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Yesterday you may recall Mike Sexton clearly let us know his thoughts On Super High Roller Events, Re-buys, & All-time Money Winners in which he mentioned that:

“here’s a news flash – the all-time money winner list has always been bogus.  That’s because they don’t deduct entry fees, re-buys, or acknowledge what percentage a player has of themselves (which there is no way to track).” 

Bogus is a strong word of course and so we thought it only fair to reach out to Alexandre Dreyfus Director of Global Poker Index and The Hendon Mob to hear his thoughts on the whole debate.

My take on the matter by Alexandre Dreyfus

“I really enjoyed reading Mike Sexton’s recent blog post Super High Roller events and how they affect the All-Time Money list. The Hendon Mob (that I own) does keep track of All-Time player earnings, it’s meant to be more for statistical and entertainment purposes. As Mike indicated, those earnings do not include buy-ins, re-buys or how much a player has sold of him/herself in order to enter the event.

That is the reason that I believe that All-Time money lists cannot determine but that I do see ranking systems that are performance-based, like the Global Poker Index as the future in poker in order to determine just who is the world’s best on the live tournament circuit.

The GPI doesn’t take into account the amount of money a player earns in any event, instead focusing on buy-in amounts, total entries and where a player finishes in an event in order to determine just who the best players in the world are. We also have set guidelines to prevent those select few who can afford to play the most expensive tournaments in the world from earning an unfair advantage on the competition … there must be a minimum of 21 participants in order for an event to be eligible for points plus our buy-in factor is capped at $20,000, meaning that players who cash in events with a 50K, 100K or 250K buy-in will only get credit for having collected points in a 20K buy-in event.

I see tournament poker as more of a sport, or at least a skill game/competition, and believe that the Global Poker Index and its scoring system places poker closer to the sports/competition world than looking at All-Time leader boards ever will.”

Now It’s Your Turn

So it the all-time money winner list “bogus”? or should it really only be viewed “more for statistical and entertainment purposes”? You decide and let us know below.


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  1. confidencrusher on

    k is there not some credibility in the fact that one is on the all time money list , i mean if your on the all time money list , you know a thing or two about being on top in this sport , although mike sexton is exactly right in my oppinion and beleive there needs to be a points system / tourney position @ completion , certainly this type of system would clearly show the number one players in the world . no ?