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Have you ever dreamed of entering a prestigious online poker tournament where you fight it out with your fellow PartyPoker players for the lion’s share of a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool? What is stopping you fulfilling those dreams? The $109 buy-in is the answer most people give.

Although $109 represents great value for our Sunday Party tournament, we are aware that $109 is outside the bankroll constraints some of our players have, and we are advocates of following proper bankroll management. Others prefer to increase their Return On Investment (ROI) or lower their average buy-in by winning their way into higher buy-in events. This is why the Sunday Party has an extensive satellite tree that opens the door to greatness from as little as $0.01. That’s right, you could be playing for a share of a guaranteed $100,000 from only one cent!

Sunday Party Satellites Start With $0.01 Centrolls

Head to the “Tourneys” section of the PartyPoker client, and type “Party” into the search box to bring up every Sunday Party-related satellite. Sort the lobby by buy-in, and you’ll see dozens of The Sunday Party Centroll satellites running throughout the day.

The $0.01 centrolls each guarantee at least 10x $1.10 Phase 1 tickets. Navigate your way through a $1.10 Sunday party Sat Phase 1, and you’ll take your stack with you to a $5.50 Phase 2.

Bring your A-game to the table in these $5.50 Phase 2s because this is the penultimate stage of the qualification process. Make it through a Phase 2 and you will find yourself in the next available Phase Final. These final runs at 17:05 GMT each Sunday, and have 50x $109 seats guaranteed. It is not possible to buy into the final directly; you must win your way in from a $5.50 Phase 2.

You can buy into any phase you wish, from $0.01 to $5.50, but $5.50 is the most you will spend in one buy-in to play in the $109 Sunday Party!

We also have Sunday Party Mega Sats running as the $100,000 guaranteed event approaches. They cost $16.50 to enter, and have up to 50 seats guaranteed! You can win your way into these $16.50 buy-in affairs via a $3.30 feeder, which, in turn, can be won into via $0.55 sub-feeders.

What to Expect From the Sunday Party

The Sunday Party is our flagship weekly event. It costs $109 to enter, unless you manage to win your way into it for only $0.01, and the first cards are in the air from 19:05 GMT. Regardless of how you get your seat in the Sunday Party, you’ll receive 100,000 chips, and play to 12-minute blinds for the first 20 levels before the clock extends to 15-minutes thereafter.

Late registration remains open until the end of Level 12, and it is possible to re-enter up to three times before the late registration period ends; winning multiple seats during the week is worthwhile!

The Sunday Party is a progressive knockout (PKO) tournament. Your $109 buy-in is made up of $9 in tournament fees, with $50 going into the main prize pool, and the other $50 making up the progressive bounties. We award the main prize pool as you would expect from a traditional, vanilla tournament, but the bounties add a new element to the game.

Everyone starts with a $50 bounty on their head. Eliminate an opponent to claim their bounty. Half of the bounty immediately lands in your PartyPoker account as cash, with the remaining 50% increase the bounty on your head, making you a more attractive proposition for your opponents. Of course, this happens when you play poker online with all the other entrants, leading to some juicy bounties on offer, particularly towards the latter stages of the Sunday Party!

Sunday Party Blind Structure Up to Level 12

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
1 500 1,000 100
2 500 1,000 125
3 550 1,100 135
4 600 1,200 150
5 700 1,400 175
6 800 1,600 200
7 900 1,800 225
8 1,000 2,000 250
9 1,250 2,500 315
10 1,500 3,000 375
11 1,750 3,500 450
12 2,000 4,000 500

A Typical Sunday Party Final Table Payout

The Sunday Party that ran on October 22, 2023, saw 959 players buy-in for $109, leaving a shortfall on the $100,000 guarantee. However, the fact there was a guaranteed amount meant PartyPoker added $4,100 to the prize pool, ensuring $100,000 was awarded.

The top 159 finishers won a share of the main prize pool.

Day 1 ended when only 16 players had chips in front of them, and those 16 stars returned to the action at 20:05 on October 23 to conclude the tournament. As you can see from the payout table below, the progressive bounties have a significant influence on the total prize money each finalist took home.

For example, “McManaman” finished in fifth place for $1,836 but also collected $1,262 from the bounty prize pool, taking their total haul to $3,098! Then there was the eventual champion, “Niall,” whose first-place finish came with $6,228 plus an additional $6,663 worth of bounties! It pays to bust foes in the Sunday Party.

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Niall $6,663 $6,228 $12,891
2 HomerLimpson $1,714 $6,218 $7,932
3 GuyYaps1990 $362 $4,126 $4,488
4 Fredricomc 1 $695 $2,682 $3,377
5 McManaman $1,262 $1,836 $3,098
6 Sulllivan $673 $1,419 $2,092
7 GimmeAShot $618 $1,049 $1,667
8 King Crab $337 $837 $1,174
9 Bluffelito $278 $667 $945

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