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It’s hard at the poker table when you are a girl – we have to work twice as hard to gain respect when we play but there is a girl that deserves much more than that and she was at the WPT tables yet again. Agnieszka “Aga” Rylik is a superwoman – a poker player, TV host, mother and a ninja! Yes, you heard me right – a ninja.

When she was a teenager she decided to get into kick boxing and kicked ass literally. And then she took it further – decided to become a Mom. That, in my opinion, is much more demanding than being in the ring. Of course, when Aga finished there, she decided to get her adrenaline fix at the poker tables, got trained by one and only Mike Sexton, finished 3rd in Vienna AND now is a respected TV host. I mean, she just has it all.

I am so proud that there is girls out there that prove that when you set your goals and sort your priorities, you can become whatever you want. And, what is very important, stay true to yourself.

Talking to Aga, I would never get the impression she has done so many things in her life because of the humble way she talks about things, the way she acts and her shy face at the table but, as we can see, there is a warrior behind the cute face. So, next time when you are playing a girl at the table or anywhere else, beware – she might not be the softy you imagine her to be but a true Amazon!


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