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Clear your calendar from March 29 to April 12 and then hold onto your hats as Pokerfest is returning and promises to be the best ever.

Pokerfest 2015 is a 15-day online poker extravaganza that sees a staggering 77 exciting events with combined prize pools in excess of $2.4 million.

As with previous instalments of the series, Pokerfest 2015 features a three-tiered buy-in structure to ensure there are tournaments that appeal to everyone, regardless of the size of your bankroll. We’ve split the buy-in levels into Low ($5), Medium ($10 to $50) and High ($100 or more) and we’re also running a plethora of satellite tournaments into all events starting from as little as $0.25.

The main event, tournament #72, headlines Pokerfest 2015. It boasts a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool for a $200 buy-in, although you could be playing in it for a fraction of the cost thanks to the myriad of qualifiers.

To see the full Pokerfest 2015 schedule, click here and it will appear before your very eyes.

Use your points to buy into Pokerfest 2015 events

Have you checked the new loyalty store recently? If not, we urge you to do so there are loads of brand new Pokerfest specials available.

In addition to being able to purchase tournament tickets and cash, you now have the option to use your points to purchase exclusive Pokerfest packages. Check out the table below for a glimpse into what could be yours.

Package Points Cost VIP Level Value
All $5 Pokerfest events (16 MTT) 1,000 All 16%
All $10 Pokerfest events (17 MTT) 2,000 All 17%
All $20 Pokerfest events (7 MTT) 1,500 Silver and above 18%
All $50 Pokerfest events (11 MTT) 5,750 Silver and above 19%
All $5-$10 Pokerfest events (33 MTT) 2,500 All 20%
All $100 Pokerfest events (11 MTT) 10,000 Silver and above 22%
All $200 Pokerfest events (6 MTT) 10,000 Gold and above 24%
All $20-$50 Pokerfest events (24 MTT) 7,000 Gold and above 25%
All $100-$1,000 Pokerfest events (20 MTT) 28,500 Palladium only 30%
All Pokerfest events (77 MTT) 31,000 Palladium only 35%

Have you completed the Pokerfest Qualifier Mission?

Do you want to play in a $1,000 Pokerfest Mission Freeroll? To win a ticket, all you need to do is start the Pokerfest Mission Qualifier and play in 10 Pokerfest qualifiers and viola, a $1,000 freeroll ticket is all yours.

Which Pokerfest events are you particularly looking forward to playing? Let us know in the comments box below!

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