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We get asked a lot about bonuses here on the partypoker blog, how do they work? when do I get one? So we thought we’d put this post up to explain a little more about them. You see when you play poker on partypoker you’re going to come across different types of bonuses and that’s whats makes us so great.

Release restricted bonus

Our most common bonus is referred to as a Release restricted bonus” this type of bonus will add an amount to your bonus balance with us. It’s important to remember that the bonus amount will be released into your cash balance as you collect points by playing poker.

For example you get a $50 bonus. In the bonus description it has a release requirement of 200 points and that it will be paid in 10 chunks. Chunks? What does that mean you may ask right? Well it’s simple you see for every 20 points that you collect then a “chunk” of $5 will added to your cash balance. Easy huh?

Deposit Match

This one’s easy so you get a standard deposit offer which will match your deposit amount when you deposit using the offer code. For example you’ve been offered a 100% deposit match up to $100 when you make a deposit using a certain offer code. So if you deposit $75 another $75 will be credited your bonus balance

Or you could deposit the full $100 to receive the maximum deposit match


Now remember A reusable offer code is a special type of offer code that you can use more than once to collect the full bonus amount.

For example you’ve been offered a reusable deposit match up to $100 on up to four deposits. The best part here is you can claim that bonus any way you like over your next four deposits, that could be via four $25 deposits, two $50 deposits, etc.


Cash is King they say and when you claim a cash bonus the full bonus amount will be added to your cash balance for you to enjoy!

you will see the number of points you need to collect in the bonus section of your account before the bonus amount can be withdrawn from your account.

Game Type Specific

Ok in a game-type specific bonus this is one that you can use only on a specified type or category of games.

Some examples of our specified game-types are:

  • FastForward tables
  • Omaha $0.05/$0.10 cash tables
  • Sit & Go tournaments

So if your bonus is a release restricted bonus that bonus amount will of course only be released into your balance when you play on those specified tables or tournaments.

Player’s choice

Does exactly what it says on the tin! A player’s choice bonus allows YOU to choose between several different bonuses. Make your pick by depositing with the offer code of your desired bonus.

Tournament Dollars

Did we hear Kerching!? Yep Tourney Dollars everybody loves them right? And when you claim your bonus the tournament dollars (also known as T$) just get instantly added to your account.

The best part is you can spend them on any tournament type, be that all at once or just in smaller chunks.

What’s your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and remember to follow us on Twitter for more poker greatness.


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