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Slovakia’s Andrej Desset won the partypoker Grand Prix Austria Main Event after he topped a field of 2,594 entrants to get his hands on the winner’s trophy and €92,530.

Official Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Andrej Desset €92,530*
2 Dan Semenescu €67,470*
3 Alessandro Valli €40,000
4 Timea Kövesi €25,000
5 Sebastian Pauli €14,500
6 Florin Ghimpu €10,000
7 Christian Eisenstein €7,500
8 Dan Claitman €6,000
9 Andreas Schreiner €5,000

*reflects a heads-up deal

A total of 345 places were paid during the €500,000 guaranteed partypoker Grand Prix Austria event, with a min-cash being worth €400, which meant everyone who reached Day 2 — all 339 players — were in the money.

partypoker ambassador Jan-Peter Jachtmann was one our two pros to reach the money places, his flush draw failing to get there against his opponent’s flopped two pair, then Natalia Breviglieri managed to navigate her way to Day 3 where 65 players remained.

Natalia Breviglieri at the Grand Prix Austria event

Natalia Breviglieri’s run ended with a 34th place finish worth €1,800.

Breviglieri’s amazing run ended with a 34th place finish worth €1,800. The partypoker’s pro’s king-jack couldn’t come from behind to crack her opponent’s pocket kings and it was game over.

Day 3 ended with 12 players in the hunt for the title, including two Golden Chip winners. Whoever lasted the longest of this duo would win €20,000 cash.

The Golden Chip winner was decided when Richard Pfeffer bust at the hands of Sebastian Pauli at the start of the final day’s play, locking up €20,000 for Vojtech Skalak, who then fell in 11th place.

Shortly after Skalak’s demise, Martin Hodan fell by the wayside in 10th place to set the nine-handed final table.

Final Table Seat Draw

Seat PLayer Chips
1 Florin Ghimpu 5,835,000
2 Dan Samenescu 4,810,000
3 Christian Eisenstein 9,890,000
4 Timea Kovesi 15,460,000
5 Dan Claitman 5,030,000
6 Andrej Desset 15,300,000
7 Alessandro Valli 9,785,000
8 Sebastia Pauli 8,150,000
9 Andreas Schreiner 3,330,000

Andreas Schreiner bust in ninth place when his pocket tens lost a coinflip to the ace-queen of Sebastian Pauli. Schreiner’s exit meant the official final table had been reached.

Eighth-place went to Dan Claitman after a clash with his fellow countryman Dan Semenescu. The latter moved all-in for 4.5 million with ace-queen and Claitman called off his stack from the small blind with the dominated ace-jack. The five community cards failed to come to Claitman’s rescue and the field was whittled to seven players.

Two eliminations in quick succession reduced the field to five. First, Alessandro Valli raised, Semenescu called and Christian Eisenstein moved all-in with king-queen of hearts. Valli ducked out of the way, but Semensecu called with a pair of tens. Those tens held and Eisenstein bust.

A couple of hands later, Florin Ghimpu made an all-in bet with queen-nine in an attempt to steal the blinds and antes but instead found a caller in the shape of the last woman standing Timea Kovesi who held a pair of jacks. A ten-high flop was of no help to Ghimpu and he was eliminated.

Grand Prix Austria

Sebastian Pauli bust in fifth place for €14,500.

The five players became four when the dangerous Pauli, a former European Poker Tour champion, committed his stack with ace-ten and was called by Semenescu and his ace-king. Pauli couldn’t find a ten and the field became less shark-infested.

Fourth-place went to Kovesi who lost to Desset when Desset paired the ten of his ace-ten on the river.

With only three players remaining, the clock was paused to discuss a deal for the remainder of the prize pool but those discussions failed to bear fruit so play continued.

Valli, an online poker specialist, then fell in third place and deal discussions between Desset and Semenescu resumed. This time those discussions were successful and saw Desset lock up €77,530, Semenescu €67,470, leaving €15,000 and the trophy to play for.

It was Semenescu who would receive no further prize money as he was sent to the rail in second place. Semenscu moved all-in for 14 million (seven big blinds) with and Desset called with . By the river the board read to bust Semenescu and leave Desset to be crowned partypoker Grand Prix Austria champion.

Next up on the partypoker LIVE tour is a trip to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham where there are more than £8 million in guarantees to be won, including the £6 million guaranteed partypoker MILLIONS where the champion will become a millionaire!

For more details about the partypoker LIVE tour, head to the official web page where you will find all the upcoming stops and how to qualify for them.


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