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Tyumen State Architectural University  graduate Azamat Galeev has won the $100K GTD $500+50 partypoker WPT National 500 Kazakhstan Poker Championships at the Cash Ville Casino & Poker Club, Kazakhstan.

Q: Azamat! We congratulate you on winning the partypoker WPT National Kazakhstan Poker Championship!

Thank You. This is my first serious live tournament on something as prestigious as the WPT so I am very happy. I really am generally an online player and not experienced in the live environment. I have been playing poker around four years.

Q: Tell us about your progress in the tournament  

My opponents were very strong, including one pro I had very much heard of and heard about.  I feel there is value in live tournaments and going forward they will become much more important and interesting for me personally.

Q: Will you celebrate?

We will see but I think so are seeing! I came with three friends just to try a big live poker tournament. We come by bus from Tyumen in Siberia to Borovogo which was 1500 rubles, the bus took 13 hours! Once the bus dropped us off we then paid $100 for a taxi to the hotel – the effort was worth it!

Q: So your money was not wasted?

(Laughs) It certainly was not in vain! I was ready to spend thousands here – two or three thousand dollars in fact. I wanted to just feel the atmosphere of a big tournament. I also really wanted to take pictures with the celebrities!

Q: Now it is you being photographed!

Yes! All the photos are of me today celebrating! Why do they want pictures of me and not the beautiful girls though? Whatever happens I will now go to live tournaments, it has been a revelation. This tournament has given me faith in myself and I now want to play more!

Q: Are you going to come and join us in Cyprus on July 26th for the WPT National?

Yes, I booked today and am looking forward to it!

Q: Azamat, congratulations on your victory! Let it be a bright start to your career as a big live player!

Thank you very much!

 About The Event

The partypoker WPT National Kazakhstan had $500,000 guaranteed across a 20 event festival at the Cash Ville Casino & Poker Club, and took place at the poker hotspot outside the Kazakh capital of Astana between May 22 – June 1. This brand new event was the first ever WPT event in Central Asia. The Cash Ville Casino & Poker Club also had frequent and renowned cash games at a variety of levels. Online qualifiers for the partypoker WPT National 500 Kazakhstan Poker Championships are now ran on partypoker where players were given the chance to play world class poker in Central Asia by winning a $1,000 prize package. Each $1,000 package included the WPT National 500 Kazakhstan Poker Championships buy-in and $450 spending money.

 About The Venue

Cash Ville Casino & Poker Club is located near Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The largest and most luxurious casino in Central Asia is also home to the five star Rixos Borovoe Hotel. Rixos Borovoe overlooks the beautiful lake of Shuchie and is surrounded by pine and birch woods of the National Park.Cash Ville Casino & Poker Club is the only casino in Northern Kazakhstan and can be reached via Astana airport with easy connections from most major cities including Moscow, Vienna and Kiev.


1 . Azamat Galeev (Russia) – $ 24,125

2 . Uais Ulan (Kazakhstan) – $ 16,908

3 . Artem Matveev (Russia) – $ 10,874

4 . Anatoliy Blednyh (Russia) – $ 8051

5 . Pavel Zuev (Russia) – $ 6043

6 . Aleksey Arakelov (Russia) – $ 4830

7 . Ayman El-said (Russia) – $ 4016

8 . Nesip Zhunusbaev (Kazakhstan) – $ 3220

9 . Erken Shanimov (Kazakhstan) – $ 2406

10 .Asan Umarov (Kazakhstan) – $ 1755

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