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A bust day in Dublin saw several poker players become 2022 Irish Open champions. The highlight of the day’s action came in the 12th tournament, the €5,000 buy-in Coin Rivet High Roller. ninety players exchanged €5,000 for the chance to win this tournament and Alex Peffly came out on top, receiving a cool €111,835 for him impressive victory.

Thirteen of the 90 starters received a slice of the €421,200 prize pool, so spare a thought for 14th place finisher Daniel Golder who was the unfortunate soul who popped the money bubble. Golder’s exit paved the way for Andrew Hedley, former Irish Open Main Event champion Ian Simpson, Marc Macdonnell, Jay Harwood, and Paul Newey to cash, although they short of an official final table appearance.

Hulme the Final Table’s First Casualty

Andrew Hulme busted in eighth place for €15,585. Hulme min-raised to 40,000 with and Peffly called from the bug blind with . The flop fell , gifting Hulme top pair but Peffly a straight. Both players checked. Peffly led 30,000 on the turn, and Hulm called. The river saw Peffly make a pot-sized bet, and Hulme called all-in only to see his opponent had him crushed.

Seventh place and €20,005 went to Finland’s Javi Tuovinen, who min raised to 50,000 with and Nadeem Majid called on the button with pocket deuces. Both players checked the flop, with Tuovinen leading for 40,000 on the turn. Majid raised to 140,000 and called when his opponent shoved all-in for 370,000. Majid boated up on the river when the made him a full house.

Triple Crown Champion Bows Out

Triple Crown winner Niall Farrell was the next player heading to the cashier’s desk. He opened to 300,000 with , leaving himself only 160,000 behind. Those chips went into the middle when Peffly three-bet with . The board ran to send Farrell home. Farrell collected €25,270 for this latest deep run.

The final five became four when Robert Kaggerud three-bet all-in with pocket sixes over the top of an opening raise from Majid. Christos Xanthopoulos flat-called the jam with pocket aces in the big blind, and Majid ultimately made a solid fold with tens in the hole. Kaggerud was drawing dead by the turn. This left him with a handful of big blinds, and he busted on the next hand for a fifth-place finish worth €32,430.

A short-stack Joseph Field was the next player heading for the exits. Majid opened with and instantly called when Field moved all-in for four big blinds with the inferior . A few moments later, the board reduced the player count once again. Field walked away with a most respectable €40,225 for this efforts.

Heads-Up Set

Majid’s run ended abruptly in third place, sending the High Roller into the heads-up stage. Majid raised 2.5x to 90,000 on the button and Xanthopoulos called in the big blind. A flop reading saw Xanthopoulos check-rase Majid’s 80,000 continuation bet to 220,000. Majid called. Xanthopoulos fired 200,000 bet on the turn, which Majid called. The river was the and Xanthopoulos. Majid called and showed a set of sixes, but they were crushed by the of Xanthopoulos which had improved to a flush.

The fourth hand of heads-up saw Peffly get his stack in with pocket eights against Xanthopoulos’ pair of tens only for him to spike an eight on the river. Xanthopoulos nursed a short stack for a few hands before shoving with . Peffly called with but it would be the river of the board that would award him the title and the €111,835 top prize.

Event #12: €5,000 Coin Rivet High Roller Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Alex Peffly €111,835
2 Christos Xanthopoulos €77,710
3 Nadeem Majid €51,385
4 Joseph Field €40,225
5 Robert Kaggerud €32,430
6 Niall Farrell €25,270
7 Jani Tuovinen €20,005
8 Andrew Hulme €15,585

Other 2022 Irish Open Results

Event #7: €350 Heads-Up Championship Event

Anthony Blaineu

Entrants: 64
Prize pool: €19,344

Place Player Prize
1 Anthony Blaineu €5,640
2 William McMurray €5,000
3 Tomasz Kolewczynski €1,934
4 Michael Janczarski €1,934
5 Kaspar Valk €1,209
6 Sander Ostlyngen €1,209
7 Gregory Blavoux €1,209
8 Steven Arsnes €1,209

Event #9: €250 The Hendon Mob Championship Event

Waheed Ashraf

Entrants: 332
Prize pool: €71,214

Place Player Prize
1 Waheed Ashraf €10,825*
2 Ben Saber €9,250*
3 Vaidas Siriunas €9,250*
4 Mohamed Mohamud €5,350
5 Justin Tsui €4,215
6 Davide Raschella €3,220
7 Graham Wheldon €2,365
8 Alex Zeligman €1,740
9 Garry Bennett €1,423

*reflects a three-way deal

Event #10: €150 Pot Limit Omaha

Entrants: 98
Prize pool: €12,421

Place Player Prize
1 Stefan Bittger €3,190
2 Nicklas Dehli €2,200
3 Philipp Paul €1,440
4 Darren McGuinness €1,170
5 Ryan Armitt €940
6 Willie O’Hora €735
7 Lorcan Fox €580
8 Kevin Killeen €440
9 Roni Tal €325

Event #15: €350 America’s Cup Championship Event

Entrants: 191
Prize pool: €57,729

Place Player Prize
1 Mor Kamber €12,790
2 Richard Pearson €8,630
3 Rupinder Bedi €5,940
4 Alexandre Luz €4,845
5 Sergejus Jakovlevas €3,860
6 Vygerdas Jonikas €2,965
7 Michael Tastanis €2,160
8 Daniel Smith €1,565
9 Arthur Boatman €1,295

Event #17: €150 No Limit Hold’em

Entrants: 159
Prize pool: €20,153

Place Player Prize
1 Florian Ahlmer €3,705*
2 Michael Eglintine €3,287*
3 Abdullah Alshanti €2,971*
4 Bradley Soper €1,735
5 Silvio Buccella €1,390
6 Michael Cairns €1,080
7 John Costello €800
8 Brendan Hyland €585
9 Dave Coyle €470

*reflects a three-handed deal

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