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When I first started playing poker, I got a lot of advice from different players. That sure messed up my head, because every one of them had a different style so I ended up with 50 different tips on how to play. Not the smartest thing to do when you are preparing for a big event.

But, then I found one person that had the patience to tip me, support me and play with me. It was Kara Scott. She was always patient and knew how to approach me. Maybe because she is a girl or maybe because she is so cool, I found her advice much more appealing and they did help. First big event I cashed 46th out of 440 people. Not bad, in my opinion, don’t you agree?

Well, this time I found somebody who is really great and chilled too and also, very successful. A great dad, loyal husband, cool friend and a winning poker player – ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ben Carpenter (MYBIGGUNS) – the PartyPoker top tournament winner this year and his 5 tips on how to become just as good as he is.

Hope you listen and learn – maybe one day you will be giving me some more tips and seeing me at the final table of the WPT not only doing interviews but winning trophies!


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