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What a way to end the KO Series, by awarding a massive $4,215,755 and taking the total prize money dished out to $19,392,234. The $1 million guarantee on the $5,200 Super High Roller was also beaten, making for an exception day at the partypoker tables.

KO Series Story So Far

  • Events completed: 427
  • Events remaining: 0
  • Prize money awarded: $19,392,234

KO Series Day 15 Recap

KO Series #74-SHR: $1M Gtd 8-Max

  • Buy-in: $5,200
  • Entrants: 206
  • Prize pool: $1,050,600
  • Places paid: 32

A field of 206 players bought into the KO Series #74-SHR: $1M Gtd 8-Max for $5,200 to ensure the $1 million guarantee was beaten by $50,600 and that the prizes awarded were nothing short of phenomenal.

Each of the eight players who reached the final table locked up almost $13,000 from the main prize pool and more than $5,000 from the bounty prize pool.

“TeamToxico” was the eighth-place finisher, walking away with $12,895 plus $5,525 with seventh-place going to “aLiNeNok1617”, a finish worth $23,547 plsu $11,700 from the bounty prize pool.

Finnish star “LarsLuzak1” baked more than $35,000 in total by finishing in sixth-place, with former Big Game champion “TIMEXCNT” netting $61,000 for their fifth-place finish.

When “chaAat”’s tourament ended in fourth-place, a prize of $43,731 was awarded plus $16,77 worth of bounties, then “SouhftfW” of Croatia busted in third-spot for a haul worth more than $86,000.

This set up a heads-up battle between “PokerBrothersTM” and “STORTjavalGL” for the title and it was the latter who emerged victorious, getting their hands on the $83,029 top prize plus an incredible $110,906 worth of bounties. The runner-up scooped $82,926 plus $27,056 worth of bounty payments.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty prize
1 STORTjavlaGL Lithuania $83,029 $110,906
2 PokerBrothersTM Belarus $82,926 $27,056
3 SouhftfW Croatia $59,149 $27,787
4 chaAat United Kingdom $43,731 $16,737
5 TIMEXCNT Canada $30,836 $30,224
6 LarsLuzak1 Finland $23,547 $11,700
7 aLiNeNok1617 Russia $17,380 $25,268
8 TeamToxico United Kingdom $12,895 $5,525

KO Series #74-HR: $500K Gtd 8-Max

  • Buy-in: $530
  • Entrants: 1,154
  • Prize pool: $591,425
  • Places paid: 152

The Ukraine’s “marjanko89” was crowned KO Series #74-HR: $500K Gtd 8-Max champion, an accolade that also came with $38,828 from the main prize pool and $37,278 from the bounty prize pool.

Marjanko89 defeated “GRRRIZZZLY” of Belarus heads-up for the title after navigating their way through the 1,154-strong field. The Belarusian had to make do with a $38,770 score boosted by $15,523 worth of bounties, still a fantastic haul for one tournament.

We have to give a mention to the fifth-place finisher who managed to get their hands on $9,003 worth of bounties following some aggressive play. The United Kingdom’s “LordPuasonG” also collected $12,084 from the main prize pool for a profitable day at the virtual felt.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty prize
1 marjanko89 Ukraine $38,828 $37,278
2 GRRRIZZZLY Belarus $38,770 $15,523
3 Mr.Stagger Lee Hungary $25,473 $3,191
4 Cr4zy_driver Poland $17,046 $7,950
5 LordPuasonG United Kingdom $12,084 $9,003
6 LintyontheLash United Kingdom $8,523 $3,228
7 Machacante66 Finland $5,978 $4,429
8 hasleloren Sweden $4,007 $754

KO Series #74-H: $250K Gtd 8-Max

  • Buy-in: $109
  • Entrants: 2,901
  • Prize pool: $301,704
  • Places paid: 376

The KO Series #74-H: $250K Gtd 8-Max event drew a crowd of 2,901 players who were all outlasted by “mazda1991” of Poland who scooped a combined prize worth $32,005 for their $109 investment.

“Mraff11” of Canada was the event’s runner-up, a finish that saw them take home $18,006 for finishing second plus an additional $1,980 bounty payment.

Swedish pro “semislaktarn” busted in third-place for $11,660 plus $1,762 from the bounty prize pool.

Place Player Country Prize Bounty prize
1 mazda1991 Poland $18,037 $13,968
2 mraff11 Canada $18,006 $1,980
3 semislaktarn Sweden $11,660 $1,762
4 i remember Canada $7,752 $5,206
5 AllHailTheKing Germany $5,387 $600
6 rawacha Austria $3,683 $2,231
7 milennial77 Hungary $2,533 $2,597
8 PichuPuduven United Kingdom $1,608 $1,050

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