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Russia’s Andrey Kotelnikov started the final table of the $3,200 WPT Mix-Max Championship in fifth place but overcame that adversity to become the latest winner of a WPT World Online Championships event.

Kotelnikov performed superbly throughout and was well deserving of his massive $488,508 first-place prize. Here’s how the Russia star got the job done on August 25.

WPT #06 Mix-Max Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Andrey Kotelnikov Russia $488,508
2 Stuart Guite United Kingdom $366,604
3 Joakim Andersson Sweden $271,903
4 Oleg Vasylchenko Ukraine $190,500
5 Maciej Gasior United Kingdom $124,500
6 Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria $89,016
7 Jerry Wong Canada $69,300

It took the best part of 90-minutes before one of the seven finalists lost their stack. Jerry Wong was one of the early favourites for victory but he ultimately had to settle for seventh-place and $69,300.

Wong busted during the 200,000/400,000/50,000 level. Maciej Gasior min-raised to 800,000 with from middle position and Wong responded with a three-bet to 4,800,000 from the next seat along with . British pro Stuart Guite woke up on the button with . Guite four-bet all-in for 10,600,000 and everyone folded except Wong who called off his remaining 3,200,000. A final board reading sent Wong to the sidelines.

Unlucky Danchev Busts in Sixth-Place

Bulgarian superstar Dimitar Danchev was the next casualty of the final table. He lost the majority of his stack when he open-shoved for 14 big blinds effective first in from the small blind. Danchev made this move with and will consider himself unlucky to have run slap, bang into the of Joakim Andersson. Those aces held and Danchev was left nursing a 3.8 big blind stack.

The remainder of Danchev’s chips went into the middle of the table a few hands later against start-of-the-day chip leader Oleg Vasylchenko. Danchev held against his Ukrainian opponent’s . He flopped a queen to take the lead, but Vasylchenko spiked an ace on the turn and a four on the river to bust Danchev in sixth-place.

Fifth-place and the first six-figure prize of the evening went to Maciej Gasior. The hand started with a min-raise to 1,000,000 from Kotelnikov on the button with and Gasior three-bet all-in for 8,400,000 from the big blind with . Kotelnikov called and sent Gasior to the rail when the five community cards fell .

The final four became three when Kotelnikov sent Vasylchenko home. Vasylchenko pushed all-in for 11,400,000 at the 300,000/600,000/75,000a level from the small blind with . Kotelnikov quickly called from the big blind with to put his opponent at risk of elimination. That risk was realised when the board ran .

Kotelnikov’s run good continued as he sent Andersson to the cashier to collect third-place money immediately after Vasylchenko busted. The action folded to Kotelnikov in the small blind and he raised all-in with to put Andersson to the test for his last 16 big blinds. Andersson called with and watched on as the Russian flopped a queen and turned another to leave the Swede drawing dead.

This sent the tournament into the heads-up stage where Kotelnikov held a substantial 69,200,000 to the 29,000,000 chips of Guite. Guite not only got himself back into the tournament but soared into a large lead himself before Kotelnikov doubled up with against Guite’s .

Arguably the bluff of the week saw the ball placed firmly in Kotelnikov’s court. The hand started with a min-raise to 1,400,000 from the Russia with and a three-bet to 5,600,000 from Guite with . Kotelnikov called and the flop came down . Guite continued with a 3,400,000 bet and was called. The turn brought the into play and Guite greeted it with a 9,100,000 bet, which was called once again. Guite checked the arrival of the on the river only to see Kotelnikov jam all-in for 24,300,000 into the 36,400,000 pot. Guite eventually found a fold and Kotelnikov stoke the chip lead.

It was all over soon after with Kotelnikov making the most of his momentum in the one-on-one battle.

The final hand took place at the 350,000/700,000/87,500a level and saw Guite open to 1,400,000 with and Kotelnikov call with . Guite flopped two pair on the board but Kotelnikov held an open-ended straight draw. He check-called a 2,100,000 bet with that draw. The turn was the , completing Kotelnikov’s draw and the chips were destined to go into the middle of the table. Guite bet 5,400,000 when Kotelnikov checked to him, but Kotelnikov check-raised to 11,200,000. Guite only called, which brought the onto the river. Kotelnikov pushed all-in on the river and Guite had a decision to make for his last 36 big blinds. That decision was a call with his two pair, a costly call because it busted him in second-place.

Guite collected a career-best $366,604 for his runner-up finish, leaving Kotelnikov to become a WPT champion, an accolade that came with a monster-sized $488,508 cash reward plus a $15,000 seat to the next WPT Tournament of Champions.

Micro and Mini Main Event Championships Kick Off This Weekend

A fantastic result for Kotelnikov who goes into this weekend’s Micro Main Event Championships full of confidence and with a significantly larger bankroll than he would have done a couple of days ago.

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