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Pokerfest Live Main Event Final Table Live Stream

Terry Jordon Wins the Pokerfest Live Main Event (£52,000)

Terry Jordon is the Pokerfest Main Event champion, less than a week after winning the pot limit Omaha event.

Jordon returns to London with the winner’s trophy, £52,000 first place prize, a £7,500 bonus courtesy of his golden chips and two £2,200 WPT Main Event tickets (one for winning this tournament and one for being the last golden chip holder in the tournament), not a bad return on three days of poker!

Sebastian Pawlak Eliminated in 2nd Place (£31,200)

“All-in and a call,” said the dealer and we arrived at the table to see Sebastian Pawlak at risk holding to Terry Jordon’s . The flop kept Jordon’s hand best, as did the turn and when the landed on the river, Jordon became the Pokerfest Live Main Event champion.

Pawlak Boats Up

Sebastian Pawlak, down to less than 10 big blinds, was all-in with versus the of Terry Jordan and needed some help from the board and boy did it arrive. Two kings on the flop followed by a on the turn and a full house completing on the river.

Another Jordon Double

After having his stack whittled down a little, Terry Jordon has doubled when his held against with the five community cards running .

Jordon Doubles

The chips went in preflop again, Terry Jordon with the and Sebastian Pawlak the . No four appeared on the and Jordon doubled his stack.

Chopped Pot

They think it’s all over, but it isn’t! Terry Jordon shoved for 12,000,000 with and Sebastian Pawlak called with . A board reading resulted in a chopped pot.

Pawlak Flops the Nuts and Gets Paid

Sebastian Pawlak has a commanding lead after flopping the nuts. Pawlak raised with and Terry Jordon called with . Both players checked the flop and Jordon bet the turn. Pawlak called and the dealer placed the on the river. Jordon bet 5,500,000 and then called an 18,000,000 shove only to be shown the nut flush.

Players Are Back After a Break

The cards are back in the air after a short break.

Pawlak Quadruples!

Sebastian Pawlak is back in business after quadrupling his stack.

Pawlak open-shoved for 6,700,000 with and Terry Jordon called with . A king on the flop of the board doubled Pawlak up and a couple of hands later he was all-in again with which held against [Kx][Tx] to see his stack go from seven to 28 big blinds.

Jordon Saors Into the Lead

The players went to the flop in a three-bet pot, Sebastian Pawlak fired a bet on the flop only to see Terry Jordon raise all-in for 19,000,000. After two minutes of deliberation, Pawlak called with and was shown . The pair of fours in Jordon’s hand remained best through the turn and river and he now has a chip lead for more than 4:1.

Kings For Jordon

Sebastian Pawlak opened with a raise to 900,000 with [Ax][9x] and called a three-bet of 2,500,000 from Terry Jordon made with . Jordon led for 3,000,000 on the flop and Pawlak quickly released his hand.

Back and Forth

There have been no major hands of note, with the exception of Terry Jordon bluff-raising the river with king-high which actually turned out to be the best hand. Jordon does seem to have the momentum at the moment, but it is still anyone’s game.

Jordon Three-Betting Large

Terry Jordon seems to be having the better of the hands in heads-up and is choosing to size his three-bets on the larger side of what would be deemed standard. It’s a strategy that is working and he now has 28,000,000 chips to 22,000,000.

Dan Owston Eliminated in 3rd Place (£20,800)

A cooler of a hand has sent Dan Owsten to the rail in third place.

All of the chips went into the middle of a fop, Terry Jordon holding and Owston the for an open-ended straight flush draw! A turn failed to change anything and neither did the on the river, Owston gone in third place.

Both of the remaining players have a golden chip meaning whoever wins this event wins two £2,200 WPT Main Event seats in addition to £52,000.

Vitas Gapsevicius Eliminated in 4th Place (£16,300)

Vitas Gapsevicius pushed all-in for the second time in two hands, this time for 5,000,000 with and Terry Jordon called from the big blind with . Neither player improved on the , Jordon’s jack-kicker played and we’re down to three in the main event.

Gapsevicius Doubles

The action folded to Vitas Gapsevicius in the small blind and he pushed all-in for 2,400,000 with and Sebastian pawlak looked him up with . Gapsevicius doubled as the five community cards ran .

