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Another Sunday has been and gone and once again, a partypoker player will wake on Monday with their account balance at an all-time high. The winner of this week’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday and the recipient of a cool $40,040.05 was Hope_U_DIE_69.

The $215 buy-in $200K Guaranteed Sunday saw 1,169 players flock to the partypoker virtual felt and create a massive prize pool of almost a quarter of a million dollars. The top 160 finishers earned a slice of the $233,800 this week, with the likes of Paul “senterpied99” Senter (148th for $490.98), Dean “railthe23price” Price (122nd for $490.98), Matt “FiveSecRule” Kay (73rd for $584.50), Rick “tHeClaImEr1” Trigg (56th for $631.26), and James “skolsuper” Keys (47th for $701.40) each showing a profit this weekend.

By the time the 10-handed final table was set, at 04:07 a.m BST, the minimum prize any of the player could walk away with was $2,014.20.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 mhm_bauchschuss 823,638
2 okearney 1,057,578
3 CNTHARIV 555,017
4 VWorrac 490,472
5 crazycottage 360,015
6 LaurenceGourdin 320,973
7 metotti 499,952
8 Slaskarvilt 359,144
9 Hope_U_DIE_69 669,900
10 Leanod 695,311

Two hands into the final table action and it looked as if it Hope_U_DIE_69 would pick up 10th place money. The action passed around to metotti in the hijack and he min-raised to 30,000. The cutoff folded, but Hope_U_DIE69 three-bet to 58,999 from the button. The small blind got out of the way, putting the action onto mhm_bauchschuss in the big blind. Mhm_bauchschuss cold four-bet to 130,500, metotti folded, Hope_U_DIE_69 five-bet all-in for 658,900 and was instantly called by mhm_bauchschuss.


Hope_U_DIE_69 was in terrible shape against the higher pair of his opponent and only had around 19% equity in the hand. His situation drastically improved as the flop came down to improve him to set of nines and leave mhm_bauchschuss drawing to the two remaining queen in the deck. The ladies failed to make an appearance as the turn and river were the and respectively, doubling Hope_U_DIE_69 to 1,370,300 and leaving mhm_bauchschuss with 163,238 chips, or a little under 11 big blinds.

Man Down!

mhm_bauchschuss then started to mount a comeback; first he doubled through Leanod and then eliminated Slaskarvilt. The latter saw Slaskarvilt open-shove for 12 big blinds from the cutoff with and mhm_bauchschuss call from the big blind with . A final board reading improved Slaskarvilt to a pair of queens, but the queen of diamonds completed mhm_bauchschuss’ flush and the final table lost it’s first player.

Two orbits of the table went by without any players busting, then two players exited in back-to-back hands. The first of these eliminations saw metotti finish in ninth place when he lost a coinflip to Leanod. Metotti opened twice the big blind to 40,000 from the cutoff, Hope_U_DIE_69 flat-called on the button, only to see Leanod squeeze to 130,000. Metotti wasted little time in moving all in for 500,452 and when Hope_U_DIE_69 folded, Leanod called and showed . Metotti flipped over and the race was on. It was a race that was over almost as quickly as it has begun because the flop gifted Leanod a set and left metotti needing running hearts to stay in the tournament. The on the turn locked up the hand for Leanod, leaving the inconsequential to complete the board.

The very next hand, CNTHARIV moved all in for 96,116 (less than 5 big blinds) from under-the-gun and was called by the next two players to act, VWCorrac and crazycottage. The two active players checked down the board, crazycottage forcing a fold from VWCorrac when he bet 100,000 on the river. CNTHARIV showed and busted when crazycottage tabled the for an ace-high flush.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Irishman Dara “okearney” O’Kearney lost more than half of his stack in a cool of a hand against mhm_bauchschuss. The latter opened on the button, called okearney’s three-bet and then called bets on the flop, the turn and then called an all-in on the river. Okearney held , but mhm_bauchschuss held the far superior and won the hand.

Less than five hands later and okearney doubled his stack when he called LaurenceGourdin’s three-bet all in with and the “bullets” held against despite the board running out a scary-looking .

Forty-seven hands played out before the tournament lost another player, that dubious honour going to VWCorrac who open-shoved for 451,712 from the cutoff only to see Hope_U_DIE_69 isolate from the small blind with what turned out to be a dominated . Both players paired their king on the flop, although VWCorrac’s hand remained best by the virtue of his ace-kicker. The turn catapulted Hope_U_DIE_69 into the lead, where he stayed as the landed on the river, sweeping away VWCorrac as it did so.

okearney Busts to His Nemesis

Another 50 hands took place, including okearney losing with queens against mhm_bauchschuss’ kings, before the number of entrant was reduced by one. With blinds at 20,000/40,000/4,000a, okearney moved all-in for 500,198 with from under-the-gun and was looked up by mhm_bauchschuss in the big blind who held . Neither player improved on the [, mhm_bauchschuss’ ace-high was good and okearney exited in fifth place after running terribly in several key spots at the final table.

Four became three when mhm_bauchschuss’ luck finally ran out in a hand involving crazycottage. Hope_U_DIE_69 min-raised to 50,000, mhm_bauchschuss moved all-in for 756,567 and crazycottage re-shoved. Hope_U_DIE_69, who had been on a real tear and built his stack to almost 3.5 million, folded and saw mhm_bauchschuss’ get crushed by the of crazycottage when the five community cards fell .

Hope_U_DIE_69 then sent Leanod to the rail when his came from behind to beat the , which set up a one-on-one battle with crazycottage for the title. Although Hope_U_DIE_69 held a 4,467,233 to 1,377,767 chip lead over crazycottage, the time was now an unholy 5:54 am BST and both players were feeling the effects of playing poker at a high level for close to 12 hours straight.

Two hands into the heads-up encounter, Hope_U_DIE_69 typed into the chat box: “20k to play a shallow sng is too much for my blood.” Immediately after, the players paused the tournament and discussed a deal. Nearly 10 minutes later and that deal was finalised and the tournament concluded.

$200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize
1st Hope_U_DIE_69 $40,040.05*
2nd crazycottage $29,749.26*
3rd Leanod $15,313.90
4th mhm_bauchschuss $12,975.90
5th okearney $10,637.90
6th VWCorrac $8,299.90
7th LaurenceGourdin $5,961.90
8th CNTHARIV $3,857.70
9th metotti $2,688.70
10th Slaskarvilt $2,104.20

*denotes deal made when heads-up

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