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By Simon Young

PartyPoker player danne76 was looking forward to a nice double up on his .10c/.25c cash table after flopping a straight flush. His joy turned to despair, however, when FrankHRO1972 amazingly made a bigger straight flush on the turn.

Just as frustrated danne76, who started the hand with $8.87, was thinking about reloading, something quite remarkable happened: The group of six had been playing on a PartyPoker jackpot cash table, and straight flush over straight flush scooped the Bad Beat Jackpot.

His bad beat, which started with just a 25 cent bet, won him an incredible $168,408.24! FrankHRO1972 got $84,204.12 for winning the bad beat hand (a little more than the $16.69 pot!), and everyone else at the table who got out of the way – cbeetje, rubinlars, checkjack77, and Diebmann, pocketed $21,051.03 just for being there.

Here’s what happened. danne76 limped in for 25 cents with 6-8 spades, then called when FrankHRO1972 raised it to 50 cents with his J-Q spades. Everyone else folded to see the 9-7-10 all spades flop, givining danne76 the nuts with his straight flush. He cheekily checked and was somewhat chuffed when Frank bet out $4.25 – insta-call. When the turn came K of spades, making FrankHRO1972 the higher straight flush, they both checked thinking they were trapping each other.

Finally danne76 moved all in for his last $4.12 on the meaningless 5 of clubs river, naturally called by FrankHRO1972. That’s when everything went bananas and the huge jackpot kicked in.

If you want to turn a beat into a jackpot just like danne76, then join our jackpot tables. You can find out more about our Bad Beat Jackpot here.

Good luck!


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