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David Vamplew

We’re back talking to David Vamplew in our “A Week In The Life Of…” with David Vamplew here’s the second part where David tells us all about his poker world.

How much online poker have you played?

I actually missed Sunday this week as I was playing the UKIPT, but I still managed to fit in the Supersonic. I played Tue and Wed from about 17:00 to 01:00, or so, but I have no idea how many hands I played as I don’t keep record.

What does your typical week look like in terms of an online schedule?

I try to play most days – it is my job after all – and basically never miss Sundays apart from the times I am travelling. I normally try to reg by 17:00 and keep registering until about midnight or 00:30. This means I am playing until about 02:00, or later, depending on my success.

How many sites do you play on?

Most of the time just four, which is probably fewer than most mtt pros, but I just hate some of the software too much to play on them regularly.

Taking this week as an example. How do you measure success?

I don’t usually check whether or not I am up, or down, after the days session. I don’t think worrying about results too much has many positives. It’s likely to make you play worse in the end. But I can tell if I have had a good session when I have had some final tables or solid scores.

So was this week’s online venture successful or not?

Not so far, nothing to write home about I’m afraid.

What is your physical online grinding set up like?

I have a small room in my flat that I have turned into an office. It contains a desktop computer and two monitors. I use a HUD as it helps when playing several tables, especially to get an idea of how someone plays without watching every hand closely and remembering yourself. But it’s very, very basic with just VPIP and PFR showing.

Do you incorporate training, development and review into your working week?

If I have an interesting spot and want to talk to someone about it, then I have a couple of group chats established on Skype. That’s the main way that I study at this point in my game.

Who have you been talking to this week?

I am participating every day – although the topic isn’t always poker hands – the main people I talk strategy with are Mickey Petersen, Dominik Nitsche, Rupert Elder, and Jon Spinks among others.

What about the time before you met these people?

Training videos are a good way to learn, as they will present the material in a clearer way. I used to have a Deucescracked account when I was playing cash games. FoxwoodsFiend and Vanessa Selbst had some great videos. I also found the strategy forums on 2+2 really helpful.

Can you dissect a hand that you played online this week?

Here’s a hand from the Super Tuesday that I played against Mickey Petersen. We were in L6 with the blinds at 40/80. I open to 176 from early position (10,510 chips), Mickey three-bets from the hijack (4,351 chips) and I decide to call. The flop is and I lead for 690.

We started discussing this hand cause Mickey asked me why I would have a leading range on that board i.e. why I wouldn’t want to check to the raiser with all my hands? It’s a board that I think hits me harder in general. But also a lot of the hands that Mickey might 3bet bluff with, like off suit Broadway cards will hit this board. We aren’t sure exactly what his range for 3betting is so it’s hard to know whether a lead will be good. But, taking the initiative some of the time is going to avoid some very difficult spots we can be put in if we start check/calling.

What would be your one piece of advice for an amateur poker player?

People try to win every pot. You can’t, so don’t.

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