Owston Shove Gets Through

Dan Owston open-shoved for 5,100,000 with and everyone folded, including Terry Jordon in the big blind holding .

Four Still Remain

There’s around 30-minutes of the 150,000/300,000/40,000a level remaining and there are still four players battling it out. Each are guaranteed £16,300 and the average stack right now is 12,512,500 or a shade over 40 big blinds. Still plenty of action left in this tournament.

Pawlak Claims the Chip Lead

Sebastian Pawlak has sailed into a substantial chip lead after a cooler hand between himself and Dan Owston. Both players caught a flush on the river of the board, Owston holding and Pawlak the for the nuts. Owston couldn’t find a fold and Pawlak now looks like a lock to win the £52,000 first place prize.

Big Pot Goes to Owston

Dan Owston raised to 605,000 from the small blind at the 150,000/300,000/40,000a level with and Vitas Gapsevicius called from the big blind with . Owston led for 605,000 on the flop and was called.

The turn was the giving both players a straight, but Owston’s was the better of the two straights. The river was the and Owston went for a 1,300,000 value bet and was called.

Owston climbed to 16,000,000 chips and Gapsevicius dropped to 3,500,000.

Chris Sly Eliminated in 5th Place (£12,600)

Chris Sly was under the gun with and raised to 500,000. Dan Owston called on the button with the dominating .

A flop was checked by both players but Sly led for 700,000 on the turn. Owston called and the dealer placed the on the river. Sly decided to bluff all-in for 2,400,000 and Owston had a real decision to make himself. He stood from he seat and replayed the hand in his head before stating “it doesn’t make sense” referring to the line Sly took in the hand, and eventually he called.

With that, Sly exited in fifth place for £12,600 plus a £2,200 WPT seat and £2,500 for having Golden chips in his possession. All in all, a good weekend for Sly.

Kings for Gapsevicius

From the button, Vitas Gapsevicius opened to 525,000 with and was called by Sebastian Pawlak with . Pawlak then check-folded to a 550,000 continuation bet on a flop.

Martin Hogarty Eliminated in 6th Place (£9,400)

Vitas Gapsevicius opened to 525,000 from the hijack with and faced a three-bet all-in for 1,400,000 from Martin Hogarty who held the . Gapsevicius called to put Hogarty at risk of elimination.

It was a risk that was realised when the flop fell to gift Gapsevicius two-pair. The turn was the ad the river the . Game over for Hogarty.

Jefferson Dike Eliminated in 7th place (£6,600)

Jefferson Dike’s tournament is over and we’re down to six player in the Main Event.

Terry Jordon opened with and had a mandatory call when Dike pushed for three big blinds with what turned out to be . By the river the board read and Dike bust.

Dike won his seat via a DTD ticket at partypoker and thanks to accumulating four Golden Chips online wins an additional £7,500 for his superb performance.

Lawrence Gosney Eliminated in 8th Place (£4,600)

Lawrence Gosney has just had his aces cracked by the pocket queens of Sebastian Pawlak.

Pawlak opened to 450,000 from under the gun with , Gosney three-bet to 1,200,000 and Pawlak four-bet to 3,000,000. Gosney shoved for 8,200,000 and Pawlak went into the tank for two minutes before calling.

A queen on the flop was joined by the turn to gift Pawlak quads! The inconsequential completed the five community cards and Pawlak claimed the chip lead.

Bizarre Fold From Owston

Dan Owston opened to 425,000 with and then called when Vitas Gapsevicius three-bet to 1,000,000. The dealer spread the and Owston led for 740,000. Gapsevicius responded with a raise to 1,600,000 and surprisingly Owston mucked his hand.

Jordon Doubles Early Doors

Chris Sly opened from under the gun with and Terry Jordon called from his eight big blind tack with from the next seat along. Dan Owston then raised to 1,200,000 folding out everyone, including Sly, except Jordon who flat called.

The flop of saw Jordon push all-in for his last 500,000 or so chips, Owston called to put him at risk.

Owston’s tens remained best on the turn but the river completed a flush for Jordon and his double up was completed.

