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German player HUSO___FU is now the proud owner of a Porsche 911 Black Edition thanks to The Big Draw promotion!

His brand new set of wheels is super rare – it’s one of only 1,911 Black Editions created by Porsche. The car comes with a whole heap of cool features too, like a numbered plaque on the glove box and a 341bhp, 3.6 litre engine that gets the Porsche to 62mph in a mind-shattering 4.9 seconds.

We caught up with HUSO___FU to hear all about how he won and what his plans are now he’s got the keys to a $77,000 car.

How did you start playing at PartyPoker?

I started playing at PartyPoker four years ago after reading about it at PokerStrategy.

What did you do when you found out you’d won a Porsche in The Big Draw?

I remember that day well – it was ten in the morning when I realised I’d won. I kept checking my account and restarting the software because I just couldn’t get my head around it.

Once I realised I’d definitely won I called my girlfriend and my mum to tell them all about it. After that I decided I wanted to celebrate so I met up with friends and we drank a lot of champagne.

What car do you drive at the moment and how long have you been driving?

I actually don’t drive a car, but I’ve had a driving license for nine years!

How do you think winning the Porsche will change your life?

The car is not going to change my life much, I haven’t become a different person and it hasn’t changed me! Obviously, sometimes I’ll be able to get from A to B quicker…

When your Porsche arrives what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

For starters I’ll go on a small road trip around Europe with my girlfriend. I also want to make sure we drive in Germany because there are no speed limits there!

Do you have any plans for any big tournaments soon?

Yes, in the future I will play live tournaments more often. I’ll probably play at the EPT but I haven’t really thought that much about it yet.


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