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Simon Young introduces Swedish player deahansson, who is $54,223.63 richer after bagging the latest PartyPoker $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

Full name: Andreas Hansson

Age: 23

Where do you live?: Jonkoping, Sweden

Do you work, or do you play poker full-time?: I work as a security guard full time, but I try to play as much poker as I can when I´m free.

How long have you been playing poker?: When I turned 18 I started playing online at


Andreas Hansson: $300K Guaranteed Sunday winner

What game do you normally play and at what level?: I like to play sit & go’s and multi table tournaments with buy-ins of $100 and higher – and always no limit.

How often do you play the $300K Guaranteed Sunday?: Two to three times a month. Unfortunately I can´t play every sunday because of my work.

What is your previous best finish in the $300K?: I finished on 11th place just a couple of weeks ago.

Did you buy in direct, or get your seat through a qualifier?: I bought in directly.

What is your stategy when you play a multi-table tournament like this?: I try to get a bick stack so i can control the game and buy a lot of blinds. I`m trying to various my game and play both tight and aggressive.

Were there any key moments on the way to winning Sunday’s tournament?: On the final table I got really good cards in the beginning – Q-Q, J-J and kicked out a few players. I even flopped a set with 8-8 and won a huge pot against A-A. After that I had a massive chip lead and controlled the table.

What happened on the final hand?: We made a deal with 4 players left, I had more then half of the total chips and we did a really good deal.

What will you do with your winnings?: I will cash out most of it, and then invest the rest in my bankroll.

Do you have a family: No.

What is your poker ambition?: I’m trying to develop my game all the time. Next year I will try to qualify for some of the EPT and WPT events. And if my winnings continues I will work a bit less and play a bit more.

Have you played in any live events? Yes, I have played a few small tournaments in the casino in Gothenburg, Sweden. And last summer I was in Las Vegas with my friend who played in the World Series, but I just played some small side events.

Congratulations, Andreas!


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