Final Table Seat Draw

Seat Player Chips
1 Jefferson Dike 1,390,000
2 Terry Jordon 1,790,000
3 Dan Owston 10,915,000
4 Vitas Gapsevicius 5,005,000
5 Martin Hogarty 5,325,000
6 Sebastian Pawlak 10,020,000
7 Chris Sly 7,830,000
8 Lawrence Gosney 7,490,000

Ford Crashes Out

The official final table is set after Adam Ford crashed out at the hands of Dan Owsten.

Owston opened to 325,000 and Ford shipped in his stack in a mirror-image of the previous had written below. Owston called, turned over and Ford revealed . A few seconds later the board was in view, Ford bust and the final table set.

It’s great news for both Terry Jordon and Jefferson Dike who both hold four Golden Chips and therefore win £7,500 each, while Chris Sly picks up an additional £2,500 and Vitas Gapsevicius £1,000.

Ford Earns a Stay of Execution

We almost reached our official table, almost.

Dan Owston opened to 325,000 and Adam Ford three-bet all-in for 1,935,000. Owston tank-called and turned over to discover he was ahead of Ford’s . Neither player connected with the flop or the turn, with the river putting a straight on the board and the pot was chopped.

Sly Wins a Massive Pot

Chris Sly just helped himself to pot of more than 3,000,000 chips after flopping the nuts. The board read and Martin Hogarty checked from the small blind. Sly, two seats to his left, bet 2,200,000, and after more than one minute Hogarty mucked and was shown .

Chip Counts of the Finalists

Seat Player Chips
1 Jefferson Dike 3,150,000
2 Terry Jordon 4,380,000
3 Dan Owston 5,910,000
4 Vitas Gapsevicius 5,040,000
5 Martin Hogarty 4,675,000
6 Sebastian Pawlak 10,265,000
7 Chris Sly 8,575,000
8 Lawrence Gosney 4,410,000
9 Adam Ford 3,550,000

Taylor Terminated; Unofficial Final Table Set

Lee Taylor has become Lawrence Gosney’s latest victim, getting his stack in with versus and Gosney turned a Broadway straight.

We are down to nine players and the unofficial final table.

Dike Doubles

Jefferson Dike has doubled and has a little more breathing room.

Adam Ford raised to 300,000 at the 60,000/120,000/20,000a level and then called when Dike three-bet all-in for 1,100,000. Dike showed and was behind to Ford’s . However, Dike caught a jack on the flop and river of the board to double.

It’s a key hand for Dike because he has four Golden Chips and this means he receives an additional £7,500 if he reaches the final eight places of this tournament, which is the equivalent of having sixth place added to his winnings.

Pawlak Takes One From Taylor

Lawrence Gosney continued his aggressive style of play and raised to 250,000 from under the gun, a bet called by Sebastian Pawlak on the button. Lee Taylor, in the small blind, squeezed to 800,000 and Gosney folded. Pawlak called and it was heads-up to the ] flop.

Taylor led for 650,000 and was called by Pawlak. Both players checked the turn and Taylor checked the river and snap-folded, showing when Pawlak fired a bet. Pawlak turned over as the dealer pushed the pot to him.

Four-Bet Shove For Gosney

Lawrence Gosney opened from the cutoff at his five-handed table and was three-bet to 450,000 by Vitas Gapsevicius on the button. The blinds mucked but Goney had other ideas and four-bet shoved for 4,520,000. Gapsevicius had a real decision to make, one for his tournament life. After around one minute, Gaspevicius mucked and Gosney picked up another pot.

Crane Bust By Gosney

Lawrence Gosney has sent another player to the rail, Ryan Crane being that player. Gosney held and Crane . A six on the turn of the sent Crane to the rail and the player count drops to only 10.

Big Slick Good For Sly

Dan Owston opened from early position and Chris Sly called on the button. Owston bet 650,000 on the flop and Sly called. Owston checked the turn, Sly bet 500,000 and Owston said “Nice hand,” before folding and being shown .

Gosney Sends Ward to the Rail

A raise to 170,000 from under the gun was three-bet all-in for around 600,000 chips by Michael Ward in middle position. Lawrence Gosney re-shoved from the big blind and the original raiser folded.

Gosney showed and Ward the superior .

“Oh no!” exclaimed Ward as the was the first card onto the flop, followed by the and . A turn and river reading and sealed Ward’s fate.

Armitage Runs Into Aces

Alan Armitage is the 16th place finishers after running into the pocket aces of Vitas Gapsevicius.

