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Big Game live updates here.

Nobody can ever accuse me of not being interactive, I love to interact intimately and so perhaps becoming obsessed with my Twitter account is the start of a slippery slope. I haven’t been able to stop playing with it since I made a decision around ten days ago to really get into it.

Want to know about my love life and my sports bets? Then follow me on Twitter now. I don’t think I will be breaking any Charlie Sheen records – the only thing that we would have in common is that I too would have got sacked if the wild video from Bratislava I filmed was published…

Intimately interacting is the future – it shows you are qualified for the future. The media is definitely changing and though as a businessman I was an early adopter of social media I haven’t been on a personal level.

Why do I want you to know where I am and what and who I am doing, I thought? Then, I thought, why don’t I embrace it, why don’t I give it a big cuddle – why don’t I love it madly. I WANT TO SHARE EVERYTHING!

It is with this in mind that decided to stream all 48 hours of the Big Game V at Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, UK on its homepages from this Friday at 8pm GMT until Sunday at 8pm GMT.

Streaming isn’t new and is often as interesting as watching Phil Gordon and five Northern European online qualifiers you’ve never heard of play it out in a six seater. Nobody says a word, you cannot see the cards – this will be different.

You will see all the hole cards, hear the commentary and the players will be lively, and, if I have anything to with it, drunk as hell. It will be like a multiple pile up where I come out on top.

There will also be special interactive elements to keep the viewer involved. THE VIEWER WILL BE ABLE TO INFLUENCE WHO GETS EVICTED (don’t you dare, I am not a nit) via a vote on The public being able to vote on evictions through the stream on adds a whole new dimension to the definition of bike time. I will still call for the bike but it’s up to the public who rides it!

There will also be quizzes, competitions and bonuses and hugely interactive elements to keep things interesting. Not that it will not be interesting anyway, I believe the Devilfish and Luke Schwartz may start the game and I am planning to come in first man down.

I want to raise every hand, I want to crush them all. I have also invited a very special guest who is due to make an appearance on the Saturday – this guest is so special that I am not even going to talk about him before the event. Suffice to say we have history and he’s a walking dead man.

If that’s not enough Kara Scott and Lisa Marie Long will be presenting, lovely ladies. I cannot wait! I am the leader of the nit patrol and you my friends are going to do the dirty work. On your bike nits! Up, up and away! The Big Game V – Players List

Starting Line Up

Annette Obrestad
Jennifer Tilly
Sam Trickett
Bruno Fitoussi
Neil Channing
PP Qualifer

Other Players

Tony G
Luke Schwartz
Dusty Schmidt
Alec Torelli
Per Linde
Will Fry
JP Kelly
Martins Adeniya
Robert Williamson III
Roberto Romanello
Matt Perrins
Paul Zimbler
Andrew Feldman
Toby Lewis
James Mithchell
Richard Ashby
Keith Johnson
Roland De Wolfe
Andrew Pantling
John Eames
Ben Carpenter
James Dempsey
Ben Vinson

PartyPoker Players

  1. Ryan Smith
  2. André Pettersson
  3. Eelis Parssinen
  4. Marc Koehler
  5. Dinara Khaziyeva
  6. Linus Hjulstrom
  7. Cang Phan
  8. Quinn Savavge
  9. Fredrik Keitel The Big Game V – Walk in Music

  • Annette Obrestad – Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
  • Sam Trickett – It’s Tricky, Run DMC
  • Jennifer Tilly – Winner takes it all, Abba
  • Bruno Fitoussi – Fame, David Bowie
  • Neil Channing – Bitter Sweet Symphony, The Verve
  • Devilfish – Stuck in the middle, Stealer Wheel
  • Viffer – Damn it feels to be a gangster, Get Boys
  • Tony G – I want to ride my bicycle, Queen
  • Martins Adenyia –  Over, Drake
  • Toby Lewis –  Bang Bang Bang, Mark Ronson
  • Andrew Feldman –  Can I Kick it?, Tribe called quest
  • Per Linde – Lost, Coldplay
  • Roberto Romanello – Billionaire, Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars
  • JP Kelly –  Hello Good Morning, P Diddy
  • Alec Torelli –  It’s My Life, Bon Jovi
  • Matt Perrins –  Rock Superstar, Cypress Hill
  • James Mitchell –  The Boss, James Brown
  • Dusty Schmidt –  Frolic, LUCIANO MICHELINI
  • Paul Zimbler – Glamorous, Fergie

Big Game live updates here.


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