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Guaranteeing $35 million across 330 amazing events would be enough value for most online poker sites to offer, but partypoker isn’t like most poker sites, we love to give as much value as possible to our valued customers.

During the $35 million guaranteed Powerfest, which runs from September 3-24, there are not one, not two, but four superb promotions running that everyone can get involved in regardless of the stakes they play for. Without further ado, let’s check out this awesome foursome.

The Powerfest Leaderboards

There are three weekly leaderboards during Powerfest and you earn points for each of them every time you play in a Powerfest event. The better your finish in a Powerfest tournament, the more leaderboard points you receive. Simply be one of the top 50 points earners during that week’s leaderboard and a prize will be yours.

To keep matters fair, something partypoker is proud of doing, we have split the three weekly leaderboards into three based on the stakes played for. There is a low leaderboard for buy-ins under $22, a medium leaderboard for $22 to $109 buy-ins, and a high leaderboard for anything over $109.

Prizes range from a $5.50 Caribbean Poker Party Mini-Feeder ticket up to a $10,000 Caribbean Poker Party package.

Low Leaderboard

Place Prize
1-5 2 x $109 Semi Final Tickets
6-16 1 x $109 Semi Final Ticket
17-25 2 x $22 CPP Feeder Tickets
26-35 1 x $22 CPP Feeder Ticket
36-40 2 x $5.50 CPP Mini-Feeder Tickets
41-50 1 x $5.50 CPP Mini-Feeder Ticket

Medium Leaderboard

Place Prize
1-5 1 x $1,050 Final Ticket
6-10 3 x $109 Semi Final Tickets
11-16 2 x $109 Semi Final Tickets
17-26 1 x $109 Semi Final Ticket
27-37 2 x $22 CPP Feeder Tickets
38-50 1 x $22 CPP Feeder Ticket

High Leaderboard

Place Prize
1-5 1 x $10K CPP Package
6-15 1 x $1,050 Final Ticket
16-22 3 x $109 Semi Final Tickets
23-29 2 x $109 Semi Final Tickets
30-50 1 x $109 Semi Final Ticket

Become the next partypoker Online Pro

The Tournament of Champions returns to Powerfest except this time it has a twist: whoever wins it becomes the next partypoker Online Pro!

Entry to the Tournament of Champions, which takes place at 9:00 p.m. BST on October 1, is only open to those who have won one of the 330 Powerfest events. There is a $20,000 prize pool made up of Power Series tickets and the champion will get their hands on $10,000 of these, including six months’ worth of free entries to the Title Fight and Main Event, plus be named the latest partypoker Online Pro.

The remainder of the prize pool is distributed according to our usual payment schedule.

Be the Last Man (or woman) Standing

We are giving away a $10,000 partypoker LIVE package to the winner of the Last Man Standing freeroll. This freeroll is scheduled for September 27 at 9:00 p.m. BST and is only open to players who manage to cash in a Powerfest event every Sunday during the $35 million guaranteed festival. Cash in a Powerfest tournament in each of the four Sundays and an entry to the Last Man Standing freeroll is yours, win it and you’ll have a $10,000 partypoker LIVE package that is valid for 12 months.

Win a share of $10,000 worth of tournament dollars

To wrap things up, we are running a $10,000 freeroll that is only open to players who have played at least five Powerfest events but who haven’t managed to cash in the tournament. If this is you then you’ll gain access to the Last Chance Tourney at 9:00 p.m. BST on October 1 where the top 100 finishers will win a share of $10,000 in tournament dollars.

Place Prize (T$)
1 $2,500
2 $1,380
3 $750
4 $550
5 $450
6 $350
7 $250
8 $150
9-16 $100
17-32 $50
33-64 $35
65-100 $25

The $35 million Powerfest is going to be a special festival and with these added extras, it could be the best-value tournament series we have ever run.

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