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Whenever a player makes what we call a hero call, that is a crying call on the river, they leave themselves open for a severe blasting of egg on their face. If it goes wrong, which it often does, you look like a clown. But when you are correct you are the next Phil Ivey!

Yann Del Ray opened to 12,500 and the next two players folded. Reece Lewis peeled back his cards and he must have liked what he saw because he three-bet to 24,500 from his seat in the cutoff. The button and blinds were not prepared to call, but Del Ray put in the extra 12,000 chips.

After burning a card the dealer fanned out the flop, a flop that both players checked. The turn prompted Del Ray to lead out for 17,500 and Lewis did not believe his story one iota because he quickly called. The river paired the board, the not really changing anything though.

Del Ray bet again, 26,500 was the total and this rocked Lewis a little. He sat upright, rubbed his chin and pondered what to do with his hand. After a solid two minutes (and plenty of chin rubbing) Lewis called.

Del Ray turned over for complete air and Lewis won the pot with his for ace-high.

“Wow,” said Carlo Citrone as he realised Lewis only had ace-high. The rest of the table looked on in awe and we doubt Lewis will be getting bet on light in the next few orbits!

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