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Chile’s Alex Manzano is the latest partypoker player to become a World Poker Tour champion after he took down the WPT #02 Omaha Championship: $1M Gtd event. Manzano collected $176,131 for his impressive victory, which took place under the watchful eye of the excellent, ground-breaking stream on our Twitch channel.

Here’s how the final table went down!

Talented Glaser Smashed By Doshi

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Benny Glaser was the first player to bust from the seven-handed final table. Paresh Doshi opened to 250,000 with and Glaser called in the big blind with . The flop saw Glaser, Doshi bet 319,000, and Glaser check-raise to 1,900,000. Doshi raised to 5,000,000 and Glaser called off his remaining 1,700,000 chips. The turn all but locked up the hand for Doshi and the river sent Glaser to the rail.

Jesse Rockowitz was the next player to drop out. He found himself short-stacked on the button and raised to 350,000 with . Manzano woke up in the small blind with and three-bet to 1,200,000. Rockowitz called off the 541,000 chips he had behind. Manzano flopped a full house on the board to reduce the player count further.

Swedish star Alfred Karlsson crashed out in fifth place and banked almost $55,000. The hand started with an under the gun raise to 264,000 from Mike Leah with , a call from Laszlo Bujtas holding , a call from Doshi with , and a raise to 1,400,000 from Karlsson in the big blind with . Leah folded but Bujtas made it 4,700,000 to go. Doshi folded and Karlsson called all-in.

Bujtas improved to trip jacks on the river of the board to send Karlsson to the showers.

Here Comes Quadzilla!

The final four became three when Leah ran out of steam and luck. Doshi got the hand underway with a raise to 300,000 with from the button and Leah called in the big blind with . With a flop reading all the chips were destined to go into the middle, which is what happened. Joey Ingram said on the stream “this is the craziest flop I’ve ever seen!”

Leah was a slight 54% favourite to win the hand, but that reduced to only 13% when the turn gave Doshi a full house. The river needed to be a ten or a queen for Leah to stay in the hunt for the title, but the river was the to gift Doshi quads!

Heads-up was set when Bujtas fell by the wayside after a clash with Manzano didn’t go to plan. Manzano limped in from the small blind with , Bujtas raised to 420,000 in the big blind with only to see Manzano put in a raise of his own to 1,300,000. Bujtas called.

The flop fell and Mazano led out for 2,600,000, Bujtas raised all-in for 5,300,000 and Manzano quickly called. The turn improved Manzano to a straight, which was enough to win the hand and bust Bujtas.

Advantage to Manzano Going Into Heads-Up

Manzano held a 19,200,000 to 14,700,000 chip advantage over Doshi going into heads-up. Both players were super deep with 137 big blinds and 105 big blinds in their arsenals. Manzano pulled ahead a few times but just couldn’t quite shake off Doshi. It was, therefore, no real surprise when the heads-up duo eventually agreed to a deal that flattened the payouts and left $10,000 for the eventual champion.

That champion was Manzano who completed the small blind with and Doshi checked on the big blind with . The flop fell , improving Doshi to two pair but Manzano a set of threes. Doshi bet 315,000 and Manzano called. The landed on the turn and Doshi greeted it with a bet of 756,000. Manzano responded with a raise to 3,300,000 before calling when Doshi jammed for 8,600,000. The was the river card, which busted Doshi and left Manzano to become a WPTWOC champion.

WPT #02 Omaha Championship $1M Gtd Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Alex Manzano Chile $176,131*
2 Paresh Doshi United Kingdom $167,272
3 Laszlo Bujtas Hungary $106,163
4 Mike Leah Canada $76,672
5 Alfred Karlsson Sweden $54,870
6 Jesse Rockowitz Canada $41,147
7 Benny Glaser United Kingdom $30,759

*reflects a heads-up deal that left $10,000 for the champion

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