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James “HullJimi” Greenwood highlights the real benefits of the PartyPoker Bankroll Challenge, where he plans to turn his original $25 into a small fortune (maybe) while never risking more than 5% of the roll.

Some comments were made after the last post, which is nice because it shows people are reading this.

However, I came in for some criticism at the length of time this challenge is taking to get going. To be honest, it’s a fair point. I’m hardly going to be a millionaire at this rate, am I?

Yet, that’s missing the point by some distance. I’m playing well below my usual level, and so I had to adapt my game for the micro-micro stakes. I was thinking too much and it wasnt required – just play your big hands, play them hard and watch the money roll in.

Once I got my head round that, roll in it did – over the last few weeks my roll has gone up significantly.

This was an exercise in changing playing styles, discipline and patience and so far I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the game.

I am capable of grinding – previously I didn’t think I was.
I am capable of playing cash games and winning – previously I didn’t think I was!

Having previously been a SNG player, the step into cash games was a change for me, and I’ve finally gotten my head around the cash games at this level.

At face value, I’ve taken $25 and turned it into just short of $200. Once I’m over that $200 hump, I can move up the levels to NL10 and I can start learning about that level of play all over again.

The next week is the big one – I aim to crack $200 and start on the NL10. I don’t know if I’ll find that a different game to play than NL5 or not, but I’m excited to be in a position where I can find out – and it’s cost me nothing!

I’m enjoying myself, learning about the game of poker and making money – what’s not to be pleased about?! Oh, and keep the comments coming!

Last Week: $157.53
Current Bankroll: $187.92



  1. Good luck breaking $200.

    Personally speaking, I found the move from the 0.02/0.04 tables to the 0.05/0.10 to be more psycological than anything else – the players on the higher tables don’t seem to be any better or any worse than those on the lower ones. However, when I started playing at the new level, I was less aggressive and showing too much weakness until I got used to the new stakes. Sounds silly I know, especially since the small amount of money I was playing for was so insignificant, but the move up certainly had an adverse effect to start with.

    Enjoying the blog – keep it up.


  2. I have a similar experiment going on. I started with $10 last September. I busted out and started over twice – once in October and once in December. I’ve now gone 3 months without going bust; up to $50 and down again to under $10. I’d like to follow your blog. I blog about my experience about twice a week.

    NBCT99 @ Pokerstars

  3. Ozzie Yildiz on

    Great effort so far but the battle has just began.

    Discipline and bankroll management are the keys. I just hope you avoid tempatation and stick it through.

    Best of luck