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No matter if you’re new to partypoker, a seasoned veteran or returning after a period away from the tables it’s likely you’re not taking advantage of all the awesome new features on

1) Missions

with all the fabulous options available on it can often be hard to choose which path to follow. However, partypoker missions give you a goal to work towards and can also reward you with free stuff.

2) One click lobby

Give your fingers and wrists a bit of a rest with the 1 click lobby. Simply find the game you want to play and thanks to the clever tile system in just one click you can be at the table.

3) Wear that badge with pride

Whilst the amount of cash earned is a decent way of keeping score, you’d look a bit silly if you pinned a note to your chest. That’s where badges come in, earn them for hitting milestones, big wins and much more.

4) Who need friends?

You do, yes you. It’s a well-known fact that talking poker with likeminded folk can help you improve your game. Thanks to partypoker’s innovative new friends system it’s never been easier to be part of a crowd in this individual game.

5) Fastforward is the way forward

If you’ve got 20 minutes to kill on that journey home from work then fastforward poker is just the ticket. No waiting around for another hand after you fold, just straight onto the next one.

6) Play it again man:

Want to relive a glorious coup again? Need to see a hand again because you can’t quite believe that she hit her two outer? Well the partypoker hand replayer has got you covered, with it you can look back at the last 100 hands you’ve played again and again.

7) Loyalty points

Hey it’s nice to see you again, here at partypoker we value your loyal custom and to prove it we reward you with loyalty points every time you play. You can then spend these points in the partypoker store on everything from tournament tickets to a Lamborghini!

8) The poker school

Whilst playing is more fun than studying putting a bit of work in off the tables is vital to getting more enjoyment from your time at the tables. Thanks to the awesome poker school partypoker has got you covered.

9) Tournament dollars

Satellites are a brilliant way to win your way into events like partypoker’s Sunday Majors but did you know that should you win more than one seat to a tournament then you’ll receive tournament dollars that can be used in any tournament or sit and go (excluding 1 on 1 sit and go tournaments).

10) The Sunday Majors

As alluded to above partypoker have got some serious tournaments going on which means Sunday is not a rest day! With 12 majors with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $530 there really is something for everyone.

11) New table designs

With all the other upgrades that are part of the new poker software it’d be easy to overlook that fact that the virtual baize, at which you do all your betting, raising, calling and folding has had a spruce up. Lovely.

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