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Bad Beat Jackpot was hit on a $2/$4 NLH table last week! Hardbiglong won as his 4 of a kind got beat by rol007’s Royal Flush.

Loser in the hand won $479,101, rol007 got $239,550 and other 7 players got $34,221 each!

Hardbiglong is from Germany and we got in touch to ask him some questions:

Have you lost with four 10’s before?

No, I haven’t.

How did it feel at the time – did you know you had won?

After the river I realized my opponent might have a better hand. I went all-in, he called right away and then everything happened really fast. The message appeared on the screen, I opened my account and had almost $500 000. Indescribable!

Is this the worst bad beat you have had?


Do you think you can take a bad beat or do you blow up?

I can take one or two bead beats a day. Then I blow up.

Is it your biggest win – if not what is?

This is definitely my biggest win.

What do you say to hearing that you have just won the record Bad Beat Jackpot!?

I was shocked at first. Then started jumping around. I was extremely happy.

What are your online/live poker plans for coming months?

I don’t have plans to change my poker practice especially.

What are you going to do with the money!

I will buy iPad2, leather couch, whiskey and lot of other things, that people don’t necessarily need.

Do you normally choose to play on BBJ tables – if so why?

I love playing at the jackpot tables, because it is a little like playing the lottery. If you play at higher stakes, the expected value is higher. I will continue playing on these tables from now on.


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