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Earn Cashback points faster
Boosted Hours schedule
Never wait for good hands again
Improve you poker skills faster
No HUDs allowed!
Play fastforward from anywhere

Have you played our fastforward cash games? You are seriously missing out if you answered no. fastforward cash games are the most thrilling and potentially lucrative cash games at PartyPoker, in addition to being the perfect tool with which to hone your poker skills and take your game to the next level. Don’t believe us? Then read the following five reasons why you should become a fastforward regular.

fastforward is the Fastest Way to Earn Cashback Points

Every real money poker player has the chance to pad their bankroll each week with our cashback payments. Cashback is paid into your account every Monday based on the number of cashback points you earn during a calendar week. You only need ten cashback points in a week to receive cashback, a total that is easy to do playing fastforward games.

Not only do you see many more hands playing fastforward compared to traditional cash games because of how fastforward works, but you also earn more cashback points per rake playing fastforward against any other PartyPoker format!

fastforward players earn four cashback points for every $1 they contribute to the rake, meaning you could hit the first tier of cashback payments after paying only $2.50 of rake; how incredible is that? Factor in player boosts of up to 50% plus the fastforward Boosted Hours promotion, and you could be climbing up the cashback ladder faster than ever before.

fastforward Boosted Hours

Start time (GMT) End time (GMT) Duration Boost Value per $1 of rake
08:00 10:59 3 hours 1 point
11:00 12:59 2 hours 2 points
13:00 16:59 4 hours 4 points
17:00 18:59 2 hours 2 points
19:00 19:59 1 hour 1 point

You Never Have to Wait For Strong Starting Hands

Being able to play Hold’em and Omaha any way you wish is one of the great features of playing online poker. You can play as loose or tight as you want; you pay your money, you play as you wish.

Regardless of your playing style, you never have long to wait for a playable hand when you are seated at a fastforward table, whether than playable hand is or , or even ! Don’t like your hole cards? Click the “forward fold” button to be whisked away to a new table with fresh opponents and cards. Don’t like your next hole cards? Forward fold again and again and again until you are ready to get involved in a pot.

You Develop Your Skills and Knowledge Quicker

It is common knowledge that the more poker you play, the faster you improve your skills thank to gaining valuable experience at the tables. You quickly find yourself in similar scenarios as previous sessions, so you know how to approach them in the best way possible.

fastforward makes it possible to play many more hands than a traditional cash game, which speeds up the learning process. In addition, when combined with the excellent MyGame Whiz, your lightning-fast accumulation of hands make the MyGame Whiz reports and suggestions more accurate because the tool has a larger sample size to work from, so playing fastforward is a win-win for you.

None of Your Opponents Are Using HUDs and Tracking Software

Third-party tracking software and heads-up displays are banned across all PartyPoker games, which is great news for fastforward players. These tools would give some players a significant advantage in a fast-paced game with rapidly changing opponents. Every one of our fastforward players competes on a level playing field, which is how online poker should be.

It is Available on our Awesome Mobile App

Fastfoward was one of the first games we added to our awesome mobile app when it underwent a major revamp. All fastforward games you find on your computer or laptop are present and correct on the PartyPoker mobile app. Better still, the app is optimised for fastforward, meaning you can easily play one-handed, move the bet slider with one finger or your thumb, and more.

We know our players lead busy lives, so having fastforward available on mobile caters for them. Take fastforward with your wherever you go and rack up those precious cashback points whenever you have a mobile internet or WiFi signal.

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