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Week after week there’s the 300K Guaranteed to be found in the tournament lobby. Peanuts compared to what’s going on once every couple of months.

Take Me To The Money

That’s when the “The Million” is going down. $1,000,000 as a guaranteed prizepool and $640 buy in!

Nothing for the faint-hearted. You should know your way around the poker table when playing for that kind of money. On the other hand, you don’t need that kind of money to get a shot. There’s daily satellites to be found in the tournament lobby.

Extra Tasty Free Cash

1,643 players started last Sunday. That meant there was a bit of an overlay in the tournament. All the more reason to participate next month, as you might get some extra value again.

Meet The Final Ten

It took a total of ten hours of play to determine the winner. One and a half of those hours were reserved for the final table, that started with these chipcounts:

Seat 1: Nofear2u – 3,678,224
Seat 2: SuperMikeyGG – 1,757,534
Seat 3: PeNiNaCaN – 2,815,700
Seat 4: H0d0R – 1,450,028
Seat 5: partysetz – 5,388,952
Seat 6: MyHumpMyHumpMyH – 2,066,571
Seat 7: kingkai84 – 4,846,043
Seat 8: Leqenden – 3,439,967
Seat 9: f3n0m3n0 – 4,643,870
Seat 10: Timeoutplease – 2,77,3336

No huge chipleader, no desperate shortstacks. All requirements for an exciting final table where there. It was f3n0m3n0, who took an early step forward, eliminating SuperMikeyGG with a pair of Queens against .

Who’s Most Tenacious?

It took a lot of endurance from there on. Players weren’t eager to play big pots, everyone was looking for that stealing spot.
kingkai84 and f3n0m3n0 managed to accumulate a lot of chips, before we saw several big hands in a row.

MyHumpMyHumpMyH open shoved with from middle position. It was Nofear2u in the big blind, that called with . The board ran and sealed MyHumpMyHumpMyH‘s fate.
Only two hands later H0d0R joined him at the rail, when his couldn’t overtake Timeoutplease‘s .

Add partysetz to that list, as his was no match for f3n0m3n0‘s Pocket Queens.

Take A Break From All The Action

After this heavy action, play slowed down significantly. Once more it was f3n0m3n0, who took care of the next elimination. Having a very aggressive image, he managed to take out Nofear2u, who got his chips in bad on a pure bluff with Jack high and no draw on the flop. f3n0m3n0 himself was holding pocket tens.

Only one hand later he did it again. This time he called shortstack Legenden‘s all in, who showed . f3n0m3n0 held , hit an ace on the flop and went on to have a substantial lead over his opponents.

Seat 3: PeNiNaCaN – 4,547,335
Seat 7: kingkai84 – 6,912,305
Seat 9: f3n0m3n0 – 17,922,920
Seat 10: Timeoutplease – 3,477,665

Bully The Table

Using his huge stack to apply pressure, f3n0m3n0 went on to accumulate more chips. It was kingkai84, who managed to gain some ground by using his Pocket Eights to eliminate PeNiNaCaN .

Play went on for another 15 minutes (with Timeoutplease collecting some nice pots), before the three remaining players agreed to discuss a deal.

Nice Payday

Having most chips, f3n0m3n0 was the official winner of this month’s “The Million”, taking home exactly $150,000 in cash!

1. f3n0m3n0 – $150,000
2. kingkai84 – $125,000
3. Timeoutplease – $104,000
4. PeNiNaCaN – $54,500
5. Leqenden – $46,000
6. Nofear2u – $34,500
7. partysetz – $26,500
8. H0d0R – $17,500
9. MyHumpMyHumpMyH – $13,500
10. SuperMikeyGG – $9,500

Qualify For The Next Million

Get ready for the next “The Million”. The date is set: 5th of May 2012. And if your Mexican, that might (and should) be your day!


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