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PP LIVE Dollars are the flexible currency you can use on the partypoker LIVE tour either by exchanging them for tournament entries or for travel and accommodation expenses. This Sunday, May 19th, we are celebrating the relaunch of PP LIVE Dollars satellites by guaranteeing $370,000 worth of the currency will be won!

The partypoker LIVE team recently changed the PP LIVE Dollars satellites following player feedback and they are now played over rounds, similar to our popular phased tournaments. There are freerolls, Round 1, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and then weekly PP LIVE Dollar Finals each with chunky guarantees. This week, partypoker LIVE guarantees $370,000 worth of PP LIVE Dollars will be won from these finals.

PP LIVE Dollar Finals on May 19

Date Time (CET) Name Buy-in Guarantee
Sun 19 May 20:00 PP LIVE Dollar Final: 100x $300 Gtd $33 $30,000
Sun 19 May 20:00 PP LIVE Dollar Final: 50x $1,000 Gtd $109 $50,000
Sun 19 May 20:00 PP LIVE Dollar Final: 30x $3,000 Gtd $320 $90,000
Sun 19 May 20:00 PP LIVE Dollar Final: 20x $10,000 Gtd $1,050 $200,000

More partypoker players now have the chance to get their hands on PP LIVE Dollars thanks to this new setup. Each PP LIVE Dollar Final has a satellite tree that starts with a freeroll. That’s correct, you can start your quest to win the ultimate flexible currency for free!

These freerolls award entries to each level’s PP LIVE Dollar Round 1. The PP LIVE Dollar Round 1 satellites feed into the PP LIVE QTR Finals, which in turn feed into the PP LIVE Dollar Semi Final before feeding into the PP LIVE Dollar Finals.

Just like PP LIVE Dollars themselves, these satellites also give you plenty of flexibility because you can buy into any of the rounds direct at any stage. Don’t fancy playing the freerolls or the Round 1 satellites? Then don’t! Simply buy into the QTR Final round or later instead. You can even buy into each final direct; doing so awards you a 500,000 chip starting stack.

It is definitely worth trying to play your way through the different rounds, however, because you take your stack through with you to the next round, which can give you an advantage over the rest of the field. Play in the Round 1 and QTR Rounds ends after the completion of the 18th level. If you have chips in front of you at this time, you move to the next highest round. Play in the Semi Finals ends after Level 22 and again you progress to the Final with the stack you had in front of you at the end of the 22nd level.

This means you could start the final with more than 1 million chips if things go to plan for you at the Semi Final stage.

You can play in as many Round 1, QTR Final, and Semi Finals as you wish, although you can only take your largest stack through to the next round if you manage to progress more than once; all other stacks are forfeited.

Check out the table below to see the current rounds for each PP LIVE Dollar Final.

PP LIVE Dollar Rounds

$33 buy-in $300 PP LIVE Dollar FInal $109 buy-in $1,000 PP LIVE Dollar Final $320 buy-in $3,000 PP LIVE Dollar Final $1,050 buy-in $10,000 PP LIVE Dollar Final
$0.03 Round 1 $0.11 Round 1 $0.33 Round 1 $1.10 Round 1
$0.33 QTR Final $1.10 QTR Final $3.30 QTR Final $11 QTR Final
$3.30 Semi Final $11 Semi Final $33 Semi Final $109 Semi Final

Now is the time to try and win some PP LIVE Dollars because there are some fantastic partypoker LIVE events taking place soon including MILLIONS North America, the MILLIONS Vegas Special Edition, MILLIONS Europe, Caribbean Poker Party, WPT UK, WPT Montreal, and WSOP Circuit events in Marrakech, Russia, Montreal and Rio de Janeiro. Check out the partypoker LIVE website here.

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