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$4,000 in cash. That is what you could be having placed into your partypoker account on January 1, 2016 if hit the top level of the exciting Gladiator promotion.

The Gladiator runs throughout December and those who take it on are rewarded handsomely. Prizes include entries to freerolls that have prize pools ranging from $250 up to $3,500, plus there are cash prizes starting at $5 and increasing to a massive $4,000.

Getting involved in the Gladiator promotion is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Opt-in to the promotion via the desktop client
  • Earn points on multiple days playing any form of real money poker
  • Days run from 00:00-23:59 ET, 05:00-04:59 GMT and 06:00-05:59 CET depending on which time zone you’re using in the client
  • Check your account on January 1, 2016, and collect your prize

The minimum daily points total is a solitary point. Earn one point on five separate days during December and you’ll be able to play in a $250 freeroll. Increase your daily points haul to 10 on 15 different days and the freeroll you get to play has a chunky $3,500 prize pool!

Cash prizes start being awarded the more you play. For example, earn 20 points on five days and you’ll receive $5. The more you play, the more you win, right up to a huge $4,000 addition to your bankroll if you manage to earn 1,200 points for 30-days in December.

Gladiator prizes

What’s more, the points you earn during the promotion can be spent in the loyalty store for tournament tickets or cash, with anyone hitting the maximum being able to convert their points for an additional $4,000!

Unless you’re aiming for the prizes in the 30-days column, there’s no need to earn your points on consecutive days. Instead, you can play for say earn 10 points over 10 days, take a few days away from the tables then return and earn 10 points on another 10 days. Doing this would net you a $10 cash prize for earning 10 points on 20 days.

Gladiator Freeroll Dates

Those of you who win freeroll entries need to keep 18:00 CET (12:00 ET) on January 3, 2016 free because this is when they all take place. Please note that you can only win one prize, so if you earn one point over 15 days you will gain access to the $750 freeroll and not all of the freerolls for lesser totals.

Are you ready to get your grind on and end 2015 in spectacular fashion? Good luck!

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