Armitage opened to 200,000 from middle position, Lawrence Gosney called on the button only to see Gapsevicius squeeze from the small blind. Armitage moved all-in, Gosney passed and Gapsevicius instantly called.

It was for Gapsevicius and for Armitage. The board failed to improve Armitage and he bust in 16th place. The surviving players are now guaranteed £2,100 for their effort thus far.

Sly Doubles Through Dike

Jefferson Dike opened the preflop betting round with a raise to 150,000 from early position and found one caller in the shape of Chris Sly in the big blind. Sly then check-called a 150,000 bet on a flop. The turn was the and Sly checked again, Dike bet 275,000 and now Sly leapt into life and check-raised to 770,000 leaving around 600,000 behind.

The move seemed to genuinely puzzle Dike and he went into the tank for a couple of minutes and looked genuinely pained in his decision making.

“I call,” said Dike out of the blue.

“I call,” replied Sly.

Dike showed for top pair and was drawing dead to the of Sly that had turned a straight and was redrawing to the flush. The river only served to rub salt into Dike’s wounds although he does still have almost 2 million chips.

Stanley Left Flat

John Stanley’s Pokerfest Live Main Event quest is over and we’re down to 18 players.

A raising war on the flop resulted in Stanley being all-in with and needing some help against Dan Owston’s dominating . That help failed to arrive on the turn or the river and Stanley bust.

Leo McCleaned Out

Leo McClean’s hopes of winning this tournament have been dashed and he’s now heading to the cashier’s cage to pick up 20th place money. Vitas Gapsevicius was the player responsible for McClean’s demise, catching an ace on the river to bust the young pro.

Tann Terminated; Min Ji Ousted

Willie Tann has been sent to the rail after a clash with Adam Ford didn’t go to plan. We saw the chips pile in on the turn of the board, Tann holding and Ford the .

“I know I’m behind but I have to call,” said Ford as he called.

The river was the , completing Ford’s straight and resigning Tann to an finish.

As Tann was leaving his table, Min Ji was wishing his former table-mates good luck at the other end of the tournament area. We’re down to 20 in the Main Event.

Taylor’s Squeeze Gets Through

From the button, Chris Sly raised to 100,000 and was called by Ryan Crane in the small blind. Lee Taylor, in the bg blind, squeezed to 355,000. Sly reluctantly folded and Crane followed suit.

The players are now on a 20-minute break and return to 30,000/60,000/10,000a blinds and antes; the average stack is 2,085,416.

Mulligan Bubbles a WPT Seat in Cruel Fashion

Lee Mulligan is our 26th place finisher, missing out on a WPT Main Event seat as a result.

Mulligan got his chips in with and Anotnio Mota called when . Mulligan stood as the dealer spread the flop.

“Six!” pleaded Mulligan, but the turn was the .

“Six or king!” Mulligan asked the dealer. A burn card later and the became the river card, busting Mulligan and adding to Mota’s already substantial stack.

As You Were

We’re still hand-for-hand here in the Main Event. The tournament director has offered to pay 26 x WPT Main Event seats by taking the £2,200 value from some of the cash prizes but the players have rehected that idea and have chosen to continue as they are.


With 26 players remaining and the top 25 receiving a £2,200 WPT seat, the tournament is being played hand-for-hand until only 25 gentlemen have chips in front of them.

McClean and Taylor Check It Down

We got all excited when two of the tournament’s most talented players were involved in a hand. Lee Taylor opened to 85,000 from the button and Leo McClean defended his big blind with a call.

The flop fell , McClean checked and Taylor checked behind. A on the turn was checked by both players, as was the river.

“Ace-high,” said McClean as he showed . Taylor revealed the and scooped the pot.

Sly Slays Hayes

John Hayes has crashed out of the Main Event at the hands of Chris Sly to leave 27 players in the hunt for the title. With the top 25 winning a £2,200 World Poker Tour Main Event seat there is another bubble, of sorts, approaching.

Gosney Busts Pettman

Liam Pettman is no more after he lost a crucial conflip against Lawrence Gosney.

The chips went in preflop, Gosney holding and Pettman the . The flop favoured Gosney and when the turn and river fell and it was game over for Pettman.

This is What They’re Playing For

In addition to the £52,000 first place prize, the remaining 28 players are hoping to get their hands on this trophy; it’s all about the trophy, right?

