session of this Big Game VI and is back after getting some rest.

Andy Moseley sat down at the table as well.

9:15 – Late again

If you’re following our coverage you should be used to it. Players are a little late, we expect to be back in a couple of minutes.

8:02 – Let’s get something to eat

Everyone’s tired and up for some refreshment. So dinner break it is!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner … you choose

7:55 – Sam Trickett joins Sexton

Only minutes after Sexton left, Sam Trickett is doing the same.
So Phil Laak is the last man standing from the initial lineup.

With other players taking short breaks we’re currently playing 4-handed.

7:50 – Mike Sexton leaving

Mike Sexton says goodbye and leaves an open seat. He’s probably preparing for a session in the commentary booth.

7:45 – Tarzan on stage

If you’re watching the live stream, you might have heard a strange howling in the background every now and then.

There’s a player in the WPT Main Event, who’s giving a tarzan act every pot he wins.
Players in the Big Game VI were actually in the middle of a hand, when Tony G convinces the guy to get on stage and give a private performance.

He sure did and we’re back to poker.

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