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By Stefano Dicembre 

Fed up of having nothing to show after a bad beat except a tragic hard luck tale? Then get yourself on’s Bad Beat Jackpot cash tables where you could be in big money next time things go really wrong.

On our special Bad Beat tables, if you lose with a hand of four-of-a-kind eights or better you’ll take the biggest slice of the Bad Beat Jackpot which currently stands at more than $511,000 – and is increasing all the time until someone wins.

Getting a payout from that massive amount will sweeten any bad beat so get involved now. Remember, the Bad Beat Jackpot is only on offer on specially designated cash game tables that you’ll easily find in the poker lobby.

For more details read the Bad Beat Jackpot page now and then get playing on the tables.

Good, and bad, luck!


Our new Tables of the Week feature is proving popular with players. We’re giving away $10,000 in extra cash prizes every week; all you have to do to play for your share is join the action on selected cash game tables.

For every raked hand you play on our selected tables of the week, you’ll win one entry into our weekly cash prize draw. If your number comes up, you’ll scoop a brilliant cash prize. You could win $500 just for playing on your favorite tables!

We have $5,000 to be won on each table level every week, and you can find them highlighted in the Lobby. Latest winners are:

$500 – Waudmuak and PeterPan969
$400 – Lansky667 and JerryLee0606
$300 – AsaCred and Ruysdael1
$250 – AlexanderPA and Mitalle
$200 – M_broker_23 and Schnukas

Read more on the Tables of the Week page.


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