Dike Shoves the River

With the board reading , Jefferson Dike checked from the small blind and Sebastian Pawlak bet 350,000 from two seats over. Dike then check-raised all-in for 1,780,000 and Pawlak went deep into the tank. He stayed there for three minutes before emerging with a fold, choosing to pick a better spot.

Balashov Could Double His Winnings

Aleksandr Balashov is being very deliberate in his play today, taking several minutes to act despite being relatively short stacked. The main reason for this is he holds five Golden Chips, which means he would double his winnings if he takes down this tournament.

Unbelievable Geoff(rey)

Geoffrey Dartford is up to more than 1,100,000 after doubling through Min Ji. All of the chips piled in preflop, Ji holding [Qx][Qx] and Dartford the and when the five community cards ran Dartford doubled.

Tann Tops Up

Sebastian Pawlak raised to 85,000 from late position and found a caller in the shape of the wily veteran, Willie Tann, in the cutoff. The pair went to the 4d] flop, Pawlak bet 110,000 and Tann called. Pawlak then snap-checked the turn and called equally as fast when Tann bet 210,000.

Pawlak then checked the river and Tann asked if he checked behind who would have to show their hand first. It was ruled it was the player closest to the button who shows first, so Tann bet a solitary 100,000 chip and Pawlak called.

Tann revealed the and won the hand when Pawlak flipped over .

Boon Busts

Robert Boon is the first casualty of the day and we’re down to 32 in the Main Event.

Balashov Shoves on Owsten

The action passed to Dan Owsten in the hijack and he raised to 85,000 at the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level. Next to act was Alexsandr Balashov and he three-bet all-in for 465,000 in total and then adoptd a classic Phil Hellmuth pose while Owsten decided what to do.

Owsten pondered his options for the best part of a minute before announcing “fold” and leaving Balashov to add to his stack.

Shuffle Up and Deal!

The cards are in the air on Day 3, the final day, of the Pokerfest Live Main Event.

Martin Hogarty Leads Final 33


It’s here, the final day of the £300,000 guaranteed Pokerfest Live Main Event where only 33 players remain in contention for the title of champion and the £52,000 prize that accompanies such an accolade.

In pole position going into Day 3 is Martin Hogarty who has 3,115,000 chips in his arsenal, one of two players to amass at least 3,000,000 betting tokens, the other being Terry Jordon who cracked Rupinder Bedi’s kings with tens on the pure bubble.

Also flying high are the likes of Adam Ford, Chris Sly, partypoker regular Jefferson Dike, Lee Taylor, Willie Tann, Leo McClean and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Lawrence Gosney.

Place Player Chips
1 Martin Hogarty 3,115,000
2 Terry Jordon 3,000,000
3 Adam Ford 2,800,000
4 Chris Sly 2,545,000
5 Min Ji 2,500,000
6 Sebastian Pawlak 2,485,000
7 Allan Graham 2,425,000
8 Antonio Mota 2,300,000
9 Jefferson Dike 2,060,000
10 Michael Fletcher 1,950,000

Pay resumes at 1:00pm and continues until a champion is crowned. Stay tuned to the partypoker blog to discover who that champion is.

43 players Remain

We’re rapidly approaching the end of Day 2 and there are 43 players still in contention for the £52,000 first place prize.

Busting in the money places are the likes of Basharat Mahmood (89th for £600), Ben Jackson (81st for £750), Paul Zimbler (79th for £750), Duncan McLellan (72nd for £750) Ben Winsor (70th for £750), former Irish Open champion Ian Simpson (58th for £900), Shaun Conning (47th for £900), and son of British legend Mickey Wernick, Jack (44th for £1,100).

They’re in the Money!

The money bubble has burst here in the Pokerfest Live Main Event and the remaining players are in the money.

Rupinder “George” Bedi got his stack in with [Kx][Kx] versus the [Tx][Tx] of Terry Jordon only for Jordon to catch a ten on the turn and at the other side of the room Peter Stoneman busted when his was no good versus the on a board.

Any player with chips in front of them now has at least £600 to show for their efforts.

McClean Doubles on the Bubble

Leo McClean has doubled t around 800,000 during hand-for-hand. He was all-in from the cutoff with versus of Geoffrey Dartford and when the five community cards ran , McClean scored a timely double.


