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PartyPoker on Facebook

Facebook took over PartyPoker on Tuesday, when nearly 3,000 Facebook fans joined us for a $1,000 Easter freeroll.

After an early false start when some clever players managed to guess the password (‘happyeaster’ was too obvious?) our 5,000 Facebook fans received the password a few hours before cards were in the air.

The tournament kicked off, and after 4 hours of fun Wesb23 emerged the winner banking $177.50 – a healthy return on his $0 investment. All in all, 400 Facebook fans came away with extra money in their account thanks to the event.

This is what Wesb23 posted on our Facebook wall:

I don’t know how I managed to win haha! Yes there are a lot of sketchy players so it makes it difficult to win. But I guess with a free tourney you have nothing to lose? .. I played pretty tight game and only played when I had good hands. I won $177.50 USD!! :D

These are the top 10:

Screen Name – Win Amount(USD)

  1. wesb23 $177.50
  2. vvits743 $100.00
  3. SuperMihail $62.90
  4. svetlanaby $49.00
  5. novaprice3 $39.00
  6. LoonaTick79 $29.50
  7. BugsBunnyD $23.00
  8. trustme887 $17.50
  9. jokeroyal $12.00
  10. pokerdude761 $7.00

If you aren’t a fan of PartyPoker on Facebook, click here to join us. You’ll get the first invitations to exclusive fan-only freerolls, and you’ll get the first swipe at secret bounty tournaments. You can also discuss hands and let the PartyPoker team know what you think of our games.

Thanks to all of you who played with us on Tuesday – stay tuned to our Facebook Page for more events you can get involved with.


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