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After 2 levels of play there are only 126 players left. Play should slow down considerably as we approach the money. With 99th place paying $16,000 and many of these players having qualified for small amounts, making the money becomes important.

I was walking around looking for chipleaders when I found Devon Miller, who looked to have over $140,000 and the chip lead. As I walked by he got involved in a hand that was raised preflop and three bet on the turn. His QQ lost to AA and he now has about $100,000.
Lonnie Stout, from Riverside, CA was involved in a dune buggy accident that left him a quadriplegic. He recently explained to the camera crew onboard that playing poker online has contributed to helping him regain some of his motor skills. Lonnie seems like a nice guy with an interesting story who won his way onto the cruise in a $30 Qualifier, and at the break sits with over $100,000.

Lonnie Stout

Michael Husa – $12,000
Mark Simon – $110,000
Mike Schneider – $65,000
Richard Predham – $80,000
Steven Pares – Out

Some of the better known players and their status:
Henrik Witt – $100,000
Ali Eslami – Out
Victor Ramdin – $113,000
Ralph Rudd – $35,000
Michael Gracz – Out
Kenna James – $35,000
Steve Zolotow – Out
Nicholas Bouyea – $10,000
Chris Hinchcliffe – $65,000
Don Barton – $12,000
Karina Jett – $15,000
Tom Sexton – Out
John Strzemp – Out


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