We are down to 91 players in the Main Event and with 89 of those being paid it is time for hand-for-hand action.

Kular Calls Down Sly

Chris Sly raised to 24,000 from the cutoff and both Tomasz Sobolewski (small blind) and Sarbjit Kular (big blind) called. The blinds checked to Sly on the flop, Sly bet and only Kular called.

Kular checked, Sly fired again on the turn, making it 57,000 to play and Kular called again. The river was the and Sly fired a third barrel of 110,000 when checked to. Kular called and Sly mucked and tapped the table t acknowledge he was beaten. Kular revealed the and won the pot.

Only 94 players remain and 87 are paid.

Taylor Versus Tann

Willie Tann was first to act in early position and he raised to 23,000. Lee Taylor, on the button, was Tann’s only caller. The dealer spread the flop and Tann check-called a 20,000 bet from Taylor.

“Why so little? Bet more!” said Tann.

Tann then checked the flop and Taylor said “more of the same?” before increasing his bet slightly to 26,000. Tann called and commented he wanted Taylor to bet more on the river.

The river was the and Tann checked for a third time. Taylor laughed before checking behind and showing . Tann mucked and Taylor commented that he thought Tann was capable of doing something crazy on the river which is why he checked.

Sly gets Lucky Against Zimbler

Chris Sly caught a lucky run out just now in a hand versus Paul Zimbler. Sly held [Ax][Jx] and was dominated by Zimbler’s [Ax]. However, the board double paired with aces and kings to give both players a full house and the pot was split.

Top Pair Is Good For Pettman

The action passed to Liam Pettman on the button and he min-raised to 20,000. Jefferson Dike folded his small blind, but Craig Borrer defended his big blind.

A flop was greeted with a check from Borrer, a bet of 24,000 from Pettman and a call. Both players checked the turn and Borrer checked the river. Pettman tested the waters with a 55,000 bet and was called.

Pettman revealed the and Borrer mucked. A nice pot for Pettman with 107 players remaining.

Spratt Takes a Small One From Tann

Adam Spratt was under the gun and raised to 21,000. It looked like he would win the blinds and antes because everyone folded in turn to Willie Tann in the big blind. Tann spoiled the party and called, meaning it was heads-up to the flop.

Tann checked to Spratt who made a continuation bet of 21,000 under the watchful gaze of Tann. A few seconds later Tann’s cards were headed back to the dealer and Spratt added a few big blinds to his stack.

Xie Pays Off Ho

Renee Xie made it 16,000 to go from the hijack and was called by Sarbjit Kular in the cutoff, Paul Ho in the small blind and Dan Owsten in the big blind. Everyone checked to Kula on the flop and Kular bet 20,000. Bth Ho and Xie called.

The turn was the and all three players checked, leading the dealer to deal the river, the .Ho fired a 50,000 bet and Xie tanked for almost a minute before calling. Kular mucked.

Xie turned over and was well beaten by the of Ho.

The remaining 112 players are now on a 20-minute break.

Forever in our Thoughts

There are 130 players remaining in the main event and the average stack is 385,000. Some of the casualties of the first few levels include:

  • John Engedow
  • Kyriacos Dionysiou
  • Tom Haney
  • Ellie Biessek (pictured)
  • Tristan Chaplin
  • Ross Patman
  • Caicai Huang
  • Gareth Smirthwaite
  • Antonius Samuel
  • Andrew Sweeney
  • Fred Wise
  • Jonathan Kalmar

Kular Crushes Gardner

Sarbjit Kular raised to 16,000 from early position and instantly called when Mark Gardner three-bet all-in. It was for Gardner and for Kular.

Gardner stood from his seat as the dealer fanned the flop and remained on his feet for the turn. When the river came the he wished his former table-mates good luck and made his way into the cold Nottingham evening.

McLellan Takes it Down on the Flop

From his seat UTG+1, Duncan McLellan, a former bricklayer, min-raised to 16,000 and found two callers. The first was Martin Bremner in the small blind and the other Brett Pinder in the big blind.

Both Bremner and Pinder checked the arrival of the flop. McLellan rarely needs an excuse to bet and he did just that, firing 28,000 into the pot. Both of McLellan’s opponents folded and McLellan showed the as he raked in the pot.

