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Another $374,371 was paid out on Day 3 of the $3.4 million Monster Series, taking the total prize money awarded to almost $1.4 million. One of the biggest winners was “krompir7” who netted almost $11.5K, but which event did they win? Let’s take a look.

$3.4 Million Monster Series So Far

    • Events played: 54
    • Event remaining: 90
    • Prize money awarded: $1,399,210

$3.4 Million Monster Series Recap

Monster #21-H: $100K Gtd [Mix-Max, PKO]

  • Buy-in: $33
  • Entries: 2,478
  • Prize pool: $100,000
  • Place paid: 336

An $11,465 score is now in the partypoker account of krompir7 after they topped a field of 2,478 entries in the Monster #21-H: $100K Gtd [Mix-Max, PKO]. krompir7 took home $7,517 from the main prize pool plus $3,948 worth of bounties for their victory.

Heads-up saw krompir7 battle with “Khan79”. The runner-up scooped a still impressive $5,776 plus $896 worth of bounties for their effort.

Each of the other four players who reached the final table locked up at least four figures. Congratulations to “adebisi5”, “wessie555”, “hhtuga1313” and “uragan4ik878”.

Place Player Prize Bounty Prize
1 krompir7 $7,517 $3,948
2 Khan79 $5,776 $896
3 uragan4ik878 $4,461 $844
4 hhtuga1313 $3,222 $693
5 wessie555 $2,108 $718
6 adebisi5 $1,123 $359

Monster #19-H: $30K Gtd [Mix-Max, PKO]

  • Buy-in: $22
  • Entries: 1,847
  • Prize pool: $38,787
  • Place paid: 252

Another big PKO tournament was the Monster #19-H: $30K Gtd [Mix-Max, PKO] that attracted 1,847 players who all paid $22 for a shot at glory. This meant the $30,000 guarantee was surpassed by $8,787 and it was “Marin Mihaylov” who took advantage of the juicy prize pool, emerging victorious for a combined $5,030.

“IKnowYourLimits” was the first casualty of the final table and they were joined in the showers by “A.Umanec”, “G0dZaleZ” and “ThePokerMonk10” to leave Marin Mihaylov and “clmbndrm” to play heads-up for the title.

It was a battle the former would ultimately win, resigning clmbndrm to the $1,893 consolation prize that was boosted by $416 worth of bounties.

Place Player Prize Bounty Prize
1 Marin Mihaylov $2,578 $2,452
2 clmbndrm $1,893 $416
3 ThePokerMonk10 $1,477 $634
4 G0dZaleZ $1,062 $192
5 A.Umanec $685 $163
6 IKnowYourLimits $406 $104

Monster #20-H: $30K Gtd [6-Max]

  • Buy-in: $22
  • Entries: 1,631
  • Prize pool: $32,620
  • Place paid: 228

There were no bounties in the Monster #20-H: $30K Gtd [6-Max], just fast, furious short-handed action. Some 1,631 players took to the partypoker virtual felt to create a $32,620 prize pool that was shared among the top 228 finishers.

$733 was the least anyone at the final table would take home, and the prize of sixth-place finisher “BigGeeGab”.

They were followed to the rail by “ChipoChip” who banked $1,272 for their $22 investment, “BKthebaws”, “HigherPower” and runner-up “Cesa00” who netted $3,425. The champion was none other than “Sarmat25” who walked away with a cool $4,734 for their victory.

Place Player Prize
1 Sarmat25 $4,734
2 Cesa00 $3,425
3 HigherPower $2,609
4 BKthebaws $1,875
5 ChipoChip $1,272
6 BigGeeGab $733

$3.4 Million Monster Series Events Today

Another 18 Monster Series event are scheduled for Day 3 $360,500

Please do be aware that, due to daylight saving, the clocks in the United Kingdom went back by an hour over the weekend. Check out the Day 3 schedule, including time in GMT, below. CET is still one hour ahead of GMT while ET is currently four hours behind GMT.

Time (GMT) Name Buy-in
16:00 Monster #28-H: $30K Gtd [6-Max, PKO] $22
16:00 Monster #28-L: $10K Gtd [6-Max, PKO] $4.40
17:00 Monster #29-H: $30K Gtd [8-Max] $22
17:00 Monster #29-L: $10K Gtd [8-Max] $4.40
18:00 Monster #30-H: $100K Gtd [6-Max, PKO] $33
18:00 Monster #30-L: $25K Gtd [6-Max, PKO] $7.50
19:00 Monster #31-H: $50K Gtd [8-Max] $33
19:00 Monster #31-L: $15K Gtd [8-Max] $7.50
19:30 Monster #32-H: $10K Gtd [6-Max, PLO] $33
19:30 Monster #32-L: $2.5K Gtd [6-Max, PLO] $7.50
20:00 Monster #33-H: $25K Gtd [Mix-Max, Fast, PKO] $16.50
20:00 Monster #33-L: $5K Gtd [Mix-Max, Fast, PKO] $3.30
21:00 Monster #34-H: $15K Gtd [6-Max, Fast] $16.50
21:00 Monster #34-L: $3K Gtd [6-Max, Fast] $3.30
22:00 Monster #35-H: $15K Gtd [8-Max, Turbo, PKO] $11
22:00 Monster #35-L: $3K Gtd [8-Max, Turbo, PKO] $2.20
23:00 Monster #36-H: $10K Gtd [6-Max, Turbo] $11
23:00 Monster #36-L: $2K Gtd [6-Max, Turbo] $2.20

$3.4 Million Monster Series Promotions

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