Huntly Has River Bet paid Off

Gordon Huntly min-raised to 12,000 from early position and the only caller was Mark Gardner in the big blind. Both players checked to the river of the board, where Huntly bet 25,000. Gardner called and mucked when Huntly showed .

Grand Prix Champion in the House

Antonius Samuel is a familiar face here in Nottingham thanks in part to him winning the inaugural partypoker Grand
Prix Million for a cool $100,000. Samuel is seated on Table 13 alongside the likes of David Lloyd, Chris Sly and Lee Taylor.

Big Stack No Shows

Poker players are notorious for being late to the show but there are three players who have neglected to show up at all.

Michael Wasserman managed to accumulate more than 580,000 chips in an online leg and was probably the chip leader coming into Day 2, but his seat is empty and he continues to blind away slowly. Also not here are Marta Putz and Pat West who were meant to be seated on Table 13, but instead their seats are empty. West, in particular, is a major waste as he was another big stack at the start of the day.

The Pokerfest Live Main Event Champion Wins £52,000!

We have the prize pool information for you and it reads really well. Eighty-nine places are being paid with a min-cash being £600. The final table pays a minimum of £3,300 with the eventual champion walking away with £52,000.

In addition to the cash prizes, the top 25 finishers also win a £2,200 World Poker Tour seat!

Place Prize
1 £52,000
2 £31,200
3 £20,800
4 £16,300
5 £12,600
6 9,400
7 £6,600
8 £4,600
9 £3,300
10-12 £2,400
13-15 £2,100
16-18 £1,800
19-27 £1,500
28-36 £1,300
37-45 £1,100
46-62 £900
63-81 £750
82-89 £600

Denton Decimates Timson

Charles Denton raised to 10,000 from under the gun, a bet that folded everyone in turn until the action was on Polly Timson in the cutoff. She stopped playing Pineapple Chinese Poker on her phone and raised to 26,000. The button and blinds folded but Denton called.

Denton checked the flop, Timson fired a 32,000 bet and Denton instantly moved all-in. Timson asked for a count and was told it was 66,000 in total. She called.

Denton: – for two pair
Timson: – for two overs and a gutshot straight draw

The turn kept Denton ahead and the saw him double his stack.

Jackson Takes It Down on the River

There was a limp in early position by Charles Denton who then called when Paul Jackson raised to 10,000 from the cutoff. Denton then led for 10,000 on the flop and Jackson called. Both players checked the and Denton checked the river, then folded to a 10,000 bet from Jackson who now has 300,000 chips at the 2,500/5,000/500a.

Jackson’s son, Ben, is also here on Day 2 so we’ll look out for him because the youngster is a talented poker player in his own right.

Can You See Yourself?

Our amazing photographer has been busy taking photos of players in the Main Event, click the link to be taken to our Flickr page and see if you’ve been snapped.

Mad Turk Gets Plucked

Yucel Eminoglu, the man affectionately known as “Mad Turk,” committed his stack with the best of it on a flop with against his opponent’s . The turn kept Eminoglu’s hand best, but the river completed his opponent’s flush and sent Eminoglu for an early bath.

Like a Boss

Table 68 may need some earplugs by the time the day’s out because those seated there are having to contend with Will Kassouf who probably talks more than any other poker player human on the planet. It’s ll in good spirit though and one of Kassouf’s weapons that he uses to gain information from his opponents.

Just now, Kassouf raised to 10,500 from middle position and was called by Brett Pinder two seats along. The flop fell and Kassouf continued with a 14,500 bet.

“I had a pair preflop and now I have two pair on the flop,” said Kassouf.

Pinder cut out some chips and raised to 30,000.

“Look at this, clicking it back like online,” said Kassouf, “Like a boss!” At this point Kassouf pulled out his mobile phone and displayed an image stating “Like a Boss!” on it!

After another 30-seconds or so, Kassouf folded but not before telling Pinder that he had two overcards and a “nut nut redrawn to the nuts!”

Tough Trio

Over on Table 34 there are a trio of talented players who are capable of walking away with top honours here in Nottingham. Keep an eye out for Paul Zimbler, Ellie Biessek and Chin Chai Koi who is better-known as “Chinese Frankie.”

Guarantee Hit!

Great news, we have hit the £300,000 guarantee! A field of 1,


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